2014 incoming presidents
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2014 incoming Presidents

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2014 incoming Presidents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 incoming Presidents. Rising to the Leadership Occasion. Leadership Possibilities This Morning. Session I 11:15-12:15 Welcome, Introductions, Purpose, & Benefits of Leadership Ice Breaker: What Kind of Leader Are You? A fun activity you can do with your chapter!

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2014 incoming presidents

2014 incoming Presidents

Rising to the Leadership Occasion

leadership possibilities this morning
Leadership Possibilities This Morning
  • Session I 11:15-12:15
  • Welcome, Introductions, Purpose, & Benefits of Leadership
  • Ice Breaker: What Kind of Leader Are You? A fun activity you can do with your chapter!
  • Duties: Now that I have the job, what do I do?
  • Scavenger Hunt: Waltzing through the “Guidelines for Chapter Presidents”
  • (prizes for good scavengers!)
  • Six Steps for a Vibrant Chapter
  • Come back this afternoon with one chapter goal idea
  • (New Info, prizes, fun!!) Room will be locked until 3:00.
  • Welcome to each of you! We are here to support you!
  • Introductions:
  • Liz Friedrich, Immediate Past State President, Chapter President
  • Barbara Clausen, Parliamentarian, Past State & Chapter President
  • Purpose:
  • To provide support for new chapter presidents that will make the duties clearer
  • To provide encouragement & support beyond just today for your success
  • To encourage you to think differently about what you can do to move your chapter forward
what kind of leader are you
  • Every member is a leader in her work—that is part of what makes her a DKG member.
  • Have fun with this leadership activity and use it to gain insight into your leadership style.
  • Given my style, how can I use these traits I have?
  • How can I utilize others in areas that are not my strength?
benefits of leadership
  • Finding opportunities to influence others in a positive direction
  • Growing stronger in leading by example and influence
  • Building new and meaningful relationships with others ~ with trust
  • Showing your passion ~ keeping folks motivated and moving
  • Speaking to adult groups ~ builds confidence / experience
  • Learning to organize & make order out of chaos
  • Giving validation to others ~ “appreciate, admire, respect, love others”
role and duties of the president
  • Role: To lead the leadership team & represent the chapter in fulfilling the purposes.
  • Duties:
  • Preside at meetings & direct chapter.
  • Act as chair of the chapter executive board.
  • Appoint a parliamentarian, as well as standing & special committees.
  • Approve for payment all expense claims & publications.
  • Fill by appointment all vacancies in office.
  • Represent the Society at meetings, conferences, & other events.
  • Take action, with advice/approval of executive board, on matters that cannot be deferred until the next meeting.
  • Check the file received from predecessor, which should contain current materials.
scavenger hunt of the presidents guide
  • Given the time you have, try to find as many answers to the questions as you can.
  • Write down the answer (briefly) and the page you found it on in the guide.
  • There will be three prizes for those who finish with accuracy.
  • We will review the answers and answer questions as we go.
  • Now begin and have fun!!
  • Hint: Use the table of contents to help you!
six steps to a vibrant chapter
SIX steps to a Vibrant Chapter
  • Identify one areathat needs change/improvement in your chapter.
  • Ask state organization or other leadersto come to a meeting first with your Executive Board and then with your chapter members.
  • Set one or more goalsthat address the identified area of need.
  • Create one or more concrete activitiesthat will help the chapter reach its goal.
  • 5. Follow through and gather evidence of results — get feedback from members as to the progress on the goal. Devise new activities to meet the changes and continue successful ones. Keep measuring progress — keep your focus.
  • 6. Begin againby choosing another area needing improvement.
session i closure
  • What Questions do you want answered?
  • Share on your 3X5 card and come back for the answers! (Your ticket out the door)
  • Think of one goal or area of improvement you would like to see in your chapter and bring it back this afternoon.
  • This room will be locked until 3:00 so you may leave your materials on your chair, but take valuables.
  • Thank you!
session ii 3 15 4 15
SESSION II: 3:15-4:15
  • • What We Know about Younger Educators and DKG
  • • The Story of Building Your Chapter ~ Meet Ginny Flegel from Chi Chapter
  • • Sneak Preview: Go-To-Guide (prizes for good sneakers!)
  • • Meetings: How Do I Do THIS?
  • • Your Chapter’s Area of Need & Your Questions
  • • Budgets, Reports, Governing Documents
  • • Support: Visits, Websites, SAP Goals
  • • Closure/Feedback Form
what we know about younger educators dkg
What We Know about Younger Educators/DKG
  • Millennial are needed to keep our Society and Chapters going
  • Want meaningful projects—that make a difference in our world for women & children = easy volunteer opportunities
  • Want political action made easy to support issues for women & children
  • Want relationships, support for very hard work in today’s diverse settings, love to collaborate
  • Are not interested in boring business meetings—do much electronically—connected with technology
  • Multi-task constantly—and feel comfortable with it!
  • Have little interest in belonging to organizations unless they see immediate benefits, meaningful traditions, connections to them & their lives
  • Like diversity, rapid moving activities for the play date generation~~Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • Solution? Pick three things they want that you offer and recruit new members—then support them!
  • From Carolyn Rants’ survey 2006 of 16 states for DKG
  • Butterfield, Bruce and Fox, Susan, “ Preparing for the Millennial Tsunami”, Associations Now, May 2007.
the story of building your chapter
The Story of Building Your Chapter
  • Meet Ginny Flegel of Chi Chapter & get ideas of the area for improvement, the goal and activities, and the next steps….

Rose Buddies

the parade of supporting documents
  • Managing the Budget — but don’t let it hold your chapter back
  • Reports: How to know what they are & how to get your leaders to do them
  • Governing Documents: Have a question? How to find an answer
resources at your finger tips

Janet LeBeau, Executive Secretary, will walk us thru:

  • Visits from state members
  • Websites with many ideas to help you
  • State Goals & SAP Action Plans

What are we doing for chapters?

closure feedback
Closure: Feedback
  • Please fill out the feedback form and let us know what we can do to support you.
  • Especially tell our President Marj what you would like to be topics for chapter leaders at the Fall Executive Board.
  • Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We are a short distance away if you need help - do not hide and struggle - we are here to support YOU!
  • Liz Friedrich [email protected] 509.783.6223
  • Barbara Clausen [email protected] 206.669.2014