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Connectathon Timeline. Connectathon Manager Training Steve Moore Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

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Connectathon Timeline

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Presentation Transcript

Connectathon Timeline

Connectathon Manager Training

Steve Moore

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

The Aztec Calendar was based on a Mesoamerican that counted both a 260 day religious calendar and a 365 day solar calendar. Researcher Garulich found, by studying how far behind the Aztec calendar was from the seasons, since they don't take leap years into account, that the calendar began in 682 A.D.

Participants and You

  • Have a lot of work to do

  • Need an organized schedule to get through the entire cycle

Letter Designations

  • T: Start of the Connectathon

  • R: Opening of registration

T – 9 months: Document Support Plan

  • Before you apply to IHE to hold a Connectathon:

    • Which domains to test

    • Which tools you will need

    • How you will support the testing

    • How you will support the tools you select

T – 9 months: Petition T/T, Board

  • This is a sponsor responsibility, but you will help

    • List of domains and profiles

    • Plan for recruitment

    • Plan for staffing

T – 6 months:Call for Participation

  • This is a sponsor responsibility, but you will help

    • List of domains and profiles

    • Plan for recruitment

    • Plan for staffing

Profile Data Entry, Tool Development

  • If you are a Technical Project Manager

  • You should be entering data in Gazelle to identify your new profiles, actors, transactions, options

  • Developing new test tools

R – 2 weeks: Reg System Ready

  • All domains, profiles for testing entered in Gazelle or in manual tool

  • Participants able to generate a contract

  • All logistics for submitting contract published

  • Rules/regulations/guidelines published

Registration Opens

  • Provide registration support

    • How do I do this in the system?

    • I think I want to participate. I have an electronic shovel. What profile can I test?

T-12 Weeks: Registration Closes

  • IHE policy is that registration needs to close 3 months in advance of the Connectathon

R + 1 Week: Registration Closes

  • Review profile subscription

    • Drop profiles with low subscription

    • Warn participants about marginal subscription

  • Enable pre-Connectathon tests

T – 12 weeks

  • Recruit monitors

    • Experience in industry

    • Non-partisan (no vendors!!)

  • Schedule any specialty monitors

    • Mammography

    • NMI

  • Logistics: Should be sponsor responsibility

    • Lodging, travel, expenses

T – 12 weeks: Digital Certificates

  • ATNA tests require digital certificates

  • Participants will want to have these in advance for Internet testing

T – 12 weeks: OIDS and Codes

  • Some actors require OIDS to function

    • XDS.b Document Source

  • Many profiles need coded values

    • You will publish all coded values either by referencing an existing publication or by stipulating them

    • Feel free to reuse ours; don’t be afraid to invent

    • Do not leave it up to the participants

T – 10 weeks: Publish Network Design

  • Private addresses, public addresses

  • Connections to the evil Internet

  • Fixed IP addresses for test systems

  • DHCP if you want for laptops, etc

  • Default gateway

  • Netmask

  • DNS

T – 8 weeks: Understand all Tests

  • By this time, you need to understand all Connectathon tests and implications for support (people, tools)

    • You can delegate profiles to partners (but not committee members or vendors)

    • You will need to assign monitors (slide coming up)

T – 8 weeks: Assemble Data Sets

  • Some tests use pre-defined data sets

  • Some tests use data sets from previous Connectathons

    • Because it is difficult to get the creators to attend each event

T – 8 weeks: Assign Monitors to Profiles

  • They need time to read the profiles and test cases

  • You need to make sure you have covered the profiles and have time to recover

T – 8 weeks: IP Addresses

  • Assign and publish fixed IP addresses

  • Know that you will have participants asking at the event:

    • What is my IP address?

    • What is Ralph’s IP address?

    • Can I have one more IP address?

    • Can I have 10 IP addresses for my VM?

T – 6 weeks: Monitor Training

  • Webex/phone call to discuss process, tooling

    • All monitors

  • Separate webexes to cover specific domains

    • You might have 3 monitors who only do ITI while 2 different monitors cover Radiology

    • We are building a library of training material

T – 6 weeks: Table Assignments

  • Important for large Connectathons

  • Participant equipment might need a table number to facilitate delivery

  • Curb the desire to annex space from others

  • Assign seats based on functions

    • Make it easy to find important actors of like capabilities

    • Put the Radiology Order Fillers together

T – 6 weeks: Adjust Test Requirements

  • Examine the 3 peer rule in the context of your registration

T – 6 weeks: Accept Participants

  • Participants have pre-Connectathon requirements

  • You need to assess their compliance

    • Pre-Connectathon tests

    • Configuration data entry

T – 6 weeks: Staff Registration

  • If you are using Gazelle

    • Extract staff registration

    • Provide guidance on per day charges

    • Forward to sponsors for catering

  • If not Gazelle

    • My advice is to make this a sponsor item

T – 4 weeks: Stable Connectathon Tests

  • All Connectathon tests should be published and stable

  • Participants need a chance to review in advance

    • No surprises

T – 4 weeks: Publish Test data

  • Some tests require a fixed set of demographics for simplification

  • Some tests require test files / objects

  • Publish in advance to enable setup

T – 4 weeks: Participant Training

  • Webex, Live Training

    • Review the Connectathon process

    • How to use the tools for the event

  • We are building a library of recorded sessions

  • You do want a live session to assist your participants

    • They will have questions

T – 3 weeks: Hardware / Tools

  • Your onsite hardware

    • Anything needed for tooling

    • Configured, ready for shipping

  • Some tools depends on profiles tested, others are of general use

    • Gazelle

    • DNS Server

    • Audit Record Repository

    • …..

T – 2 weeks

  • Workflow test assignments

    • Some tests are run in large groups to test a full profile or several profiles (XDS.b, ATNA, PIX)

    • These are best published in advance

  • Mon/Tue/Wed partner assignments

    • Minimize context switching

    • In the US

      • XDS.b: Doc Repository, Doc Registry

      • SWF: Order Filler, Modality


  • Drops

    • Accept, you cannot force someone to test something they cannot implement

  • Requests for adds

    • In the US, these are denied

    • They lead to bad behavior

    • I recommend you deny them, but this is a regional decision

Post Connectathon (30 days)

  • Finish grading

    • Announce preliminary results

  • One week challenge period

    • Process requests

  • Work with sponsors, T/T to publish results

  • Collect suggestions for improvement

  • Update Connectathon tests

  • Thank you’s to participants and monitors

  • Login