Sharing education group 2 29 november 2009
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Sharing: Education Group 2 29 November 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sharing: Education Group 2 29 November 2009. En-en; Fr. Rudy; Nana, Phil; Ruth; PJ; myLai ; Cristine ; Nix; Neneng. Resonating with Ignatian leadership. Transcendence: “Transcending the routine and relishing the experience.”

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Sharing education group 2 29 november 2009

Sharing: Education Group 229 November 2009

En-en; Fr. Rudy; Nana, Phil; Ruth; PJ; myLai; Cristine; Nix; Neneng

Resonating with ignatian leadership
Resonating with Ignatian leadership

  • Transcendence: “Transcending the routine and relishing the experience.”

  • Magnanimity: “After teaching for a long time, it is easy to slide into thinking na “puedena ‘to”. I need to remind myself to excel all the more to form my students to be leaders and to inspire them.

  • Mission/Vocare: Intersection of my deepest desire and the world’s deepest need

    “being set on Ignatian fire”:


  • Leadership as Interiority: What was new for me was how Ignatian spirituality is a spirituality of leadership. When Jesus said “Come follow me.” It wasn’t “Come obey me”. Christ is a leader calling me to “Do as he does. To follow his example.” If I follow Christ, I am called to be a leader. And following from Christ’s example, a leader is someone who is responsible to Someone or “Something greater than myself”.

    A leader is also someone who is responsible for the people following him. Leadership starts with myself.

Strengths and challenges
Strengths and Challenges

  • Interiority and Companionship/Prayer and community

  • Transcendence: “To always remember it’s not about me.”

    “PapaanoakomagingkatuladNiya? Si Hesukristoangbottomline.”

    “Fire doesn’t remain stagnant. You remain on fire with friends, moving towards new frontiers.”

Situational challenges
Situational challenges

  • Integration in general

    • environmental education in the curriculum and campus practice

    • campus ministry: Sacraments to be more relevant to the youth

    • inspiring students/meaningful learning)

  • The one-sided view of Ignatian spirituality: Remembering: Tantum Quantum

    Redemptive Theology vs. Creation Theology

  • Need for continuous formation of the individual to nurture himself/herself as Christian leader:

  • “I have to be more so that others can be more.”

Possibilities of ignatian leadership
Possibilities of Ignatian leadership

  • Ruth’s “Big Bang theory”     

  • Strengthen partnerships in aggressive and strategic ways (i.e. CLC, SLB, CEAP, JBEC, ASOG)