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Top 5 Tips on How to Clean & Maintain Copper Sheets

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Top 5 Tips on How to Clean & Maintain Copper Sheets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Copper sheets play a crucial role in the projects related to construction and along with that, it is also widely used in diverse industries. Though copper sheets do possess some inherent properties but we do believe in developing some additional properties in order to offer the maximum value on the order related to copper sheets, placed by you. For more info visit [email protected]\n

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Copper has a bright lustrous appeal that loses its sheen due to atmospheric corrosion and abrasive effect of the materials loaded onto it.

  • Copper is a highly malleable and ductile metal, which means it can be pressed into thin sheets and drawn into extensible wires of shortest dimensions.
  • This is why you will find copper wires featuring largely in the stringed instruments.
  • The use of copper sheets is largely witnessed in industrial applications and segments like marine riveting, automotive body shaping and building roofs.
  • The challenge that haunts copper sheet segment is its durability.
  • Copper sheet tends to lose its shine, but with proper care and maintenance, they can be returned to their original bright yellow or burnt orange hue with a consistent shade.

1. Work your way out with the cleaning solvents:

Copper sheets can be easily cleaned and given a sparkling appearance by using dilute ammonia. They are usually wiped clean or placed in the ammonia solution for a few hours. The shiny copper surface retains a matte appeal which clears into a sheen after a few hours of use. Lacquer thinners, salt and vinegar and baking soda are other mild agents used in the cleaning of the coper sheets.

Hot copper sulphate is anotheruseful agent that can be used to clean the rusting from the copper sheets.


2. Water wash and lime bath:

Much like home-made cottage cheese production, copper sheets too are tried in a similar way. The surface is first cleaned under running hot water and then treated by a solution of citric acid. The process involves slight scrubbing but more or less considered as a non-abrasive procedure.


3. Chemical polishing for the roof:

Copper sheets are used extensively as a roofing material. They are susceptible to moisture and rivet rusts if not cleaned and maintained for a long time. Chemical polishing is a key process that is used to clean the rooftops made of copper sheets. It can be done using pump-driven nozzles or a more simple hand polishing methods.

Though a short term procedure, if done right the copper sheets will retain their look for at least six to eight months at least.


4. Reverse the galvanic reaction:

When zinc comes in contact with copper sheets, it completes a galvanic reaction leading to a rapid corrosion. Copper and its alloys witness accelerated corrosion due to presence of moisture, acids and salts in the atmosphere or in the surrounding, especially in outdoor locations.

Avoid physical or electrical contact between the two participating metals to restrict corrosion. Painting and physical buffers prove to be reliable arrestors in stopping corrosion. Professional copper sheet maintenance experts recommend insulation using non-conducting gaskets and grommet-type fasteners. The reversed galvanic structure prevents the seepage of water, thus stopping the galvanic corrosion of the copper sheets.

A quick tip:

Copper sheets should always be cleaned using a water-based emulsifier or a mildly alkaline cleaner with pH less than 12. Avoid exposure to sunlight and acids immediately after giving it a citric bath.




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