Energy and machines
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Energy and Machines. How We Work and Play. Work is. the result of force moving an object. Force is. a push. Force is. a pull. Two Kinds of Energy. Potential Kinetic. Potential energy is. stored energy. Kinetic energy is. energy in motion. Energy can be…. electrical mechanical

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Energy and Machines

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Energy and Machines

How We Work and Play

Work is...

the result of force moving an object.

Force is...

a push.

Force is...

a pull.

Two Kinds of Energy

  • Potential

  • Kinetic

Potential energy is...

stored energy.

Kinetic energy is...

energy in motion.

Energy can be…

  • electrical

  • mechanical

  • chemical

Electrical energy is...

a result of electricity.

Mechanical energy is...

the energy of moving objects.

Chemical energy is...

is stored in matter.

When two objects rub or touch, there is...


Friction will...

  • slow down an object.

  • stop an object.

When an object is still it tends to remain ...


When an object is in motion it tends to stay ...

in motion.

This is the property of ...


A simple machine ...

has few or no moving parts.


inclined plane



wheel and axle


Types of Simple Machines

A compound machine is ...

a combination of two or more simple machines.

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