Sadako s statue
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Sadako’s statue. This is our cry, this is our prayer: Peace in the World. The remains of the dome. The horror. A habaksha’s voice. When I passed by a streetcar. I stepped inside and saw corpses. I saw a slight movement,

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Sadako’s statue

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Sadako s statue

Sadako’s statue

This is our cry, this is our prayer:

Peace in the World

The remains of the dome

The remains of the dome

The horror

The horror

A habaksha s voice

A habaksha’s voice

When I passed by a streetcar. I stepped inside and saw corpses. I saw a slight movement,

I heard a tiny voice “water,water”. I got out and looked for water. I saw none…

Thirty years later, I keep wishing I could have found water for that person.

I talk about it with my loved ones and join my hands in prayer. Kenichi Nakano - Survivor

X ray reminder

X-ray reminder

Innocent person

Harmful Nuclear Rays

Etches Shadow on the steps



Mother, tearing at a wall as the fire closes in under the toppled house.


Her daughter was alive, and yet, in the end, Mother failed to make a hole large enough to save her.

Hiroshima before

Hiroshima before

Hiroshima after

Hiroshima after

Give me back my FatherGive me back my Mother

Give me back my GrandparentsGive me back my Children

Give me back MyselfGive me back my People

As long as men live in this worldImmutable peace

Bring back peace

Mound of ashes

Mound of ashes

Let all the souls here rest in peace;

For we shall not repeat the evil.

Pam s art

… from a mountain of despair we will hew a stone of hope …

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hiroshima … City of Hope

Pam’s art

Mother teresa s words and doorway of the dome

Mother Teresa’s words and doorway of the dome

Bell of peace

Bell of peace

Shinichi s tricycle

Three year old Shinichi A metal helmet on his head Buried with his beloved tricycle Slept for 40 summers Now covered in rust A reminder to us all of the many years that have passed Since the bombing

Shinichi’s Tricycle

Blue flower growth

Blue Flower… growth

Peace memorial and eternal flame

They said that for 75 years nothing will grow—

Peace memorial and eternal flame

However, Hiroshima

Is where the Japanese people

Recovered their lives-

On top of devastation, green buds

Sprouted with

Hopes and courage

In the after –

Math of late September 1945

Among the charred ruins

HIROSHIMA rebuilt …

Butterfly life continues

Butterfly… life continues

Like a phoenix

Two rivers meet in one place,

Devastated, desolate and barren it once was,

But like the Phoenix, Hiroshima rose

Out of the ashes, out of the hatred.

Today it stands-a testament for all to see.

Peace is attainable, it is a hope,

a reality that could be.

Like a Phoenix

Dos rios cruzan en un vacio,

Drestrozado, desplobado, y sin vida

Pero como el Phoenix, Hiroshima resucito

Fuera de los escombros, de la oscurida y el odio.

Hoy vive-un testamento para todos ver

La paz es posible, es una esperanza,

una realidad que puede ser.

Hiroshima children

Hiroshima children

The dome the future

It was not me

I have no memory

of when or how

why or to whom


It is me

My children and those

Who come after

For Now…

I have seen



Now, I shall tell…

…peace prevail.

The dome … the future

Sunset another day

Sunset … another day


Push through the earth


We will never

be buried

A sprout seeks the sun

As each restores

their burnt souls


knows the way to repair




Peace instruments

Peace instruments

Angel of Peace

Hope for the future




Hope for the future

Images of peace

Images of Peace

Hiroshima s treasures

Hiroshima’s treasures

Hiroshima's treasure

Lies within its people

Promoting world Peace

One child at a time,

Never ending.





The future

The future

Hiroshima University …

Tomorrow’s dreams


Today’s hearts



Peace Prayer … From Reflection To Reality

Sadako s statue


Tori at myiajima

Tori at Myiajima


Hiroshima Group Presentation

November 2003

Fulbright Memorial Fund

Teacher Program


Contact: L.Mody

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