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I N T R O D U C T I O N o f T A I W A N. Contents SIGHTSEEING - By Teppei Shimizu (02011020) DISHES - By Takuya Fukuoka (02011032) CLIMATE - By Yukimi Nakayama (02011028)

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I N T R O D U C T I O N o f T A I W A N

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  • Contents


  • -By Teppei Shimizu (02011020)


  • -By TakuyaFukuoka(02011032)


  • -By Yukimi Nakayama (02011028)

  • Page Design and Layout

  • -By Teppei Shimizu


  • I introduce good places in Taiwan to you. I found many attractive places in Taiwan, so I was at great pains to choose the vest interesting place. Finally I decide to choose four spots.

  • The first is The Palace Museum. It is the one of the four generation museum of the world. Please look at right photos. The upper photo is the whole seen from front. It is historically and artistically one of the most comprehensive Chinese museum. It was established on the foundation of the palace which was the ritual center of two dynasties, the Ming and the Qing, and their collections of treasure. It was also made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. It always exhibits about 6,000 exhibitions. The museum must entertain us surely!!

  • The second is Hot Spring. The right upper photo is the one scene from enjoyable open-air bath, not pool. In fact, there is a great number of hot springs in Taiwan. A reason is that Taiwan is also included in the same Pacific Rim volcano zone as Japan. There are many hotels, even little tourist homes, equipped hot spring.

  • About bathing, it is the same as Japan but the view of bathing has a place different from us, the Japanese. In Chinese culture, it makes it barbarous to expose nakedness in public so, they disliked it, and it does not like taking a bath together by nakedness with others. If you get a chance to take a public bath at Taiwan, you have to wear a swimming suit.

  • The third is Sole Massage. In recent year, we can watch a people massaged at their soles with their screams. Its birthplace is here, Taiwan. In Taiwan we could see a lot of massage shops here and there. But there are also doubtful (dangerous) shops, so you need to choose a shop carefully. I recommend you to choose the store of glazing. If you take only a basic sole massage, the standard of a charge is 30-minute 500~700 Yuan.

  • The final is Transformation Photo Studio. There you will get the feeling as if you were a model you could see in fashion magazine. You get pro-makeup artist make up and wear a beautiful dress which you may never be able to wear again. And you get fantastic photographs. At the right upper photo you can see many costumes there. There are several kinds of cloths, for example dressy, casual, sexy, ethnic and many. Besides enough belongings are prepared, for example wig accessory, scarf and many. You can find the shops at the forest north streets. The charge is depends on the course at the shop. If at the shopVigor Photo Studioyou choose the course of 30 small (10×15cm) photos, 3 costumes, hair and make-up, the charge is about 4000 Yuan. How about taking the photograph which goes satisfactorily?


  • The Feature of Taiwan Foods

  • Taiwan food is quite different from Chinese food. That is to say, Taiwan food is simple and plain completely unlike Chinese food using oil. In other words, Taiwan food is local dish. Base of Taiwan dish is Fujian(Fukken) dish. Once upon a time, People from Fujian brought their food into Taiwan. The foods of Taiwan were taken in Fujian dish, and it developed to original dish-style. To my surprise Taiwan food was influenced by not only Fujian but also Japan. It is fine effect of Japanese – style dish on food in history of this country. Taiwan is surrounded by sea. And there is the 3000m range. So they are blessed with ingredient. They can get delicacy from mountain and sea easily. Fresh fish, meat and vegetable are often used. The nest of shark fin and swallow are also used like Guangdong(Kanton) dish. In addition, Chinese medicine(KANPOYAKU) is used as a material of cooking. One of the features of Taiwan dish is delicate cooking method. For example, relatively it is delicate taste, and we can see many sweet things and sour things in Taiwan.

  • A shaved ice in Taiwan is great! People get ice into big bowl. There are more than ten kinds of topping. People can choose three or four of them, but people don’t eat it as Japanese. People get small beans, custard pudding, white tapioca, black tapioca and so on into the big bowl with a lot of fruits. This taste is strawberry.

  • Bean paste of juicy meat and juicy vegetables。 They are the steamed filled dumplings (MANTOU) of the Taiwan style wrapped in the skin which it had and was made 。The taste of home Taiwan was studied in the taste of further Japanese liking, the hearts were put one by one, and delicacy was wrapped in handmade business. It is a little smallish size eaten by 2 or 3 lots.


  • Taiwan’s weather is likely to change. There are two distinct seasons.

  • From May to October, It is very hot season. It is an average temperature of 35 deg.

  • From November to March, Temperature falls below 5 deg. It is hardly fair weather almost all of days is cloudy, so fair weather day is very comfortable and important for Taiwan’s people. But it is not clean blue sky like Japan. Even if it is fair day, sky is dirty. And once it started to rain, rainy days are likely to continue for 4 or 5 days.

  • Taiwan is divided into two by Hokkaikisen. There is no season that is clear. It is warm for a year. There are long summer and short winter. It becomes rainy season in June. After that It is typhoon season until September. In north area, From September to March it is rainy term. This term is low temperature.

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