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A wrinkle in time
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A Wrinkle in Time . Illustrated . In the following storyboard, we focus on one short , specific passage from the novel:.

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A Wrinkle in Time

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A wrinkle in time

A Wrinkle in Time


In the following storyboard we focus on one short specific passage from the novel

In the following storyboard, we focus on one short, specific passage from the novel:

Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace are Tessering in higher dimensions. They soon find themselves thrust onto a two dimensional planet. This occurs in chapter 5, The Tesseract (p. 76).

A wrinkle in time

The tessering sequence, especially, is described in the book as "nothingness." Meg feels only "the dissolution of her body." The move to two dimensions is a feeling of "being completely flattened."

Tessering sequence

Tessering Sequence….

A wrinkle in time

"There was a gust of wind and a great thrust and a sharp shattering as she was shoved through-what?. . . If Calvin was still holding her hand she could not feel it. But this time she was prepared for the sudden and complete dissolution of her body," (p. 76).

A wrinkle in time

"Without warning, coming as complete and unexpected shock, she felt a pressure she had never imagined, as though she were being completely flattened out by an enormous steam roller.”

Works cited

Works Cited

paintings by Abigail Ranger

photographs and computer graphics by Karen Siegel

Writing time

Writing Time…

  • In at least one paragraph, describe what you think the experience of tessering would be like- use all the senses in your description.

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