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Supplemental Levy Election Tuesday May 20, 2014

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Supplemental Levy Election Tuesday May 20, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shelley School District #60. Supplemental Levy Election Tuesday May 20, 2014. Questions and Answers. How many districts around us have supplemental levies?.

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Shelley School District #60

Supplemental Levy Election

Tuesday May 20, 2014


Questions and Answers

How many districts around us have supplemental levies?

This chart illustrates surrounding school districts that have supplemental levies, with the number of students and the current levy amount in each district.


Statewide, over three-fourths of Idaho School Districts depend on supplemental levies to compensate in some measure for reduced financial support from the State.

Shelley School District has asked patrons for a supplemental levy only twice (not including this current request) in the past twenty-two years. This reflects the conservative fiscal policies that have been followed to keep the district solvent in very challenging times.

With passage of a $575,000 levy, Shelley School District would still have one of the lowest levy amounts when compared with similar size school districts or, in some cases, significantly smaller school districts in our surrounding area.


What is the question on the ballot?

Patrons of Shelley School District 60 are being asked to vote on a renewal of the supplemental levy in the amount of $575,000 each year for the next 2 years.

This is an increase over the expiring supplemental amount.

What is a supplemental levy?

A supplemental levy is a 2-year levy used for the general maintenance and operations of the school district. This would include personnel and student programs.


What margin of approval is required to pass a supplemental levy?

This levy will need a simple majority to pass.

50% + 1 vote

Will my property taxes increase if the supplemental levy is approved?

The tax rate is anticipated to increase by $0.39 per $1,000. The following table shows some examples.

Remember the impact of your homeowner’s exemption.


Why does the district need an increase in the supplemental levy amount?

State funding for Shelley School District has declined drastically since 2009 as reflected in the following table.

This is a reduction of $613.59 per student in state funding which has required the passage of a supplemental levy to help maintain the integrity of Shelley’s education system and programs now available.


This year the District will receive $2.4 million less from the State than in FY2009, even though the student population has remained stable.

In 2010 the District made over $300,000 in cuts to programs and reduced personnel costs. These included the loss of the resource officer and mid-day kindergarten busing; cuts in textbooks, technology, athletics, natural helpers, support personnel including aides, and custodians; and reduced hours for aides, reductions in building supply budgets, etc.

The 2012 school year saw a reduction of seven certificated positions which included teachers, a counselor, and an administrative position.

2010 2011 school year budget cuts
2010-2011 School Year Budget Cuts

Other Deficit Reductions:

Reduce Fund Balance 250,000

Pay to Play increase 2,000

2% reduction using 3 furlough days 124,500

Bus depreciation 114,800

Reduce personal days (2 days) 26,000

Supplemental levy 250,000

Total 767,300

Resource Officer 36,400

Mid-day Kndgrtn Busing/Star Tutor 54,727

Athletics 25,000

Red Ribbon, Drug Conference 9,000

Natural Helpers 3,000

Technology 19,000

Textbooks (Curriculum) 20,000

Aides 180 days to 169 days 8,000

Part time custodians 15,000

Christmas gift cards 14,000

10% reduction in building budgets 15,000

Princ. professional develop. dues 4,000

15% reduction special ed supplies 4,200

GT (professional develop.) budget 5,000

Kindergarten aide 6,668

State competition travel 10,000

Field trips 20,000

504 aide 23,144

Total 292,139


For 3 of the last 4 years, the school board has had to reduce the district’s Rainy Day Fund to maintain programs and balance the budget, a total reduction of $840,000.


In order to maintain the level of programs, class loads, and educational excellence currently in the Shelley School District, an increase in the supplemental levy amount is required.

Failure of the levy would result in drastic cuts in programs and personnel resulting in higher class loads, fewer teachers, and fewer opportunities for students.


Supplemental Levy Election

Tuesday May 20, 2014 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.