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Gift of the magi
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Gift of the Magi. Short story elements. O. Henry’s Life. O. Henry was born William Sydney Porter on September 11, 1862 – and died on June 5, 1910 ). He was born in Greensboro, NC (near my hometown!).

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Gift of the Magi

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Gift of the magi

Gift of the Magi

Short story elements

O henry s life

O. Henry’s Life

O. Henry was born William Sydney Porter on September 11, 1862 – and died on June 5, 1910). He was born in Greensboro, NC

(near my hometown!).

Gift of the magi

His stories were known for their twist endings, careful and intelligent word choice, and characterizations that seem very real. At one point, he wrote one story per week for publication!

Identify the setting

Identify the Setting

  • How do they dress?

  • What are their family roles?

  • What are their values and physical clues that point to the time period and their surrounding?

Gift of the magi

O. Henry typically wrote about working class characters in his own time period.



Name an example of irony in the Gift of the Magi. Situational irony is when what happens is opposite of what is expected.

Why was o henry using irony when he called della and jim foolish children

Why was O. Henry using irony when he called Della and Jim “foolish children”?



What do you think is the main point O. Henry was trying to get across in this story?



Would you call Della and Jim static characters or dynamic characters?

What does the word magi mean anyhow

What does the word magi mean anyhow?

Gift of the magi

Why did O. Henry call the story by this name? (Could it have been foreshadowing?

Gift of the magi

Watch the following video trailer and think about how the video differs from the imagery you had in your head after you read the story.

Gift of the Magi Trailer

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