Ward sabha gram sabha strengthening initiative
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Ward Sabha & Gram Sabha strengthening initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ward Sabha & Gram Sabha strengthening initiative. Modules & Processes MIS report of ongoing field testing. Prerna Development Foundation. Background – 1/2. Presenting here : Modules & Processes

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Presentation Transcript
Ward sabha gram sabha strengthening initiative

Ward Sabha & Gram Sabha strengthening initiative

Modules & Processes

MIS report of ongoing field testing

Prerna Development Foundation

Background 1 2
Background – 1/2

Presenting here :

Modules & Processes

Built on experiences of testing modules underway in 2 Panchayats (Ghangh in Patna and Sanda Panchayat in Nalanda district (2012)

& module development in 1 Panchayat (period 2009-11)

Gram Sabha, the only stable institution, has power to prepare their developmental plans, select beneficiaries and do social audits.

Can Ward Sabha or Gram Sabha take their own initiatives and be self-functioning? Can Ward Sabha or Gram Sabha ensure quality in service delivery?…

These are some of the thoughts as starting points for the initiative Ward Sabha & Gram Sabha strengthening presented here.

Standard size of about 150-200 hh, makes Ward Sabha suitable to be foundation of village level democracy. Villagers elect one Ward level representative.

Background 2 2 status of gram sabha why this intervention is required
Background – 2/2status of gram sabha & why this intervention is required

  • Gram Sabha when happens it becomes maai-baapsabha where Mukhiyajee listen to complaints or demands of poor and he/she reples taking base of government benefits that is available to a particular target group of people.

  • Complaints related to personal benefits of govt. schemes (like Vridha pension, BPL, IndiraAwaas) mostly unnecessary, dominate discussion of the Gram Sabha.

  • Gram Sabha is government scheme centric & other than government given agenda or govt. given benefits there is nothing available for discussion.

  • Quality service (public or pvt.) delivery never part of Gram Sabha discussion.

  • It is observed that rather than the Gram Sabha, the informal gathering at a game of cards, at a game of dice, tea stalls in the evening turns out to be a more useful forum for political and local issue discussion.

Team felt that only small hand holding support is needed to make Gram Sabha meaningful and effective forum. Starting point is Ward Sabhabeing smaller and well defined boundary of ward.

Source : Interaction with villagers and elected representatives in projects implemented by team members in recent years.


  • Outcome

  • MIS report of module testing activities

  • Ward Sabha & Gram Sabha modules & processes

  • Monitoring & follow up modules & processes

  • Basic facilities for ward sabha

  • Field intervention strategy

  • Capacity building modules

  • Large scale impact plans : thoughts

  • Direct benefits to villagers : Field testing experiences

Expected outcome
Expected Outcome

  • Systematic Ward Sabha and Gram Sabha.

  • Ward Sabha also takes their own initiatives.

  • Ward Sabha sets standards for their ward

  • Every resident contributes either in cash or kind or labor.

  • Local direct control over quality of services, scheme targeting, micro planning and prioritisation.

  • No targeted beneficiaries denied benefits of schemes

  • Screening of complaints locally.

Mis report of ward sabha module testing jan apr 2012
MIS report of Ward Sabha module testingJan-Apr 2012

  • Module testing is done in 2 Panchayats in the last 5 months in Ghangh and SandaPanchayats with total 26 wards. No. of ward sabha meetings varies from 2 to 4 per ward during this period.

  • In one Panchayat there is stability in attendance in Ward Sabha and in other Panchayat attendance is reduced a little bit.

  • Attendance is dependent on factors like response from services, local leadership, facilitator’s activity, agriculture engagement, local needs, etc.

Mis interventions to strengthen ward sabha 15 may 2012
MIS : Interventions to strengthen Ward Sabha(15 May 2012)

There are total 26 Ward Sabha in two intervention Gram Panchayats.

Activities and interventions mentioned in table above are undertaken in last two months period during April-May 2012 period. These are basic requirements to function Ward Sabha in an meaningful manner. Currently monitoring tools in two sector ie Elementary school and Mgnregs demand registration is being introduced. With time we will introduce monitoring tools in other service area also.

