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ResearchChannel. Amy Philipson Asst Vice Provost, Executive Director Jim DeRoest Director, Streaming Media Technologies Michael Wellings Director, TV Engineering. The ResearchChannel Consortium.

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Amy Philipson

Asst Vice Provost, Executive Director

Jim DeRoestDirector, Streaming Media Technologies

Michael Wellings

Director, TV Engineering

The researchchannel consortium

The ResearchChannel Consortium

  • An intellectual community, we make knowledge available to all by sharing our developments,insights and discoveries with a global audience.

  • We bring together ideas from many of the world’s premier academic and research institutions and disseminate those ideas to the public directly,without interference.

  • We are committed to technological innovation toenable leading-edge exchanges of our resources.

  • Knowledge transfer via Television and VoD capitalizing on international next generation networks

Consortium members

Consortium Members

A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane UniversityUniversidad de Puerto Rico

California State University, SacramentoUniversidade de São Paulo

Duke UniversityUniversity of Alaska - Fairbanks

George Mason UniversityUniversity of Chicago

Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Hawaii

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Maryland

National University of SingaporeUniversity of Michigan

New York UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania

Oregon State UniversityUniversity of Southern California

Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity of Virginia

Rice UniversityUniversity of Washington

Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Stanford University Medical CenterVirginia Tech

Texas A&M UniversityYale University

Tufts University

Consortium members1

Consortium Members

AARNetNational Academy of Engineering

Advanced Network ForumNational Academy of Sciences

AJA Video Systems Inc.National Institute of Nursing

CENICNational Institute of Standards and Technology

FujinonNational Institutes of Health

Howard Hughes Medical InstituteNational Library of Medicine

IBM CorporationNational Science Foundation

Intel CorporationNational Sea Grant College Program

Internet2Pacific Northwest Gigapop

Johnson & JohnsonPoznañ Supercomputing and Networking Center

Library of

Microsoft ResearchSURFnet

National AcademiesVulcan Northwest Inc.

Wisconsin Public Television

U s television distribution

U.S. Television Distribution

21.7 million households

  • DishNetwork satellite system

    • 11.5 million homes

  • Cable systems

    • 10.2 million homes

    • 35 states

  • Worldwide Internet audience


Webcast & MulticastAll broadcasts are webcast 24/7, in audio and three video bandwidths (modem, dsl and cable). MPEG2 multicast at 3mpbs & DV at 30mbps.Video On DemandResearchChannel offers a searchable database of over 1500 titles, viewable at modem, dsl, cable and MPEG2 bandwidths.

Internet Distribution

New distribution initiatives cable vod

New Distribution Initiatives:Cable VOD

  • Ideally suited to VOD platform

  • Charter Communications agreement adds2 million VOD subscribers

    • Launch first quarter 2006 with 15 titles per month

  • Google Video, Open Media Network

  • Digitalwell grid enabled digital asset management

    DigitalWell: Grid EnabledDigital Asset Management

    Project Focus

    • Easy way to acquire, collect, classify, store ,deliver large collections of digital media over IP networks.

    • Proxy for any type of large data sets but initially focused on video and audio assets – content agnostic

    • Includes broadcast/Internet Integration

    • Exploits next generation networking to ensure high quality – Deliver Realism

    • Easy-to-use Web services-based interface compatible with current Web browsers and computing platforms.

    • Uses pluggable authentication to ensure security and control access to collections. 

    • Scalable architecture ensures that collections can be built, accessed, searched and shared between disparate networked communities. 

    • D-Lib/Data Grid Interoperation via SRB and OAI for content and metadata sharing..

