Matakuliah g0374 business writing tahun 2006 2007
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Matakuliah: G0374 / Business Writing Tahun: 2006/2007 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Minutes of Meeting. Matakuliah: G0374 / Business Writing Tahun: 2006/2007. The Purposes of Meeting. To coordinate or arrange activities To report on some activity or experiences To put forward ideas or grievances for discussion To give information to a group of people

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Matakuliah: G0374 / Business Writing Tahun: 2006/2007

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Matakuliah: G0374 / Business Writing

Tahun: 2006/2007

The Purposes of Meeting

  • To coordinate or arrange activities

  • To report on some activity or experiences

  • To put forward ideas or grievances for discussion

  • To give information to a group of people

  • To crate involvement and internet

Types of meeting

  • Formal meetings:

    Annual General Meeting

    Statutory meetings

    Board meetings

  • Informal meetings:

    Management meetings

    Departmental meetings

    Working parties

Minutes of Meeting

They are a written record of everything that transpires at

a meeting.

The Purpose of Minutes

  • For the company files

  • For the reference of those in attendance

  • For the information of absentees

The Process

  • Minutes are prepared by a secretary who takes thorough notes during the proceedings. Afterwards, she/he prepares a draft and includes all the pertinent information.

  • The secretary may include complete versions of statements and papers read at the meeting.

Types of Minutes

  • Minutes of formal meetings

    (e.g. large corporations or government agencies).

  • Minutes of resolution

  • Minutes of narration

Minutes of formal meetings

It is made verbatim, primarily in court reporting, where everything needs to be recorded word by word.

Minutes of resolution

  • Only the main conclusion which are reached at the meeting recorded, not a note of discussions which took place.

  • Usually used for minutes of AGMs and other statutory meetings.

Minutes of narration

  • These minutes will be a concise summary of all the discussions which took place, reports received, actions to be taken and decision made.



held on Wednesday 11 June 2000 at. 14.30 pm in Committee Room

PRESENT: Ms T. Graham, Welfare Officer (Chairman)

F.T Marks, Personnel Manager (Vice Chairman)

Ms V. Khan (Secretary)

Mrs. Lovers, Union Representative (Clerical)

W Yeates, union Representative (Despatch)

V M Crams, Production Manager

B L Hope, Accounts Manager

G Smythe, Training Officer

1. Apologies for absence:


These were received from

M Benham (on holiday)

Mrs. J.Ferguson (on training course)

2. Minutes of last meeting:

RESOLVED unanimously: these were agreed on and signed by the Chairman.

  • Matters arising:

  • NOTED: that the tenders for the new ventilation system had been received.

  • RESOLVED unanimously that contract be awarded to RT Stone of

  • Hollingbury, to begin work within four weeks.

  • 4. Correspondence:

  • NOTED: that Hollingbury College offered both day release and evening

  • Courses on Safety at Work.

  • RESOLVED: unanimously that only one Supervisor should be away at

  • any time.

  • Proposed: G Smythe

  • Seconded: V.M Cramm

5. Inspector’s Report:

NOTED: Standard of safety generally good. Matters raised:

Item 5: Ventilation system – see Minute 3 above.

Item 3: Trailing leads in offices – tree electrical

contractors ha been asked to give estimate

for installing floor plugs.

Item 4: Problem of fire extinguishers in Stores had

been remedied.

6. Proposal:

“that a refresher course in First Aid should be arranged

in Company time for all first air personnel.”

Proposed: Mrs. Lovers

Seconded: Mr. W Yeates

Amendment proposed:

“and that the Accounts Manager should make special

arrangement for his Section”.

Proposed: Mrs. M. Gower

Seconded: Mr. B L Hope



Substantive Motion: Nem con.

7. Any other business:

NOTED: Request by Representative from Dispatch that all Supervisors

should notify their staff of the possible dangers while work was in

progress in Dispatch area.

8. Date of next meeting:

NOTED: as Thursday 17 July 2000 at 3.00 pm

There being no other business the meeting closed at 3.50 pm.

Reproduced Courtesy of Midland Mainline

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