Carbohydrate utilization during exercise
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Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise. Are CHO important during exercise?. 1.) Fatigue often associated with CHO depletion. 2.)  CHO,  OAA  Fat metabolism can only support exercise at 50% VO 2 max. 3.) Hypoglycemia associated with liver CHO depletion.

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Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise

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Carbohydrate utilization during exercise

Carbohydrate Utilization During Exercise

Are cho important during exercise

Are CHO important during exercise?

  • 1.) Fatigue often associated with CHO depletion.

2.)  CHO,  OAA  Fat metabolism can only support exercise at 50% VO2 max.

3.) Hypoglycemia associated with liver CHO depletion.

Muscle glycogen breakdown during exercise

Muscle glycogen breakdown during exercise

  • Two biggest factors are intensity and duration of exercise

Recruitment order of slow twitch vs. Fast twitch fibers

  • Glycogen use from only exercising muscle

    • 1 leg experiments

    • deltoid vs. vastus lateralis

Regulation of muscle glycogenolysis

Regulation of Muscle Glycogenolysis





  • PFK-1





-Energy state of muscle cell with impact from substrate supply


-local factors

-substrate availability

-hormonal regulation

Regulation of muscle glycogenolysis cont

Regulation of Muscle Glycogenolysis (cont.)

Phosphorylase (cont.)

-local factors:

-substrate availability

-hormonal regulation

Local factors:

cytosolic Ca++ - activates phosphorylase kinase

ADP, AMP, Pi - allosteric activators of phosphorylase

-Need for Pi as a substrate for phosphorylase

Regulation of muscle glycogenolysis cont1

Regulation of Muscle Glycogenolysis (cont.)

Substrate availability:

-Glycogen - allosteric activator of phosphorylase

-Plasma FFA FFA glycogen use

FFAglycogen use

-FFAcitrate- PFK-1

acetyl-Co-A activates

PDH Kinase  P-PDH

its activity

-Caffeineglycogen use

Corn Oil/Heparinglycogen use

-Plasma Glucose - Hypoglycemia glycogen use

Hormonal regulation

Hormonal Regulation

Hormonal Regulation

Epi/N-Epi via  receptors C-AMP

 - blockadeglycogen use

Removal of adrenal medulla glycogen use

Glycogen degradation with exercise

Glycogen Degradation With Exercise

Regulation of glycogen synthesis degradation

Regulation of Glycogen Synthesis/Degradation

Muscle fiber recruitment

Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Muscle fiber recruitment cont

Muscle Fiber Recruitment (cont.)

Muscle glycogen depletion

Muscle Glycogen Depletion

Muscle glycogen depletion1

Muscle Glycogen Depletion

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