Modules and processes
Modules and processes

  • Basic facilities for ward sabha

  • Information flow for Ward Sabha

  • Public notice board

  • News paper

  • Ward Sabha office

  • Contact of service officials

  • Joint coordination meeting in gp

  • Library in Panchayat

  • Tax collection from Panchayats

  • Gram SabhaMitra

Ward Sabha Meeting

  • Agenda and decisions recording form

  • Source of agenda

  • Ward Sabha schedule

  • Organising systematic Gram and Ward Sabha

  • 12 month’s monthly agenda

  • Ward sabha volunteers

  • Cash contribution by villagers

  • Complaint recording and follow up

  • Reading out Govt. schemes in WS

    Monitoring modules

  • Monitoring method by GP

  • Follow up of monitoring

  • Service wise monitoring tools

  • Letter from Mukhiya

Source of agenda
Source of Agenda

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Organising systematic gram and ward sabha
Organising systematic Gram and Ward Sabha

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Schedule of a ward sabha meeting
Schedule of a Ward Sabha meeting

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Complaints registering process and its follow up
Complaints registering process and its follow up

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Cash contributions to ward sabha by villagers for its functioning
Cash contributions to Ward Sabha by villagers for its functioning

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Ongoing info based monitoring process for gram and ward sabha basic goals and principle
Ongoing info based monitoring process for Gram and Ward Sabha (Basic goals and principle)

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Ongoing info based monitoring process for gram and ward sabha example basic reading arithmetic
Ongoing info based monitoring process for Gram and Ward Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

Partnering and technical support from Pratham & ASER Center

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eujsxk Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)varxZrdke dh ekax] dke dh miyC/krk ,oaHkqxrku dh ekWfuVfjax ,oaQkWyksvi

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Basic facilities for ward sabha

Basic facilities for ward Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)sabha

Continuous information availability for ward sabha notice board
Continuous information availability for ward Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)sabha & notice board


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Ward office and their functioning
Ward office and their functioning Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

150 to 200 households staying nearby should have a common office. These households elect one Ward Member. This office will be run by the elected ward member. This office primarily have one box and space for ward member to sit and any other thing as decided by office head ie ward member or Ward Sabha.

Minimum facilities for a gram sabha
Minimum facilities for a Gram Sabha Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

Gram sabha mitra and their work
Gram Sabha Mitra and their work Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

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Field intervention strategy
Field intervention strategy Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

  • 2 Gram Sabha Mitra for 2 Panchayats.

  • role of Gram Sabha Mitra is only of facilitator and they do none of the direct works.

  • Formal Agenda by ward sabha and systematic Ward Sabha

  • Gram Sabha organisation

  • Sabha Decisions are time bound in 4 parts – what Sabha will do, what members will do, Mukhiya will do, order or request for service providers

  • Ward / gram sabha members track decisions

  • Facilitation of basic facilities for Gram Sabha (basic is notice board and stationary)

  • Participation of SHGs and volunteers help

  • Panchayat library facilitation

  • Training to Elected representatives and orientation to service providers (govt. as well as non govt.)

  • Informing Block, District and state officials

  • Formal MoU between Gram Panchayat and Prerna

Capacity building modules

Capacity Building Modules Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

Capacity building modules1
Capacity Building Modules Sabha (example : Basic Reading & Arithmetic)

  • Training to Ward member and Mukhiya on Ward Sabha

  • Orientation to Service provider Gram Panchayat staff & non govt. service providers

  • Orientation of state or district level officials

  • Sharing with senior level officials

Training topics for ward members and mukhiya conducting ward sabha and gram sabha
Training topics for Ward Members and Mukhiya : Conducting Ward Sabha and Gram Sabha

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Training topics for ward members and mukhiya concept ward sabha
Training topics for Ward Members and Mukhiya : Ward Sabha and Gram SabhaConcept Ward Sabha

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Orientation to service provider gram panchayat staff non govt service providers
Orientation to Service provider Gram Panchayat staff & non govt. service providers

  • Key purpose of organising the orientation

  • Introduce the Ward Sabha intervention

  • Bring both the key stakeholders on one platform

  • Remove an element of threat

  • Induce confidence level between both the stakeholders

  • Pass message both Ward Sabha/villagers and service provider staff need to contribute their parts

Schedule and module for training.

