Managing yourself and others
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Managing Yourself and Others. by Sara Hansen and Jennifer Doderer, Ocean County Library. Sara will cover: Managing others while keeping your sanity Jenn will cover: Human Resources 101.

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Managing Yourself and Others

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Managing Yourself and Others

by Sara Hansen and Jennifer Doderer, Ocean County Library

Sara will cover: Managing others while keeping your sanityJenn will cover: Human Resources 101

Management and LeadershipManaging the daily operations of your organization.Leading the library toward the future.

Self Assessment: Who are you? What kind of a leader are you?Where do you excel?Where do you need help? Who do you ask for help?

Two types of New Directors:

  • Old relationship – came up through the ranks and was “one of the gang” in the past

  • New relationship – Director hired from the outside and not privy to all the problems, staff interactions, and enabling that has gone on in the past

What makes the Director seat different

  • You need thick skin – you will be accused of having favorites

  • Confidentiality is a heavy burden

  • Open Door policy is OK for most, as it indicates you are open to new ideas and changes in the organization, but beware of martyrs and narcissists – they feed on the attention

In What Direction are We Going?Cultivate your teamBe honest Address the issues

What you need to be successful:

  • Personnel Manual

  • Up-To-Date Policies

  • Job Descriptions for everyone

  • List of Front Desk skills all need to learn

  • Super Library Supervisor training

New Hires:

  • Job application AND a resume from each candidate

  • 90 days probation in Personnel manual; can extend it only if State Library

  • Sort applications into two piles: NO and Interview

  • NO – red flags: comments, sloppy, misspellings, breaks

  • Phone Interview: weed out ones that look good on paper

  • Interviews: only need to actually interview 5-6 at most

High expectations of good employees should be spelled out:

  • Detailed job description

  • Goals for coming year

  • Regular / Virtualstaff meetings

  • Coaching sessions

  • Daily E-mail / BLOGS

High expectations of good directors:

  • Be a role model – “walk the walk”

  • No favorites – treat all the same

  • Be consistent

  • Be aware of cultural differences

  • Reasonable accommodation of a disability



Things to check:

  • Did you provide an orientation for them?

  • Do they know what their job entails, i.e. do they have a job description, list of duties?

  • Do they need training / retraining (see Free or Inexpensive Training) Document retraining!

  • Do they have the tools they need, i.e. space, supplies, computers, time, quiet environment?

Costs to keep them: (Cavaiola, p.12)

  • Higher rates of absenteeism

  • Undermining loyal employees’ commitment to the organization

  • Creating a sense of malaise / depression

  • High turnover / retraining costs

  • Higher levels of stress with related accidents

  • Resistance to new management directives – they will undermine you with a passive/aggressive campaign

  • Legal fees, litigation, including high settlement fees


  • The Personnel Manual

  • Coaching / Counseling sessions

  • Evaluations

  • annual and interim (quarterly, weekly), if needed

  • Progressive Discipline

  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) with consequences (demotion or termination)


  • Use a progressive discipline plan

  • Document, document, document – and do it to everyone that is misbehaving

  • Treat everyone the same

  • Cross-train, reschedule everyone. It will get them out of their comfort zone and away from their enablers. Also it will add depth to your organization.

  • Keep ’embusy and out of trouble!!




Conflict Resolution

Customer Service


Job Knowledge


Problem Solving


Team Work

Supervisors - add:

Cost Conscious/ Budgeting



Managing People

Planning and Organization

Dealing with FMLA, NJFLA

  • Stay within the law, use your HR person

  • Use a labor attorney if things get rough

  • Document everything, all the time

  • Have the right forms & require them to be filled out correctly and completely

  • Excessive absences vs. Sick leave abuse

  • Have the right leave policies – require earned leave the be used up before going to unpaid

  • Prevent "Stacking" of Leave

Free or Inexpensive Training:


  • The NJ State

  • The New Jersey Library Association

  • Web Junction - Learning Center click on the Find Training tab

  • Statewide Super Supervisor classes, levels I, II, and III


  • Bramson, Robert. Coping with difficult people. Garden City, NY: Anchor Press, 1981.

  • Cavaiola, Alan A., and Lavender, Neil J. Toxic coworkers: how to deal with dysfunctional people on the job. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2000.

  • Dobson, Michael, and Dobson, Deborah Singer. Coping with supervisory nightmares: 12 common nightmares of leadership and what you can do about them. Mission, KS: SkillPath Publications, 1997.

  • Documentation and discipline handouts, shared courtesy of Kathleen Carr, Human Resources, Ocean County Library from Super Supervisor Course

  • Software from KnowledgePoint: Performance Now, and Descriptions Now, available from They take purchase orders

  • Google “sample library job descriptions.” Maine St. Lib. has some good ones:



  • Marian R. Bauman 732-775-8241 x 1-301 [email protected]

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