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Corporate Web Designs Provides a Competitive Edge to Your Business

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Corporate Web Designs Provides a Competitive Edge to Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know about Corporate Web Designs Provides a Competitive Edge to Your Business, for more info call at 845-915-5344 (Sales).

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Corporate Web Designs Provides a Competitive Edge to Your Business

Today the internet is a new battlefield for corporations to fight for

customers and seize market shares. For any company to have an online

presence, a corporate website is the first step to have an online presence

and building a brand. An effective corporate web design should optimize

search engine rankings, Corporate Ranking Reviews

Corporate Ranking Reviews and help to

convert visitors to paying customers. Your corporate website must

reflect its culture, ambience and the particular industry in which it is

operating and stand out from the competition.

A good corporate web design must have the following features:



A corporate design website must be simple to use, easy to navigate, and

logically built. The smooth navigation system should be in place, so that

visitors know what would open up in the link they are trying to open, by

reading the text in the link or on the navigation button. In addition to

the text-links, a site map is pretty useful for navigation purposes as it

will directly lost the visitors and allow others to find their way quickly.

A logo on the top corner of the page is helpful as that signifies a link to

your site’s homepage. Visitors will often go there before looking for the

home link in the navigation system.

Search Engine Optimization:


Your corporate web design must be properly optimized using relevant,

targeted, well researched keywords so that search engines index and

rank your web pages accordingly. When users would search with a

specific keyword, your website would appear in top search engine

rankings thereby directing lots of online traffic to your website. Using

anchor text within the site, search engines can be told what the page is

all about. Internal links also greatly add value to search engine

rankings and Corporate Ranking Reviews.

Content and Visual layout:

You may attract visitors with an eye-catching design, but content is

what keeps them exploring the website and encourages them to return.

The content for a corporate website should include background of the

company, services or products offered, contact information, a portfolio of


services or products with images etc. The content that you include in

your web pages should be easy to scan and have the most important

information. Apart from the content, the page layout must be kept

consistent along with the colors and typefaces.


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