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Insurance overview
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Insurance Overview. Introduction. The Insurance team is responsible for handling insurance CLAIMS: Total Loss Repairs (Physical Damage) GAP Credit Life. What should a Servicing associate do with an insurance call?.

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Insurance Overview

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Insurance overview

Insurance Overview



  • The Insurance team is responsible for handling insurance CLAIMS:

    Total Loss

    Repairs (Physical Damage)


    Credit Life

What should a servicing associate do with an insurance call

What should a Servicing associate do with an insurance call?

  • The Servicing associate must process the PTIN (Potential Insurance activity code) to notify the Insurance team of the account.

  • After processing the PTIN activity code, if further information is needed, the call can be transferred to the Insurance Team via My Supervisor.

What is ptin

What is PTIN??

  • PTIN-Potential Insurance Activity Code.

  • It’s an activity code to flag an account when an insurance claim is involved.

    • Total Loss Claim

    • Repairs (Physical Damage)

  • The PTIN is a mirror queue, so once the PTIN activity code is processed the account will reside in 2 locations until the claim has been verified.

    • The original Servicing list

    • List 3091 PTIN-Potential Insurance Activity Code.

Needed information for ptin

Needed Information for PTIN

  • Insurance Company Name

  • Insurance Phone Number

  • Insurance Contact

  • Insurance Claim Number

  • Insurance Policy Number

  • Unit Location (Company name, address & phone number)

Ptin activity code

PTIN Activity Code

Proof of insurance

Proof of Insurance

  • DO NOT transfer calls regarding Proof of Insurance to the Insurance Team OR advise the customer to fax the information to Account Services Unit.

  • Fax to Van Wagenen: 1- 855-889-6113

  • Toll Free Number: 1-800-562-6143

  • Hours of Operation are:

    Monday through Friday: 7 am – 9 pm CST

    Saturday: 7am - 4pm CST

Total loss claim common questions

Total Loss Claim-Common Questions

  • My insurance company advised me not to continue making payments or my vehicle is a total loss and I don’t have to make any more payments.

    • Customer must continue to make regular monthly payments until the Insurance check is posted.

  • I thought my insurance company is paying off the vehicle and why do I still have a balance left?

    • Insurance company is ONLY paying the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle.

    • Customer is still responsible for deficiency balance if it’s not paid in full by insurance company (ies).

Total loss claim common questions1

Total Loss Claim-Common Questions

  • Why is my account still being reported to credit bureaus?

    • Account will continue to be reported to credit bureaus until it’s paid in full.

  • I thought GAP was going to payoff my account.

    • Not all GAP policy is 100%.

    • GAP will not cover any:

      • Late Payments

      • Missed Payments

      • Deferments

      • Due Date Changes

Repair claim common questions

Repair Claim - Common Questions

  • I received an insurance repair check from my insurance company, what do I need to do with it?

    • Endorse the check and forward the insurance company’s estimate and/or the body shop invoice :

      • to the following address:

        Santander Consumer USA

        Attn: Accounting

        5201 Rufe Snow Dr. Suite 400

        North Richland Hills, TX 76180-6036

      • Fax documents to:


Repair claim common questions1

Repair Claim-Common Questions

  • Are you going to endorse the check and send it back to me right away?

    • NO: SCUSA will not endorse the insurance check and/or mail it to body shop UNTIL proof of repairs is provided.

  • Can the repair check be applied as regular payments.

    • NO

    • All insurance proceeds will be applied towards principal balance only.

Repair claim common questions2

Repair Claim-Common Questions

  • How long does it take for the shop to be paid?

    • It all depends on the promptness of the customer/repair shop.

  • How long does it take to get my insurance proceed back to body shop?

    • As soon as the Repair associate receives all documentation they can have the repair check endorsed and sent via UPS overnight delivery the same day

  • Can I bring up check to SCUSA to get it endorsed?

    • NO, for security purposes that’s not allowed.

Repair claim common questions3

Repair Claim-Common Questions

  • Do I need to continue making payments?

    • YES: The account will continue to report to the credit bureau as normal.

    • Collection activity will resume as normal to reduce delinquency.

    • In most cases, the check will not be released if the account is past due.

Insurance contacts

Insurance Contacts

  • Insurance Managers

    • Carlo Tolentino

      • 817-605-5372

    • Claudia Flanagan

      • 817-605-4830

    • Sandra Kay Kirkpatrick

      • 817-605-4932

  • Insurance Numbers

    • 1-800-215-6922 option 2

    • Extension= 8164

  • Email

    • @Loss Mit: Total Loss/Repairs/Gap

  • Fax

    • Total Loss = 214-540-5553

    • Repairs = 214-540-5692

Insurance overview

If there is any doubt whether or not an account has or is an insurance claim, please transfer the call to the

Insurance Department!

Thank you!

Insurance Department

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