Where will we be in 20 years
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Where will we be in 20 years?. Jaclyn is picking me up at 4:15, so expect a new PowerPoint at the end of the week. Turn the volume up!. The Cul-de-sac. The Cul-de-sac. In Australia Streets are named: Tutu Kashu Pope Road Ichi Wasabi Fabio. Adam.

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Where will we be in 20 years

Where will we be in 20 years?

Jaclyn is picking me up at 4:15, so expect a new PowerPoint at the end of the week.

Turn the volume up!

The cul de sac1
The Cul-de-sac

  • In Australia

  • Streets are named:

    • Tutu Kashu

    • Pope Road

    • Ichi Wasabi

    • Fabio


  • Would be a head of a prosperous television company

  • Made the most money out of all of us

  • Married with two kids and a dog

  • Has a statue looking over all the “weird” people

  • AHHH!!! It stares at us!!!


  • Katherine is a record producer

  • After her band made it big

  • In her spare time she would broadcast a radio station

  • And play her guitar

  • Surprise surprise

  • I can’t think of anything else to write

  • So I’m stopping now


  • A famous poet

  • And you know it

  • Works with Kat on works of art

  • Hahaha

  • Works on work

  • That’s great

  • Has one kid

  • Who Ally constantly steals


  • Would be a famous writer

  • Writes sci-fi

  • No kids

  • They would distract her from her work

  • Damn kids

  • Owns a curkey

  • Courtesy of Emily


  • She would be a pale-ass yellow dietian

  • Has a pet kangaroo

  • And 10 cats

  • No kids

  • Might be married to one of these:

    • Aaron

    • Maricarmen’s cousin

    • Orlando Bloom

    • Heath Ledger


  • Is famous for her smile

  • Appears in magazines, commercials, and billboards

  • Spokeswomen for Crest

  • Knows who the Pope is

  • We are so proud!

  • She’s Irish

  • That’s why I’m writing in green

  • Married to an Irish model for Crest

  • Their kids will have great smiles


  • Would be an electronic dude

  • Except he messes everything up

  • Bald

  • With a freckly head

  • Dot dot dot dot dot

  • Has no kids

  • Sorry


  • Create an entire replica of Japan in her house/back yard

  • Lives with many cats

  • Emily and Brianna started a cat house

  • Lots of fur balls

  • Brianna is a vet

  • Who speaks Japanese


  • Owns a video game/Hispanic music store

  • Brings her hot cousin over to the cul-de-sac a lot

  • Hehehehehe

  • Has 4 kids

  • Oh, yeah she’s married too

  • But not to her cousin

  • Cause that would be wrong

  • Their kids would have like 12 toes


  • Would be a professional sandwich smasher

  • Her family moved two blocks away

  • Her ENTIRE family

  • They take up all of Australia

  • She fits inside Emily’s kangaroo’s pouch

  • Michael Letko ran into another door and died

  • He was her first husband


  • An accountant

  • That does have to do with math right?

  • Married a lawyer

  • I’m jealous

  • They have a big house

  • You know what THAT means

  • Well



  • Has 12 kids

  • Stay at home mom

  • Home schools children

  • Married John Mayer

  • Won the “Most Maternal” Award somewhere

  • Her kids are named: Joshua Joseph Mayer, Jose Roberto Mayer, Alayne Mayer, kid #4, kid #5, and other big names to yell when mad



  • I know you are wondering:

  • What the hell happened to John?

  • His hair grew

  • And grew

  • And grew

  • Until he suffocated

  • Poor, poor John

For those of you who never heard the mr filardo joke
For those of you who never heard the Mr. Filardo joke:


No! Mr. Filardo left! He CAN’T LEAVE!

Do you have a crush on your English teacher?

Yes, he’s the only teacher I’ve had a crush on.

That’s nice



I mean when he brushes his hair back, it makes me feel happy.

I did not want to know that!

EWW!!! Not like THAT!!!

Great! I’m never gonna be able to look at him the same way again.