Osma sas 08 infusion of perspective based inspections for nasa iv v executive briefing
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OSMA SAS 08 Infusion of Perspective-Based Inspections for NASA IV&V (Executive Briefing) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OSMA SAS 08 Infusion of Perspective-Based Inspections for NASA IV&V (Executive Briefing). Dr. Forrest Shull, FCMD Kurt Woodham, L-3 Communications. Perspective-Based Inspection (PBI). A procedural technique incorporating three best practices:

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OSMA SAS 08 Infusion of Perspective-Based Inspections for NASA IV&V (Executive Briefing)

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OSMA SAS 08Infusion of Perspective-Based Inspections forNASA IV&V(Executive Briefing)

Dr. Forrest Shull, FCMD

Kurt Woodham, L-3 Communications

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Perspective-Based Inspection (PBI)

  • A procedural technique incorporating three best practices:

    • Giving each reviewer a particular and unique focus (or perspective) on the document under review

      • Base perspectives on document stakeholders to help understand necessary participants, relate inspection tasks to development skills

    • Making individual review of a document an active (rather than passive) undertaking

    • Articulating the quality aspects of interest

  • Uses defect analysis (e.g. from bug trackers, configuration management systems, previous inspection, or test results) as one input on which to customize a solution

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Perspective-Based Inspection (PBI)

  • History

    • 2001-2003: SARP research funding

      • Refined basic approach, implemented on NASA projects and in classrooms, measured results

    • 2004: Tech infusion with Flight Software Branch / GSFC

      • Goal: Produce new Branch standards

      • Success metric: Based on experiences on pilot(s), how much of the recommended process is adopted by Branch?

    • 2004: Tech infusion with United Space Alliance / JSC

      • Goal: Reduce defect slippage over current increment

      • Success metric: Show reduced defect slippage on PB-inspected artifacts

    • 2007-2009: SARP funding for improved general inspection planning

  • Other Results and Benefits

    • Improved defect detection effectiveness substantially (NASA & elsewhere)

    • Helped re-invigorate inspection practices

    • Forms the basis of industrial and academic training

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Adopting PBI for IV&V

  • Tailoring required for new domain, new issues, new artifacts

Requirements Specifications

System reference model

PB Inspection

PB Inspection

Requirements defects

Model defects

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Adopting PBI for IV&V: Tailoring Process

  • Understand team-specific quality concerns

  • Understand likely perspectives for the team

  • Refine set of perspectives and define procedures for each. E.g.,

    • What quality concerns map to which perspectives

    • What is a feasible/effective process for checking those concerns

  • Finalize procedures and provide training

  • Analyze ongoing inspection results (and update procedures if necessary)

  • Monitor downstream defect profile

  • Write final report

Status: Reviewed sample models & processes; Constructed draft PBI techniques; Created draft training course

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Adopting PBI for IV&V

  • Initial perspectives for this domain:

    • Modeler

      • Uses requirements & existing models to create the next iteration

      • Quality foci: Appropriate level of detail in requirements; completeness and clarity of requirements & models; consistency and correctness of models

    • Domain expert

      • Assesses whether model accurately and usefully captures domain

      • Quality foci: Correctness of requirements (independent of models); identification of stakeholders and evaluation of usability from their POV; checking flow of control & use of reusable components

    • Quality assurance

      • Assesses whether models and system can be validated properly

      • Quality foci: Handling of exception cases / unexpected system conditions; robustness of system; testability

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Path Forward

  • Validate & refine PBI instantiation via interviews

    • Check perspectives and associated scenarios with key stakeholders

    • Flesh out detailed approaches for each perspective with respect to each defect category

  • Application

    • In context of IV&V of JWST

    • Training course material delivered and training will be executed near-term

    • Technology provider will facilitate initial inspections, and will be on-call during subsequent inspections

  • Evaluation

    • Success metric: Effectiveness of PB inspection in comparison to past inspections

MAC-T IVV-08-153

Contact information

Forrest Shull

[email protected]


Kurt Woodham

[email protected]


MAC-T IVV-08-153

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