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From v pad to viamigo
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From V-pad to viamigo . People with intellectual disabilities Traveling independantly. DS M -5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (V5.0). So , more then IQ tests…. https :// /p/b619636c0e39a7d73f3f6b59/59edceb95cfc1d17dafea3af. Conceptual domain.

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From V-pad to viamigo

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From v pad to viamigo

From V-padto viamigo

People with intellectual disabilities

Traveling independantly

Ds m 5 diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders v5 0

DSM-5 Diagnosticand Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders (V5.0)

So more then iq tests

So, more then IQ tests…


Conceptual domain

Social domain

Practical domain

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure- American Life, 1994

From v pad to viamigo



If we were all

If we wereall..

  • More developed in the

    • Conceptual domain

    • Social domain

    • Practical domain

Conceptual domain reading writing

Conceptual domain:… reading, writing…

Conceptual domain language

Conceptual domain:… language…

Social domain empaty social judgement

Social domain: ..empaty, socialjudgement

The practical domain

The practical domain

Flanders masters in non inclusion

Flanders: masters in non-inclusion

Ook zorgbehoevende mensen maken we liever niet van dichtbij mee: als Vlamingen zelf hun buren kiezen, dan zullen dat geen gehandicapten zijn. Mentaal gehandicapten hangen helemaal onderaan die lijst, net erboven staan fysiek gehandicapten zoals blinden, en zorg-behoevendenzoals bejaarden.



Back to the future

Back to the future?

The inclusion challenge

The inclusionchallenge..


carryingout one’s life habits in one’s environment

Mobility at the day care centre

Mobility at the day-care centre

What is it about

What is itabout?

V-pad movie

From v pad to viamigo

Follow on coach phone

Activate a path on user’sphone

and website

Project status

Project status

Does Viamigo support more independent travelling of people with intellectual disabilities?

  • 50 test users

  • Baseline measurement (without Viamigo use)

  • Training

  • Viamigo use

  • New measurement

Mobility of people with idd

Mobility of peoplewith IDD

  • Research results1 (bachelor thesis)

  • Independantly: 5%

% bus institution

% bus external company

% public transport

% withfamilycar

% on footwithguidance

% on foot without guidance

% by bike withguidance

% by bike without guidance

% by carpooling

% bycar,independantly

1. Aleidis Devilléwith Sien Verschueren; Sien Smeuninx; Shana Nauwelaerts;

Shannen Molemans; Nils Verboven; Jade Mertens

Independant m obility of people with idd parents

Independantmobility of peoplewith IDD (parents)

  • Bachelor thesis: meet the parents

  • Currentmobility

    • 1, 2 times a week

    • Close to home

  • Succes criteria forViamigoimplementation

    • Learn the use of smartphonesand computer

    • Start with short distances

    • Take enough time for the learningprocess

  • (EviBleyen, KarolienWelkenhuysen)

Inclusion social participation

Inclusion: socialparticipation :

carryingout one’s life habits in one’s environment

Cse engineer wanted

CSE engineer wanted!

  • Understand

    • Targetgroup

    • Organisations, parents

    • Ethicalaspects

    • Business case

  • Knowhowto

    • Workinterdisciplinary

    • Findandimplement the right technology

Postgraduate course cse

Postgraduate course CSE


Contact information

Contact information



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