How to reduce your chances of getting cancer
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How to reduce your chances of getting cancer PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to reduce your chances of getting cancer. By Louise Warren. Introduction.

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How to reduce your chances of getting cancer

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How to reduce your chances of getting cancer

By Louise Warren


  • To me seeing people smoking is like having an addiction but there is no merit in having something in the short term that will only kill you in the long term. Today I will be talking on why we should not smoke and the effects on the smokers health, how it affects people around them and the governmental action given.

Smoking is dampens your ability to smell

  • Smoking lessens your ability to smell which will often dampen down the stench that is exuded in clothing, living rooms, cars ect

  • It can also mask any yukky foods and drink .

Smoking also changes the cellular structure of your body

  • Secondly smoking will change the cellular growth that occurs naturally in the oesophagus from villi which are little cells like whiskers that allow you to cough up phlegm are not present in smokers who are continuing to smoke to a single cell flat surface. This is why phenomena is present in older smokers.

  • Smoking has been proven to cause throat cancer and cancer of the eosphigus

  • This can be reduced by quit smoking

Smoking can also be harmful to people around you

  • Thirdly, the effects on others. Government action has been taken to curb the rate of smokers in public places due to the danger of secondary effects to people around the smoker after a long enough time has been proven to cause cancer.


    Passive smoking


    Passive smoking


    Children & adults in smoker household; persons exposed as a consequence of smoking

    in the workplace and other environments


    Tobacco smoke passively inhaled

    Principal route of exposure


    Target organ (or tumour type)

    Lung. Some evidence regarding larynx and other sites


    Some inferences in relation to target organs apart from lung (eg. larynx)

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New Government laws have reduced the exposure of smokers on others





In conclusion

  • Smoking increases the risk of cancer to the smoker but also people around you.

  • Smoking over a long time can change the cellular structure of your body and mask important senses.

  • Governments are lessen the effects on others by working with councils to create smoking zones or restricted times.

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