Orientation of state or district level officials
Orientation of state or district level officials govt. service providers

  • Key purpose of Orientation of state or district level officials

  • Introduce the Ward Sabha intervention

  • Open window for larger scale implementation

  • Sensatisation towards its possible to engage larger population on regular basis without much extra efforts

  • Get inputs on usability of project implementation

  • Issue letters and policy statements from state

Schedule and module for training.

Sharing with senior officials continuous communication
Sharing with senior officials : continuous communication govt. service providers

  • Communication with officials is one of the tools to sensitise them and bring them closer to Ward Sabha. For us this is a mode of providing them training.

  • Letter contains real examples along with intervention methods and what can be done at state level to facilitate gram sabha and ward sabha

Sharing with officials
Sharing with officials govt. service providers

  • Meet officials along with benefitted ward member or resident or Mukhiya.

  • Share real examples and key concept notes.

  • Discuss case assuming possibilities of implementation in their geographical area

  • Discuss hurdles or design issues. We get that as an inputs for further design improvements

  • Get their inputs and try to engage in their processes.

  • Help to issue instructions to participate in Ward Sabha meetings.

  • Request for training orientations to larger project implementers.

Large scale impact plans thoughts

Large scale impact plans : thoughts govt. service providers

Large scale impact plans thoughts1
Large scale impact plans : thoughts govt. service providers

  • Partnering with District administration and state govt.

  • Providing technical support

  • Sending postcard to all Ward members and Mukhiya

  • Opening help line and training line

  • Funding donation/contributions from non resident villagers

  • Reaching potential donors

Field testing experiences

Field testing experiences govt. service providers

Activities and Support

in last 2 years

Key events
Key events govt. service providers

  • Before Oct 2009 : Idea formulation and selection of Panchayat for testing of modules.

  • Oct 2009 : Balaurdih Panchayat selected and formal introduction is done. First gram sabha was organised with the assistance of Prerna.

  • March 2010 : First draft of module is prepared. Ward Sabha is included in the module with advise from our advisor team.

  • June 2010 : Gram Sabha activities are discontinued

  • Nov 2010 : Book fair exihibition

  • Jan 2011 : Gram Sabha activities restarted with modified modules but discontinued.

  • November 2011 : Gram Sabha activities in Balaurdih again started bu discontinued and paused

  • December 2011 : Two Panchayats for pilot testing slected work shifted in these panchayats. Formal MoU with one Panchayat is signed Other Panchayat to included in Feb 2012

Gram ward sabha organised
Gram/ward Sabha organised govt. service providers

  • Total 64 Ward Sabhas conducted

  • Total 4 Gram Sabhas conducted

  • 18 Gram Sabha mitra months of activities

  • Total about 80 days of tools development and related activities.

    (Tools development period (Balaurdih Panchayat ) : 4 times Gram Sabha was organised. All the Ward Sabha was organised 1 to 4 times. 2009-2011.

    tools piloting progress : Ghangh Panchayat : All ward sabha 1 -2 times organised Dec-Jan 2012.)

Pictures of ward sabha where we are doing pilot testing
Pictures of Ward Sabha where we are doing pilot testing govt. service providers

In these pictures, all the activities are undertaken by either Ward Sabha elected Member or volunteers or a member of Ward Sabha. Gram Sabha mitra is silent and only present there to assist when there is a need.

Direct benefits

Direct Benefits govt. service providers

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Pds starts weighting foodgrains
PDS govt. service providers starts weighting foodgrains

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Ward sabha visits aanganwadi
Ward Sabha visits govt. service providersAanganwadi

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Resources attracted
Resources attracted govt. service providers

We are fortunate to get regular advise from some of the world renowned activists and policy advisors. We are hopeful that we will continue getting their advice.

  • Dr. Rukmini Banerji (Director, Pratham and ASER Center)

  • Smt. Gayathri B. Kalia (Policy advisor, consultant to the World Bank)

  • Shri Sanjay Kumar (state team leader, Pratham, Bihar)

  • Shri. Satish Ranjan Sinha (Senior Deputy Collector, Govt. of Bihar)

Financial support
Financial support govt. service providers

  • Sunai Consultancy Pvt. Ltd in terms of man power, office space, office facilities and logistics

  • Individual donation


THANKS govt. service providers

Annexure govt. service providers: Videos & photos of key observations on Gram Sabha Gram/Ward Sabha module in book form [in a separate word file]Development and public service list in a Gram PanchayatOur understanding of Gram Sabha

Learning for prerna team videos photos of key observations on gram sabha
Learning for Prerna team : Videos & photos of key observations on Gram Sabha

October 02, 2011 contd...

