owls in the family
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Owls in the Family

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Owls in the Family. By: Farley Mowat Presentation By: Lina #2. Chapter 1.

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owls in the family

Owls in the Family

By: Farley Mowat

Presentation By: Lina #2

chapter 1
Chapter 1

One May day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan two boys named, Billy and Bruce went for a hike on the Prairie in a very hot spring day. They wanted an owl as a pet. Billy and Bruce found a great horned owl in the prairie. And found a nest from the owl. The next day they would bring there teacher Mr. Miller.

chapter 2
Chapter 2

Billy’s dad didn’t want anymore animals because Billy had other animals. Billy had: gophers, rats, white mice, white rabbits, garter snakes, pigeons, & the family member Mutt (the dog).Then Billy’s dad said “ maybe we do need an owl in this family”. They got Mr. Miller, and off they went, with there lunches and got ready to catch there owl. They couldn’t wait to see the owls.

chapter 3
Chapter 3

Billy, Bruce and Murray went to see if the owls were okay, because there was a big storm last night.

Only one was alive, because the other two had fallen out of the tree, the one was hiding under a brush of sticks. They predicted it was the oldest because it looked

bigger than the other owls.

So Billy took the owl home and cared for it, fed it and made it a cage. (Billy named the owl Wol). That was the beginning of the owl life.

chapter 4
Chapter 4

Billy was riding home from a bike ride and saw his friend Georgie Barnes and an older kid throwing rocks into a trash can. Billy walked over and saw that

there was an owl in the trash can hiding and trying

to shield itself. Then Billy asked the big kid

if he could trade the owl for Billy’s scout knife.

Billy brought the owl home and cared for it just

like Wol. (He named the new owl Weeps).

Wol and Weeps liked each other. After that they were good friends.

chapter 5
Chapter 5

Weeps was so weak and scared that when he saw Mutt he would walk over to him and snuggle up in his

Protectors arms. Mutt always protects Weeps from other dogs and cats in the neighborhood. Wol learned

how to fly but didn’t like it very much.

The owls acted like humans most of the time.

Billy and Bruce thought it was funny because the owls would follow them everywhere walking instead of flying. Wol learned how to break chicken wire so if he got out of the cage Billy would worry. 

chapter 6
Chapter 6

Bruce found out about an animal parade, and there were prizes for the most interesting pets and best displays.

So they dressed all of the animals up as a big circus act.

Mutt was a lion and Rex was a zebra. They dressed the owls up in doll clothing. Then Bruce came to Billy’s yard one day with a shoebox that said SuRpris

PEt DO noT FEeeD. Since Wol was whimpering about the costume he was in, they had to tie Wol to the circus cage full of gophers.

chapter 7
Chapter 7

Wol liked to play games with Mutt: dinner stealing, bone hiding and tail squeezing. Wol hated skunks, because owls hate skunks. Once Wol caught a skunk and later Wol was smelling really bad. The family couldn’t eat in their dining room for two weeks because Wol had brought a dead skunk into the dining room and the smell just stayed there. Actually Wol had brought another skunk into the dining room, because he had thought they wanted him to share the skunk with them. So they had to stay out of the dining room longer.

chapter 8
Chapter 8

Billy, Bruce, and Murray wanted to sleep in their cave. They had found it and fixed it up, but you have to be very careful in caves and build them with strong logs or they can collapse and kill you. So Billy’s dad came to see if it was safe. So Billy, and Bruce’s dads let them, but Murray’s dad didn’t let him. So they brought Wol, Weeps, Mutt, and Rex. The dogs ran while Wol rode on top of the handle bars of Billy’s bike, Weeps sat in the basket. The boys rode their bike. They were settling in, then they went for a swim in the lake. After that they decided to sit under the tree, and two tough kids came and wanted to know where the cave was. They would hurt Billy and Bruce if they didn’t tell where it was, and then Wol gave his hunting scream. The tough boys were so scared they ran all the way to Saskatoon where their homes were.

chapter 9
Chapter 9

The new Minister came to our house, and he didn’t know about the owls. Mother gave him a cup of tea, he began talking about Billy skipping Sunday school, when Wol came to the windowsill and then he came and flew on to the Minister’s shoulder, mother was to late she tried to warn the Minister. Stood up and dropped the cup it smashed into a million pieces and tea all over the rug. Wol lost his balance and tightened hi claws, the Minister screamed. Then Wol flew on to his favorite poplar tree. His feelings were hurt. Later that day Wol came out of the tree. The next day Bill’s mother told him to go get some groceries, so he took Wol. They saw the post man, and he was sorting the mail and instead of walking around Wol he went right into him. So Wol was hissing like a teakettle, Wol started hitting the mailman\'s shins with his wings.

continuing chapter 9
Continuing Chapter 9

The owls were getting so used to being with the Billy, that Billy was worried when school came. Sadly school came, Billy had to leave the owls at home. Wol would follow Billy to school so Billy was late. When Wol was flying behind Billy every one on the rode would slam on their brakes. His first period was about to start. He found twine in his backpack so he tied Wol on the top of his handlebars with twine. He went to French class. Wol untied himself and came looking at every class in till he found Billy. When he did he looked for open windows, there was only one window open. He flew in, and tried to land on Billy’s shoulder but he missed, and landed on the desk, the desk was slippery and he lost his balance and skidded across the desk on to her lap. She saw him coming and tried to get up and stand up on her chair. It was to late. The Wol was on her lap. There was some ruction, then Billy got sent to the Principal\'s office and Fifi took the rest of the day off.

chapter 10
Chapter 10

They were heading up toward Dundurn. And they were going camping with Mutt, Wol, Weeps, Billy, and his family. The animals and Billy sat in the rumble seat. When Billy, his dad, and the animals were sitting in the canoe. The canoe was pretty low down, they had to sit as still as mummies. Then the crows spotted Wol and Weeps and called out to all the other crows Billy and his dad were furious they tried to shoo them away. Then they went and shot some crows. (with Billy’s dad shot gun).

chapter 11
Chapter 11

It was spring, Wol and Weeps were 3 years old. It was a very sad spring for Billy, his dad had taken a new job in Ontario, Toronto. So Billy and his family had to move out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There was going to be no more sloughs, gophers and some other animals, bluffs, the worst of all no more prairies. Billy hated that he had to move. Billy was going to miss all of his friends. They couldn’t take Wol and Weeps. None of Billy’s friends were allowed to take care of them. Then Billy thought of Bruce, Bruce had moved away from Saskatoon and owned a fox farm about two hundred miles northwest. Billy wrote to Bruce. In quite a few days Bruce replied. Billy showed the note to his dad. They agreed they would go for 2-3 days. When they got there Mutt and Rex played. Billy and Bruce rode horses. Then the boys worked on the little house the owls would live in. Later that night Billy put the owls in the little house, Wol sensed some-thing and said, “hoo” then he was fine. Then Billy said to himself, “ Good-bye owls. You look after each-other. Someday maybe, I’ll be back…

conclusion slide
Conclusion Slide

The story ended when Billy and Bruce were putting the owls in their cage house. I think this book is really nice. I like how they have wild animals and there not afraid of them. There sweet to them. And make sure they have a good home.


I really liked this book and would rate it

(5 stars)

Thank You Mrs.Tuomi! I Loved this book it was so good! I am happy you picked this book for us! I really enjoyed it a lot!