Truman s domestic presidency post war problems
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Truman’s Domestic Presidency Post War Problems PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Truman’s Domestic Presidency Post War Problems. Economic Troubles Soldier Return Home Tensions under Truman. G.I. Bill Economic Controls Taft Hartley Act 1947 ended closed shop unions right of employers to be exempted from bargaining with unions unless they wished decreased union power

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Truman’s Domestic Presidency Post War Problems

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Truman’s Domestic PresidencyPost War Problems

  • Economic Troubles

    • Soldier Return Home

  • Tensions under Truman

  • G.I. Bill

    Economic Controls

    Taft Hartley Act 1947

    ended closed shop unions

    right of employers to be exempted from bargaining with unions unless they wished

    decreased union power

    80 day “cooling off period”

    TR - veto, Congress - override

    Truman’s Domestic PresidencyPost War Solutions

    Truman's Fair Deal

    Key Ideas:

    Expand on New Deal:

    Min. Wage/Full Employment

    SS Benefits increased to retired workers

    Housing Act to build for low income fams

    Civil Rights

    Truman’s Domestic PresidencyPost War Solutions

    Truman’s Domestic Presidency Election of 1948

    1.) Truman’s popularity low-

    2.) Split in party/opposition a.) Dixiecrats- b.) Progressives- c.) Republicans-

    3.) campaign- a.) Truman’s views- b.)

    4.) Results:

    Truman’s Domestic Presidency2nd Term & Accomplishments

    • Accomplishments

    • 1.) Civil Rights

    • a.)

    • b.)

    • c.)

      • 2.) Cold War-

  • 3.) Presidential Succession Act

  • Eisenhower’s credentials:







    Results: defeats Stevenson 55%, 442-89

    first election with TV impact - ads

    “I Like Ike”

    WWII hero, helped end the Korean War, popular

    1st Repub since ??

    Eisenhower’s Domestic PresidencyElection of 1952

    Ran government like military, relied on advisors

    conservative period begins 1950’s

    Conformity vs. Rebellion will define the decade

    Eisenhower’s Domestic PresidencyGoverning Style

    1.) Moderate Republicanism

    2.) Accomplishments

    3.) Civil Rights- TBA

    Eisenhower’s PresidencyMajor Themes

    Conglomerations - Oligopolies in Automobile industry effects society

    more variety (auto somewhat of an exception)

    more businesses

    fast food, motels, drive ins

    Interstate Highway Act 1956

    Birth of Franchise


    “military industrial complex”

    Postwar America1950’s Economics effects Society

    A. Computers


    B. Nuclear Power

    C. medical advances

    Dr. Jonas Salk?

    Postwar AmericaTechnological Advancement

    Marriage promoted while divorce was scandalous

    Baby Boom post WWII 1946-64, height 1957, one baby every 7 seconds, 4.25 million


    Postwar America1950’s Society - Growth of Suburbia

    Move to the Suburbs

    “Keeping up with the Jones’”

    Social customs in the workplace - male dominance

    The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit - book and film

    women - home, mom – cult of domesticity returns

    Dr. Benjamin Spock - Common Sense Book of Baby Care

    Postwar America1950’s Society

    Impact of Television

    themes and characters

    “vast wasteland”

    live performances

    boom to advertising industry

    impact on radio, film

    Postwar America1950’s Society - Technology & Entertainment (TV)

    Consumer Society Created

    chemical industry - new fabrics and cookware

    electronics industry

    recreational equipment - more leisure time

    Postwar America1950’s Society

    Increased use of credit

    home mortgages, cars, appliances

    Diner’s Club 1950, American Express 1957

    private debt from $73-179 b.

    1950’s SocietyConsumerism

    Effects of Consumerism

    “planned obsolescence”

    wear out, out of date, stylistic changes

    consumers urged to get the latest product - cars, clothes, etc

    The “Affluent” Society

    1950’s SocietyConsumerism

    Silent Generation

    Rise of Religion

    Gender Roles

    Children’s Roles

    1950’s SocietyConformity


    - the beat movement, attacks materialism

    Jack Kerouac - On the Road

    Allen Ginsberg - Howl

    William Burroughs - heroin addiction -glorified

    Grace Metalious- Peyton Place

    1950’s SocietyChallenges to Conformity

    1950’s SocietyChallenges to Conformity


    • Radio and Rock and Roll

      • “race music”, “devil’s music” (Blurred lines between black and white)

      • radio’s role

      • Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley…

    • Jazz

      • Examples

    Film Industry

    subjects that TV wouldn’t touch

    poverty, race issues, rebellion

    Rebel Without a Cause - James Dean

    1950’s SocietyChallenges to Conformity

    Cold War films

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Dr. Strangelove

    The Manchurian Candidate

    Westerns: High Noon

    1950’s SocietyChallenges to Conformity

    Print Industry

    Playboy - Hugh Hefner

    “girl next door”

    sexual barriers broken down

    Cosmopolitan, McCall’s - women’s issues, advertisements

    1950’s SocietyChallenges to Conformity

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