    • Middleware – modular integration model

      • Metadata, DRM/IP, AAI, WSAPI, Grid

    • Automation – End to End

      • Capture, Describe, Preserve, Deliver

    Grid enabled digital broadcast

    Grid Enabled Digital Broadcast


    Tape Ingest









    Final Cut Edit Suites














    Manage Digital Essence

    Edit, Transcode, …

    Automate Metadata

    Device Acquisition



    Re-purpose, Footage, …

    Service Flows




    1st Tier

    Disk Cache

    Data Grid

    Storage Abstraction


    Stage Disk




    1st Tier

    Disk Cache

    Data Grid

    Storage Abstraction


    Stage Disk


    Data grid digital library integration

    Data Grid - Digital Library Integration

    • SRB and Digital Libraries

      • Conduit for sharing metadata and/or content in a federation

      • Platform for building a preservation environment

    • D-Libs using or considering SRB

      • MIT D-Space - +120 sites

      • Cornell Fedora – +30 sites

      • ResearchChannel DigitalWell

      • UCSD TV

      • CDL

    • Data Grids

      • WUNGrid

      • PRAGMA Grid


    SC’05 DigitalWell SRB Data Grid Diagram –

    HD Collaborative Video Demonstration

    Digitalwell collections existing ongoing new

    DigitalWell Collections Existing, Ongoing, New …

    • +2100 hrs ResearchChannel, UWTV

    • +180 Ocean Science uncompressed HD

    • Microsoft Research Lecture Series

    • Multi-University Research Library

    • Forestry Old Growth Satellite Imagery

    • Deep Space Astronomy – WUNGrid Project

    • KEXP Radio Live Broadcasts, In Studio Sessions

    • +15,000 hrs Ethnomusicology

    • Research Instructional Medical Datasets

    • UW Library Collections

    Delivering realism ihdtv internet high definition television

    Delivering RealismiHDTV:Internet High Definition Television

    • iHDTV Platforms Explained

      • iHD1500

      • iHD270

      • iHD-Desktop

    Ihdtv explained

    iHDTV Explained

    • iHD1500

      • Uncompressed SMPTE 292M 4:2:2

      • Video format 1080i/60 10bit

      • Data rate approx 1.5 gbps

      • Requires:

        • high-end HD capture cards

        • Dual 1 Gige NICS

        • PCI Express PCs

        • Windows XP

    Ihd1500 application

    iHD1500 application

    Latency about 4 frames end to end plus network delay

    • 4 frames=133ms or ~ 1/7 sec

    • Network delay significant (Australia>Philadelphia ~ 250ms)

    • Satellite latency about 250ms per hop

    • H.323 devices about 230ms plus network delay

    • No significant delay in video equipment

    Sc 05 and the ihd1500 application

    SC’05 and the iHD1500 application

    Software enhancements

    Software Enhancements

    • iHD1500 Enhancements @ SC ‘05:

      • tile display generated in software

      • Audio mixing in software

      • Audio mix-minus in software

      • Video switching in software

    • SC’05 N-Way iHD1500 servers now available 24x7

      • Production uncompressed iHD video conferencing service

      • Part of HD video laboratory at University of Washington

      • Permanent connection via Pacific NW GigaPOP

    Ihd1500 software

    iHD1500 Software

    Ihdtv explained1

    iHDTV Explained

    • iHD270 (first demonstrated Aug 99)

      • Sony HDCamtm compression

      • SDTI data format @270mbps

      • AJA Xena I/O (Windows version of AJA-Kona)

      • Requires:

        • AJA Xena-HD capture cards

        • Dual Processor P4

        • Windows XP

        • Sony HDCam Hardware encoder/decoder

    High definition video to the desktop

    High Definition Video to the Desktop



    WMV-HD/VC-1 (720p/1080i)

    H.264, AVC, MPEG-4

    HDV (720p/1080i)







    Ihdtv recent demonstrations

    iHDTV: Recent Demonstrations

    • Sept 2005 - iGrid San Diego

      • Enhanced HD interactive - USA118: Global N-Way Uncompressed Interactive Conferencing

      • Underwater research using HD from SS Thompson – USA119: 20,000 Terabits Under the Sea

    • Nov 2005 - SC05 Seattle

      • Enhanced HD Interactive Conferencing/HD Storage and capture using SRB (Storage Resource Broker)

    Igrid 05 usa119 visions 05

    iGRID 05 – USA119 – “Visions ’05”

    • Sept 2005 - iGrid San Diego

      • First ever live HD/ip from a ship at sea to viewers on shore

      • Ku-Band equipment upgrade to on-board uplink antenna

      • Careful RF engineering to design satellite link-budget

      • Real-time MPEG-2 MP@HL encoding

      • Ip gateway

      • Satellite modem 13 mbps on-station at the Endeavour research site 200 miles offshore

    Visions 05 location endeavour

    Visions ‘05 Location – “Endeavour”

    Igrid usa 119 network

    iGRID USA 119 Network

    Visions 05

    Visions ’05

    Follow on goals

    • Capture all HD footage to disk in SDTI / HDCam ™ and uncompressed SMPTE 292M formats

    • Create Metadata engine for scientific annotation

    • Use DigitalWell for storage and retrieval

    • Make available to researchers worldwide as a collaborative effort

      A demonstration project is underway involving several hours of video

    Bringing science to your desktop big networks for big science

    Bringing Science to your Desktop“Big Networks for Big Science”

    Using the iHDTV software suite ResearchChannel can deliver realism

    • Uncompressed HD delivery for collaborative environments

    • Uncompressed HD for demanding visual applications

      • Visions ’05

      • Neptune

      • The Looking Project

      • Others

    • Compressed HD in several formats for desktop and home delivery

      • WMV-HD/VC-1

      • MPEG2 MP@HL

      • MPEG4 Part 10/H.264/AVC

    Open source trusted partnership

    Open Source: Trusted Partnership

    iHDTV, DigitalWell

    • First quarter 2006

    • Trusted partnership development group

    • Soliciting requirements and partners

    • More information:

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