business and politics
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Business and Politics

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Business and Politics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business and Politics. By: Liam, Brandi, Mike D., Odera. Milan. Francesco Sforza Conquered Milan and became the new duke He became leader of a band of mercenaries Visconti and Sforza built a strong centralized state by creating an efficient tax system. Venice. Doge

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business and politics

Business and Politics

By: Liam, Brandi, Mike D., Odera

  • Francesco Sforza
  • Conquered Milan and became the new duke
  • He became leader of a band of mercenaries
  • Visconti and Sforza built a strong centralized state by creating an efficient tax system
  • Doge
  • Small group of merchants- aristocrats
  • Became wealthy through trading
  • Ran the government on behalf of their own interests
  • Cosimo de\' Medici
  • Took control of Florence
  • Florence was the banking center of Italy
  • Controlled the government using their wealth and personal influence
  • Lorenzo de\' Medici
  • Dominated Florence when it was a cultural center of Italy
  • Florence experienced an economic decline during the late 1400s
  • Its economy was experienced on the manufacturing of cloth
  • The increasing competition from English and Flemish cloth makers brought down the profits


  • Florence started to become a wealthy city in spite of its inland location away from trade routes
  • Family fortunes were made in Florence in banking and industry
  • In the 14th century, Florence became the banking center of Italy
  • The Medici bank began opening branches in major cities of Europe during the 15th century
  • The banks loaned money, operated mines, mills, and other commercial activities
  • The Medici bank gained huge profits and used those profits to finance cultural and political activities
  • The Medici family grew rich from banking
  • As cities grew and prospered during the Renaissance, the rulers learned to tax the people
  • Trade started to increase between other states and countries
  • The trade in goods started to increase as well as the trade in ideas
  • The easiest way to trade goods was by using rivers
  • As a result of outside invasions declining after the collapse of the Roman Empire, rulers started to consolidate their power and concentrate on self preservation
  • That made it easier to accumulate wealth, and industry continued to grow
  • The cities started to grow rapidly as the majority of people started to shift from agricultural life to city life because the jobs were more plentiful
  • Because of the increase in the number of people, the taxes started to increase which meant there was more wealth to fund the expansion coming ahead
  • Religion started to be removed from politics because people saw the progress in culture as a natural event that did not relate to religion itself
  • Machiavelli said how the government and the process of running the government should be based on science and not religion
  • The debate on whether or not government and other factors should be based on religion started to occur during the Renaissance