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Energy employees occupational illness compensation program
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Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. Town Hall Meeting Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) Hamilton, Ohio September 25, 2012. Administration of the EEOICPA. Part B (October 2000) Part E (October 2004) Agencies: Department of Labor (DOL)

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Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program

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Presentation Transcript

Energy employees occupational illness compensation program

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program

Town Hall Meeting

Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC)

Hamilton, Ohio

September 25, 2012

Administration of the eeoicpa

Administration of the EEOICPA

  • Part B (October 2000)

  • Part E (October 2004)

  • Agencies:

    • Department of Labor (DOL)

    • Department of Energy (DOE)

    • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

    • Department of Justice (DOJ)

Part b who s eligible

Covered Employees

DOE employees or its contractors/subcontractors

Atomic Weapons Employers (AWE)

Eligible Survivors

Surviving spouse

Children – Regardless of age


Beryllium vendors (BV)

RECA Section 5 awardees



Part B: Who’s Eligible?

Means of verifying employment

Means of Verifying Employment


EE-5 Employment Verification Form

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR)

Corporate Verifiers

SSA wage data

Other Sources

Including affidavits and records or documents created by state and federal agencies


Part b covered conditions

Part B: Covered Conditions

  • Radiation induced cancer

    • Special Exposure Cohort

    • Probability of Causation

  • Beryllium Disease

  • Silicosis (for miners in Nevada and Alaska)

  • “Supplement” for RECA Section 5 uranium workers

Part b radiation induced cancer causation

Part B: Radiation Induced CancerCausation

  • Dose Reconstruction

    • Conducted by NIOSH

    • Level and extent of occupational radiation dose

  • Probability of Causation (PoC)

    • Scientific calculation of likelihood that radiation exposure caused cancer


    • PoC - 50% or greater for award

Part b special exposure cohort

Part B: Special Exposure Cohort

  • Causation presumed for Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) members diagnosed with a “specified cancer”

    • NIOSH Dose Reconstruction is not needed

  • “Specified” Cancer

    • 22 cancers named in law

Part b adding new sec classes

Part B: Adding New SEC Classes

  • NIOSH designates new SEC classes

    • Worker Petition or Agency Decision

    • Advisory Board Assistance

    • 4 statutory SEC classes (3 GDPs + Amchitka)

    • As of September 22, 2012, HHS has designated 94 additional SEC classes

  • DOL administers SEC cases

    • No role in designation

Feed materials production center fmpc sec class

Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) SEC Class:

  • SEC Class – Effective July 27, 2012

  • Qualifying Employment:

    • DOE employees (or employees of predecessor agency – AEC)

    • DOE contractors and subcontractors

  • Worked at the FMPC in Fernald, Ohio

    • 250 workdays from January 1, 1968 through December 31, 1978

Fmpc sec claim review

FMPC SEC Claim Review

Claims reviewed for SEC inclusion:

Pending dose reconstruction at time of SEC class

Previously denied for POC <50%

Potentially affected cases identified – tracked to resolution

Goals for each new SEC class to prioritize SEC acceptance


Part e who s eligible

Eligible Covered Employees

DOE contractor or subcontractor employees

Does NOT include DOE, AWE, and BV workers

Eligible Survivors

Surviving Spouse

Employee’s Children, if no surviving spouse, and if at the time of the employee’s death the child was:

Under the age of 18

Under the age of 23 and a full-time student, continuously enrolled in an educational institution since age 18

Any age if medically incapable of self support

Part E: Who’s Eligible?

Fmpc contractors

FMPC Contractors

  • Contractors:

    • National Lead of Ohio (1951 – 1985)

    • Westinghouse (1985 – 1992)

    • Fluor Fernald (1992 – present)

  • DOE covered facility from 1951 through the present

Part e illness from toxic exposure

Part E: Illness from Toxic Exposure

  • All conditions (not symptoms of conditions) are covered

  • Must show that toxic exposure at a covered DOE facility was a significant factor in

    • Causing, Contributing to, or Aggravating the claimed condition

  • DOL will assist with verifying Part E toxic exposure

    • Claimant bears overall burden of proving his or her claim.

  • Part e means of verifying toxic exposure

    Part E: Means of Verifying Toxic Exposure

    • DOL Resource Centers

      • Occupational History Questionnaires (OHQ)

    • Site Exposure Matrices (SEM)

      • Identifies toxic substances related to labor categories, processes, buildings, and major incidents

      • Website available at

    • DOE Document Acquisition Request (DAR)

    • Claimant Records

    Part e employee impairment

    Part E: Employee Impairment

    • Determination of % permanent whole person impairment due to covered illness

      • AMA’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition

      • $2,500 awarded for each % of impairment

    Part e employee wage loss

    Part E: Employee Wage Loss

    • Medical evidence must show decreased capacity to work

    • Employee Compensation:

      • Any year <50% of the pre-disability annual wage = $15,000 compensation

      • Any year > 50% but <75% of the pre-disability annual wage = $10,000 compensation




    Decision process

    Decision Process

    • Recommended Decision – District Office

      • Preliminary determination

      • Cover letter, decision, and rights to object (oral hearing/review of written record)

    • Final Decision – Final Adjudication Branch (FAB)

      • Affirmation of recommend decision or remand based on objection/independent review

      • Claimant Rights – Reconsideration & Reopening

    Claimant responsibilities

    Claimant Responsibilities

    • File Claim

    • Collect/Copy/Submit relevant records

    • Respond to information requests

    • Talk to co-workers – get affidavits

    • Seek assistance if you need help – call Resource Center

    • Review decision and information for appeal

    Claimant resources

    Claimant Resources

    • Resource Centers – 11 locations

      • Portsmouth Resource Center toll free number: (866) 363-6993

    • District Offices – 4 locations

      • Cleveland District Office toll free number: (888) 859-7211

    • DEEOIC web site


      • General program information

      • SEM website

      • Forms

      • Sample decisions

    Energy employees occupational illness compensation program


    • 34 Covered Facilities are located in Ohio

      • Hamilton: Herring-Hall Marvin Safe. Co.

      • Cincinnati:

        • Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.

        • General Electric Co. (Ohio)

        • Kettering Lab., University of Cincinnati

        • Magnus Brass Co.

        • Mitchell Steel Co.

        • R. W. Leblond Machine Tool Co.

    • A complete list of all covered facilities can be found at:

    Eeoicpa compensation

    EEOICPA Compensation

    • $8.5 Billion Total Compensation

    • $4.58 Billion Part B

    • $2.71 Billion Part E

    • $1.23 Billion Medical

    Data as of September 16, 2012

    Feed materials production center fmpc

    Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC)

    • $152.8 Million Total Compensation

    • $79.6 Million Part B

    • $56.6 Million Part E

    • $16.6 Million Medical

    Data as of September 16, 2012

    District office jurisdictional map

    District Office Jurisdictional Map



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