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1. Visualizing What is it?

2. Good Readers… Create mental images while they read. Use all five senses to help them create pictures in their mind Think about what the character Smells Hears Tastes Feels Thinks

3. Visualizing is like… Creating a movie in your mind. Pretend you are making a movie – What would you see from behind the camera?

4. Let’s try it together… Close your eyes and listen as I read a short passage from a popular picture book. Try to imagine the scene the words describe.

5. What did you see? Will everyone’s visualizations be the same? Is it okay if what you pictured is different than what your friend pictured?

6. Maybe you pictured this…

7. You might have visualized this…

8. Did you see something like this?

9. Let’s try it again. Close your eyes and try to picture in your mind what is happening in the text. Try to think about what the characters look like, what they are doing, and what their surroundings are like.

10. Let’s take what is in your head and put it down on paper! You will each get a piece of paper. After I share part of another story, you will quickly draw the pictures you were able to see in your mind.

11. What have we learned? How is using “visualization” the same as or different than watching TV? How would you respond if someone told you visualizing a story in your head is NOT important? How could drawing a sketch help you respond to a story? Why are everyone’s pictures a little different? Why is visualizing what you are reading important?

12. “daily five” Guided Reading Group Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Read to Self Read to Someone Word Work

13. Reading response journals Thoughtful Entry Title of book – Underlined and today’s date Use the visualization strategy to sketch in your journal the picture from your mind. (Write) This part of my story, and my visualization makes me think about… Be ready to meet at the gathering place to share your journal entry.

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