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Announcing War in the Americas!. The first 4 World Wars. King William’s War (1689-1697) Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) King George’s War (1744-1748) French & Indian War (1754-1763 ). The Most France Ever Had. Louis XIV takes interest in the Americas

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The first 4 world wars
The first 4 World Wars

  • King William’s War (1689-1697)

  • Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)

  • King George’s War (1744-1748)

  • French & Indian War (1754-1763)

The most france ever had
The Most France Ever Had

  • Louis XIV takes interest in the Americas

  • One year after Jamestown Quebec established

  • New France – Friendly relations with Huron Indians

  • Iroquois didn’t like the French

France begins to stretch
France begins to stretch

  • Hunting Beaver for fur

  • Recruited Indians to hunt

    • Indians died of disease

    • Beavers over hunted

  • French Catholic missionaries tried to convert Natives

France begins to stretch1
France begins to stretch

  • Detroit founded to keep English out of Ohio Valley

  • De La Salle founded Louisiana in 1682 to keep Spanish out of Gulf of Mexico **

King william s queen anne s war 2 different events
King William’s & Queen Anne’s War – 2 different events

  • English colonists fought the French coureurs de bois beaver hunters) and the Indians

Video: King William’s War

King william s queen anne s war 2 different events1
King William’s & Queen Anne’s War – 2 different events

  • The peace deal in Utrecht in 1713 gave Acadia, Newfoundland, and Hudson Bay to England

Video: Queen Anne’s War

War of jenkin s ear
War of Jenkin’s Ear

  • British Captain caught smuggling by Spanish

  • Spanish cut off his ear and sent him home to the King

  • War broke out in 1739 between British and Spanish

  • Confined to Caribbean

Turns into war of austrian succession in europe
Turns into War of Austrian Succession in Europe

  • Called King George’s War in the colonies

  • France allied w/Spain

  • Peace terms gave Louisbourgback to France

Video: King George’s War

George washington starts a war
George Washington Starts a war

  • The Ohio Valley – battleground for Spanish, British, and French

  • Virginia Gov. sends 21 year old Washington with 150 minutemen

    • Lt. Col. Washington encounters French and troops kill French leader at Fort Duquesne

    • French return and surround Washington at Fort Necessity – surrenders after 10 hours

    • Left with men

Global war and colonial disunity
Global War and Colonial Disunity

  • War #4 starts in America instead of Europe

  • The Seven Year’s War in Europe and the French and Indian War in the colonies

  • England & Prussia against France, Spain, Austria and Russia

  • Frederick the Great defeats the French, Austrian, and Russian armies

Albany congress
Albany Congress

  • Franklin’s idea that the Colonies should unite in common defense

  • Keep Iroquois loyal to Britain

  • The Albany Congress was before it’s time and failed. The colonies were not yet ready for unity

Colonial disunity turns into unity
Colonial Disunity turns into Unity

  • This was created before the ill fated Albany Congress

Join or die cartoon
Join or Die Cartoon

  • The first cartoon appeared in Ben Franklin's newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754.

  • It appeared as part of an editorial by Franklin commenting on 'the present disunited state of the British Colonies.'

Join or die cartoon1
Join or Die Cartoon

  • The woodcut drawing entitled 'Join or Die' pictures a divided snake in eight pieces representing as many colonial governments.

  • The drawing was based on the popular superstition that a snake that had been cut in two would come to life if the pieces were joined before sunset.

Braddock s blundering
Braddock’s Blundering

  • Braddock sent to lead inexperienced colonial soldiers to capture Ft. Dequesne

  • Lt. Col. Washington was in the battle

  • Braddock was killed

  • Results: Indians felt confident and waged war from North Carolina to Pennsylvania

  • British met with defeat after defeat

Pitt s victory
Pitt’s Victory

  • The “Great Commoner” took control

  • Took troop strength away from West Indies and focused on Montreal and Quebec

  • 1758 Louisbourg fell

Wolfe vs montcalm
Wolfe Vs Montcalm

  • Battle of Quebec 1759 – most significant battle. Wolfe defeated Montcalm and he was killed

  • French kicked out of Canada

French and indian war recap
French and Indian War Recap

Video: French and Indian War

Treaty of paris 1763
Treaty of Paris-1763

  • Britain got all of Canada

  • French kept sugar islands in West Indies

  • Inlets in Gulf of St. Lawrence

  • Louisiana turned over to Spain to pay for Spain’s losses in the war

North america after 1763
North America after 1763

British policy created their great adversary
British Policy created their GREAT adversary

  • British refused to recognize any American officers above the rank of Captain

  • Washington got very angry! His greatest dream was to be a British officers

  • He resigned in a fit

  • Boy was this a mistake on Britain's part!

Long lasting effects
Long lasting effects

  • Americans from different parts of the colonies found common ground; barriers of disunity began to melt away. They were finally ready for Franklin’s idea

  • Colonist were not less dependent on Britain