Symbolism in the old man and the sea
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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea”. Symbolism. Definition: Something which represents something else by analogy or association. Lions in culture.

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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea”

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Symbolism in “The Old Man and the Sea”


  • Definition:

    Something which represents something else by analogy or association.

Lions in culture

  • Nowadays Lions frequently appear in pop culture. They are featured in multiple blockbuster films such as “the chronicles of narnia”, “Madagascar” and of course, the Disney hit “lion King”.

  • In numerous cultures the lion symbolizes ferocity, great strength and royalty.

  • As a zodiac symbol - those with the sign of Leo likely possess some liontraits such as:

  • self-confidence

  • controlling and passionate attitude

  • Independent

  • In medieval European kingdoms, such as the tribe of the Judah, the lion was represented as the “king of beasts” on shields and flags.

  • In Egypt, the Sphinx is an ancient symbol, which is the guardian of pharaoh’s temple

Lions in literature and art

  • Literature is replete with lions. A famous lion is the Cowardly Lion from the children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Frank Baum.

  • The lion appears in the most ancient sculptures of Babylonia. Sculptured lions stand at the entrances of some modern buildings, such as the Art Institute of Chicago.

Old Man

  • Old Man: wise, experienced, prudent.

    Santiago represents the patience, humility and the good will of Christ.

    In order to prove that he’s not a weak and useless old man, Santiago sails out to sea to catch a giant Marlin.

Young Man

  • Young Man: vigorous, full of dreams, inexperienced, optimistic, enthusiastic.

Young Man

Manolinrepresents a disciple of Jesus. He isSantiago’s apprentice; heloves Santiago and tries helping him.

Sea symbolism

  • Amajor symbol in the novel is the sea. It stands for all that is undiscovered in life, the metaphorical sea which man must sail on.

  • The sea is always mysterious and spontaneous.

  • It can be smooth and calm or it can be aggressive, stormy and destructive.



Symbolic of kindness, patience,

determination of Christianity.

Santiago battling the Marlin

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