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St Swithun Wells

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St Swithun Wells. Reading workshop. Purpose:. To give an overview of the teaching of reading from phonics to comprehension skills To explain what other reading strategies your child will be developing To explain ways in which parents can help at home. How do we do reading at SSW?.

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st swithun wells
St Swithun Wells

Reading workshop

  • To give an overview of the teaching of reading from phonics to comprehension skills
  • To explain what other reading strategies your child will be developing
  • To explain ways in which parents can help at home
how do we do reading at ssw

How do we do reading at SSW?

Guided reading and 1:1 reading

Use of reading targets linked to child’s level

Reading for pleasure



Early reading and phonics

Use of pictures to support (at a simple level – avoid over-reliance)

Reading for sense/context clues – read the whole sentence

I waked to school ?

Break the word down… beginning

be ginn ing

Does it look like a word I know already? sound





Look at the punctuation . , ? ! “ ” …

reading targets

Reading targets

  • Trialled in some classes
  • Follow the National reading Book Band scheme and matched to ability
  • Mix of targets

Reading targets

  • Moving onto higher comprehension skills
  • Questions during reading
  • Reading diary comments
  • Bookmarks and further support will be given out

The man leaned over the balcony looking out over the vast array of buildings in front of him: tall ones, small ones, shining glass ones, dull brick ones, old ornate ones and modern impossible shaped ones. All different yet really all the same. The man sighed and he remembered back many years. The skyline had been different then; he had been able to see the end of the concrete jungle and the beginning of the real one.

strategies to try at home
Strategies to try at home
  • Get your child to read a book/page/section to themselves sometimes before reading aloud.
  • Talk about the book with your child before reading – you could introduce any words to them you think they will struggle with.
  • Encourage your child to read a section again to make sure it makes sense and to improve the expression.
  • Read a section to your child – model expression and fluency.
  • If they are finding a book difficult, don’t ask your child to sound out every word - focus on words you know that your child can decode.
strategies to try at home cont d
Strategies to try at home (cont’d)
  • Sometimes read with your child (paired reading) or take it in turns to read a page.
  • Draw your child’s attention to repeated words – encourage them to read them by sight, instead of sounding out.
  • Encourage your child to talk about what they are reading as they are going along, not just at the end – can they predict, comment, explain what’s happening?

Keep reading sessions short and enjoyable – reading should never be a chore!

independent readers
Independent Readers

Still need your support to develop as readers!

  • Discuss books with them – try reading the same book so you can talk about it
  • Ask them to prepare a section to read aloud to you
  • Encourage them to ask you if they come across new words
  • Encourage them to read a range of texts
fostering a love of reading
Fostering a Love of Reading
  • Library Service
  • Class stands