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The travels of marco polo
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The Travels of Marco Polo. Global I Honors: Spiconardi. A Spiconardi Rant. Marco…..Polo! Marco…Polo! I HATE THIS STUPID GAME! IT IS THE SECOND STUPIDEST GAME OF ALL-TIME! What’s the first stupidest game of all-time you ask…. Polo!. Marco!. A Spiconardi Rant. The Travels of Marco Polo.

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The Travels of Marco Polo

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The travels of marco polo

The Travels of Marco Polo

Global I Honors: Spiconardi

A spiconardi rant

A Spiconardi Rant

  • Marco…..Polo! Marco…Polo!


    • What’s the first stupidest game of all-time you ask…



A spiconardi rant1

A Spiconardi Rant

The travels of marco polo1

The Travels of Marco Polo

  • At 17-years-old, Marco travels with his father Niccolò and uncle Maffeo to Mongolia

    • Stayed in Persia for a while before finally making it to Kublai Khan in China

      • “Of all the races in this world, it is the Persians whose women are the most handsome.”

The travels of marco polo2

The Travels of Marco Polo

  • Once in China, Kublai Khan takes a liking to Marco

    • Impressed by his grasp of numerous languages

    • Liked to hear Marco’s stories

    • Used to get drunk on koumiss together

  • Kublai Khan sent Marco on diplomatic missions

  • Marco was appointed governor of the large trading city of Yangzhou

Legacy of marco polo

Legacy of Marco Polo

  • Upon his return to Europe, Marco, his father, & uncle tell tales of their journeys to the East

  • Unfortunately, Marco is imprisoned after a battle between Venice and Genoa (common in Italy)

  • While in prison

    • Marco dictates his stories to a fellow prisoner

    • Book is written in Old French and titled, Le divisament dou monde

      • Translated into other languages

      • Books almost as popular as the Bible in Europe

Legacy of marco polo1

Legacy of Marco Polo

  • His book increases European interest in the East

    • Inspires Columbus; he had an annotated copy of Polo’s book with him on his voyage to the “New World”

  • Exposes Europe to unknown areas and facts about China and the East, and goods/products/ideas…

Legacy of marco polo2

Legacy of Marco Polo

Not new to many Europeans, but new to Marco; used for heating baths

  • Coal

Legacy of marco polo3

Legacy of Marco Polo

Gunpowder was used for fireworks and later guns

  • Gunpowder

Legacy of marco polo4

Legacy of Marco Polo

Precursor to Italian pasta

  • Noodles

Legacy of marco polo5

Legacy of Marco Polo

Used a relay system. Messenger would ride a letter to a post, where a fresh horse and messenger would carry the letter to the next post

  • Postal System

Legacy of marco polo6

Legacy of Marco Polo

Europeans found this idea so absurd they thought Marco Polo was lying

  • Paper Money

Legacy of marco polo7

Legacy of Marco Polo


  • "One of these nuts is a meal for a man, both meat and drink“

I have only told the half of what I saw.



  • Did Marco Polo make it to Kublai Khan & the Mongols?

    • Many historians say “no” because

      • Marco Polo does not mention the following in his books

        • The Great Wall of China

        • The beverage tea

        • Foot binding

      • No Chinese records of Marco Polo

At the end of the day

At the end of the day…

  • What is the most important idea to take away from this lesson? Why is Marco Polo important (regardless if he actually made it to China or not)?

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