Gram Sabha 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna part 1 of 3

Gram Sabha 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna part 2 of 3

Gram Sabha 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna part 3 of 3

1) Gram Sabha is complain Sabha & method of Mukhiya

  • complain 1 at gram sabha part 1 of 3

  • complain 2 at gram sabha part 2 of 3

  • complain SOLUTION at gram sabha part 3 of 3

    2) Concept of Panchayat Sachivalaya in Panchayat

  • Panchayat sachiwalya PRAHLADPUR 1

  • Panchayat sachiwalya PRAHLADPUR 2

  • Panchayat sachiwalya PRAHLADPUR 3

    3) A successful Gram Sabha on October 02, 2011 coordinated by Rural Development Department

  • Gram Sabha 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna ADDITION DELETION

  • 2nd Oct 2011 venue music and children time

  • Interview Ex Mukhiaya cum Mukhiya pati 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna

4. Photos & Docs

View photos and scan docs of Ghangh GP 2011

View photos of Oct 2 2011 MgnregsDariyapur

View photos and scan docs of Balaurdih GP 2009-11

Our understanding of gram sabha

Our understanding of Gram Sabha observations on Gram Sabha

Our understanding of gram sabha part 1 or 2
Our understanding of Gram Sabha observations on Gram Sabhapart 1 or 2

  • Gram Sabha is not organized regularly .

  • Participants expect Mukhiya to answer all the queries and expect the Mukhiya to ensure that all individual centric welfare scheme’s benefit reach to them.

  • Gram Sabha when happens it becomes maai-baapsabha where Mukhiya jee listen to complaints or demands of poor and he reply taking base of government benefits that is available to a particular target group of people.

  • Complaints related to personal benefits of govt. schemes (like Vridha pension, BPL, IndiraAwaas) mostly unnecessary, dominate discussion of the Gram Sabha.

  • Unconvincing answers lead to noise in Gram Sabha leading to unproductive Gram Sabha. Unstructured Gram Sabha leads to no collective decisions.

Our understanding of gram sabha part 2 or 2
Our understanding of Gram Sabha observations on Gram Sabhapart 2 or 2

  • Gram Sabha is government scheme centric

  • other than government given agenda or govt. given benefits there is nothing available for discussion.

  • Contrary to the objective, the Gram Sabha turns out to be mere formalities for implementation of Govt. Schemes i.e. govt. centric instead of villagers centric which never inculcate empowerment of villagers.

  • Quality service (public or pvt.) delivery never becomes part of Gram Sabha discussion.

  • It is observed that rather than the Gram Sabha, the informal gathering at a game of cards, at a game of dice, tea stalls in the evening turns out to be a more useful forum for political and local issue discussion including implementation of the government schemes, non govt. initiatives, villagers own initiatives, local politics, and relationship with neighboring gram Panchayats, global issues etc.

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Process of one of the Oct 02 2011 MGNREGS gram observations on Gram Sabhasabha matches with the modules that we pilot. So we are very hopeful of practicality of the modules we propose. Link Gram Sabha 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patna ADDITION DELETIONInterview Ex Mukhiaya cum Mukhiya pati 2nd Oct 2011 Dariyapur Patnapictures of that gram sabha

Gram sabha and ward sabha strengthening and current focus of our democratic country
Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha strengthening and current focus of our democratic country.

Prime Minister stress four areas where government find direct role in development process. Two context is directly linked to Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha strengthening . (Extract from PM’s Address to 56thNDC.)

  • First, Government must provide a policy environment in which the creative spirit of our farmers and entrepreneurs is given full support and encouragement.

  • Fourth, government must ensure that every citizen must have access to essential public services of acceptable quality in health, education, skill development, provision of safe drinking water and sanitation. Without such services effective inclusion is simply not possible.

the end