Coral reefs
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coral reefs. By Cameron Jeffrey Nick. What is coral reef.

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coral reefs

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coral reefs

By Cameron Jeffrey Nick

What is coral reef

  • Coral reef is a carnivores plant that lives in the tropical oceans. Coral is an animal that belongs to the phylum. A phylum is a group that scientists place animals in which share certain characteristics. There are two types of coral, hard coral and soft coral. Hard corals[ like brain coral and elk horn coral] have hard, limestone skeletons which form the basics of coral reefs. Soft corals [ like sea fingers and sea whips ] do not build reefs.

Corals body parts

Animals that live in coral reef

  • The animals that live in coral are blow fish, the blue ring octopus and many more.


  • Coral reefs are extremely sensitive.Oneof the greatest threats to coral reefs is human development, One problem is anchor dragging. When it drags it will destroy colonies of coral reefs


Our solution is to have a law to have a buoy in every area of coral reefs to warn fisherman and big boats to be careful of the coral reefs . And should be fined for destruction of coral if responsible.


Websites, coral.reefer/threats enchanted


Author by Elizabeth Tayntor, Paul Erickson and Les Kaufman

Coral reef


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