Use of contingent faculty and the effect on student success
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Use of Contingent Faculty and the Effect on Student Success PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Use of Contingent Faculty and the Effect on Student Success. Vann Priest Rio Hondo College. Daniel Jacoby. Effects of Part-Time Faculty Employment on Community College Graduations Rates. The Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 77, No. 6 (Nov./Dec. 2006)

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Use of Contingent Faculty and the Effect on Student Success

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Use of Contingent Facultyand the Effect on Student Success

Vann Priest

Rio Hondo College

Daniel Jacoby

  • Effects of Part-Time Faculty Employment on Community College Graduations Rates.

  • The Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 77, No. 6 (Nov./Dec. 2006)

  • “The main result from this study is that increases in the ratio of part-time faculty at community colleges have a highly significant and negative impact upon graduation rates.”

Paul D. Umbach & Matthew R. Wawrzynski

  • FACULTY DO MATTER: The Role of Faculty in Student Learning and Engagement

  • Research in Higher Education, Vol. 46, No. 2 (Mar. 2005)

Paul D. Umbach

  • How Effective Are They? Exploring the Impact of Contingent Faculty on Undergraduate Education

  • The Review of Higher Education, Vol. 30, No. 2 (Winter 2007)

  • “This study offers some compelling evidence to suggest that, compared with their tenured and tenure-track peers, contingent faculty, particularly part-time faculty, are underperforming in their delivery of undergraduate instruction. “

  • “While this study identifies some deficiencies among contingent faculty, it is important not to lay the blame entirely on faculty in these appointments.”

Paul D. Umbach

  • The effects of part-time faculty appointments on instructional techniques and commitment to teaching

  • Paper Presented at the 33 Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Jacksonville, FL, November 5-8, 2008

  • PDF available

  • “Part-timers will exhibit lower levels of commitment to their institution and will exhibit lower levels of instructional performance.”

Kevin M. Eagan, Jr. & Audrey J. Jaeger

  • Closing the Gate: Part-Time Faculty Instruction in Gatekeeper Courses and First Year Persistence

  • New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 115 (Fall 2008)

  • “Students appear to be significantly and negatively affected by having gatekeeper courses taught by other part-time faculty.”

Kevin M. Eagan, Jr. & Audrey J. Jaeger

  • Unintended Consequences Examining the Effect of Part-Time Faculty Members on Associate’s Degree Completion

  • Community College Review, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Jan. 2009)

  • “Findings indicate that students experienced a significant yet modest negative effect from exposure to part-time faculty members on the probability of completing an associate’s degree.”

Kevin M. Eagan, Jr. & Audrey J. Jaeger

  • Effects of Exposure to Part-time Faculty on Community College Transfer

  • Research in Higher Education, Vol. 50, No. 2 (2009)

  • “Findings suggest that students tend to be significantly less likely to transfer as their exposure to part-time faculty increases.”

Andrea J. Jaeger

  • Contingent Faculty and Student Outcomes

  • Academe, Nov./Dec. 2008

Thomas Bailey, et al.

  • Community College Student Success: What Institutional Characteristics Make a Difference?

  • Achieving the Dream []

  • PDF available

  • “Students in colleges with more part-time faculty also have lower graduation rates.”

Curtis V. Smith

  • The Impact of Part-Time Faculty on Student Retention: A Case Study in Higher Education

  • Dissertation, University of Missouri – Kansas City (2010)

  • “This study supports findings in the literature review and two previous statistical analyses that increasing exposure to part-time faculty has a negative impact on retention.”

Roger G. Baldwin & Matthew R. Wawrzynski

  • Contingent Faculty as Teachers: What We Know; What We Need to Know

  • American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 55, No 8 (Aug. 2011)

  • “Findings indicate that the teaching practices of part-time contingent faculty differ in important ways from their other faculty colleagues.”

Davis Jenkins

  • What Community College Management Practices Are Effective in Promoting Student Success? A Study of High- and Low-Impact Institutions

  • Achieving the Dream []

  • PDF available

  • “Community colleges would be more effective if they do the following: Provide support for faculty development focused on improving teaching.”

Davis Jenkins

  • Redesigning Community Colleges for Completion: Lessons from Research on High-Performance Organizations

  • CCRC Working Paper No. 26, Assessment of Evidence Series). New York, NY: Columbia University, Teachers College, Community College Research Center. (2011)

  • “Colleges should provide opportunities for adjunct faculty to collaborate with full-time faculty members on improving curricula and instructional quality in the fields they teach. ”

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