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101 學測單字

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101 學測單字 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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101 學測單字. 1. The ending of the movie did not come as a _____ to John because he had already read the novel that the movie was based on . vision (B) focus (C) surprise (D) conclusion  ( C ) 那部電影的結局並沒有讓約翰覺得驚訝,因為他已經看過原著小說了。 (A) 視力;遠見 (B) 焦點 (C) 驚訝 (D) 結論.

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1.The ending of the movie did not come as a _____ to John because he had already read the novel that the movie was based on.

  • vision (B) focus (C) surprise(D) conclusion

 ( C )


(A) 視力;遠見 (B) 焦點 (C) 驚訝 (D) 結論


2.In order to stay healthy and fit, John exercises _____. He works out twice a week in a gym.

(A) regularly(B) directly (C) hardly (D) gradually

  ( A )


(A) 經常地 (B) 直接地 (C) 幾乎沒有 (D) 逐漸地


3. Traveling is a good way for us to _____ different cultures and broaden our horizons.

(A) assume(B) explore (C) occupy (D) inspire

( B )


(A) 假設 (B) 探索;探險 (C) 佔據 (D) 啟發


4. The story about Hou-I shooting down nine suns is a well-known Chinese _____, but it may not be a true historical event.

(A) figure (B) rumor (C) miracle (D) legend

  • ( D )


(A) 人物;數字 (B) 謠言 (C) 奇蹟 (D) 傳說,傳奇故事


5. According to recent research, children under the age of 12 are generally not _____ enough to recognize risk and deal with dangerous situations.

(A) diligent (B) mature (C) familiar (D) sincere

  • ( B )


(A) 勤勞的 (B) 成熟的 (C) 熟悉的 (D) 誠懇的


6. Helen let out a sigh of ______ after hearing that her brother was not injured in the accident.

(A) hesitation(B) relief (C) sorrow (D) triumph

  • ( B )


(A) 猶豫 (B) 寬慰 (C) 悲傷 (D) 勝利


7. Research suggests that people with outgoing personalities tend to be more _____, often expecting that good things will happen.

(A) efficient(B) practical(C) changeable(D) optimistic

  • ( D )


(A) 有效率的 (B) 實際的 (C) 多變的 (D) 樂觀的


8. No one could beat Paul at running. He has won the running championship _____ for three years.

(A) rapidly (B) urgently(C) continuously(D) temporarily

  • ( C )


(A) 快速地 (B) 緊急地 (C) 連續地 (D) 暫時地


9. If you fly from Taipei to Tokyo, you’ll be taking an international, rather than a _____ flight.

(A) liberal (B) domestic(C) connected (D)universal

  • ( B )


(A) 慷慨的;自由的 (B) 內部的;家庭的 (C) 連貫的 (D) 普遍的


10. Jack is very proud of his fancy new motorcycle. He has been _____ to all his friends about how cool it looks and how fast it runs.

(A) boasting(B) proposing (C) gossiping(D) confessing

  • ( A )


(A) 自誇 (B) 提議 (C)聊閒話 (D) 招認,坦承


11.The ideas about family have changed _____ in the past twenty years. For example, my grandfather was one of ten children in his family, but I am the only child.

(A) mutually (B) narrowly (C) considerably (D) scarcely

  • ( C )


(A) 互相地 (B) 狹窄地 (C) 相當地,頗 (D) 幾乎沒有


12.The chairperson of the meeting asked everyone to speak upinstead of _____ their opinions among themselves.

(A) reciting (B) giggling (C) murmuring (D) whistling

  • ( C )


(A) 背誦 (B) 吃吃地笑 (C) 喃喃細語 (D) 吹口哨


13.Although Mr. Chen is rich, he is a very _____ person and is never willing to spend any money to help those who are in need.

(A) absolute(B) precise(C) economic (D) stingy

  • ( D )


(A) 絕對的 (B) 精確的 (C) 經濟的 (D) 小氣的


14.If you want to know what your dreams mean, now there are websites you can visit to help you _____ them.

(A) overcome (B) interpret (C) transfer (D) revise

  • ( B )


(A) 克服 (B) 解釋,說明 (C) 遷移;轉移 (D) 修改,校訂


15.The memory _____ of the new computer has been increased so that more information can be stored.

(A) capacity(B) occupation (C) attachment (D) machinery

  • ( A )


(A) 容量 (B) 職業 (C) 附件 (D) 機械


Kizhi is an island on Lake Onega in Karelia, Russia, with a beautiful collection of wooden churches and houses. It is one of the most popular tourist __16__ in Russia and a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. The island is about 7 km long and 0.5 km wide. It is surrounded2 by about 5,000 other islands, some of __17__ are just rocks sticking out of the ground.

16. (A) affairs(B) fashions(C) industries(D) attractions

  • ( D )(A) 事務(B) 時尚(C) 產業(D) 吸引人的事物

17. (A) them (B) that (C) those (D) which

  • ( D ) which 的先行詞為前句的 5,000 other islands

The entire island of Kizhi is, __18__, an outdoor museum of wooden architecture created in 1966. It contains many historically significant and beautiful wooden structures, __19__ windmills, boathouses, chapels, fish houses, and homes. The jewel of the architecture is the 22-domedTransfiguration Church, built in the early 1700s. It is about 37m tall, __20__ it one of the tallest log structures in the world. The church was built with pine trees brought from the mainland, which was quite common for the 18th century.

18. (A) in fact(B) once again(C) as usual(D) for instance

  • ( A ) 

19. (A) except(B) besides (C) including (D) regarding

  • ( C ) 
  • 20. (A) make (B) making (C) made (D) to make
  • ( B )

1. heritage n.遺產 2. surround v.圍繞,環繞…… 3. windmill n.風車,風車小屋

4. chapel n.禮拜堂,小教堂 5. jewel n.珍貴的東西,難能可貴的人 6. -domed adj.有圓屋頂的 7. log adj.以圓木做的






There was once a time when all human beings were gods. However, they often took their divinity1 for granted2 and __21__ abused3 it. Seeing this, Brahma, the chief god, decided to take their divinity away from them and hide it __22__ it could never be found.

21. (A) yet (B) even (C) never (D) rather

( B )

22. (A) though (B) because (C) where (D) when

( C )


Brahma called a council of the gods to help him decide on a place to hide the divinity. The gods suggested that they hide it __23__ in the earth or take it to the top of the highest mountain. But Brahma thought __24__ would do because he believed humans would dig into the earth and climb every mountain, and eventually4 find it. So, the gods gave up.

23. (A) close (B) apart (C) deep (D) hard

( C )

24. (A) each (B) more (C) any (D) neither

(D )


Brahma thought for a long time and finally decided to hide their divinity in the center of their own being, for humans would never think to __25__ it there. Since that time humans have been going up and down the earth, digging, climbing, and exploring—searching for something already within themselves.

25. (A) look for (B) get over (C) do without (D) bump into

( A )

(A) 尋找 (B) 克服 (C) 將就 (D) 意外碰到


1. divinity n.神力,神威 2. take …for granted 視……為理所當然之事物

3. abuse v.濫用,妄用 4. eventually adv.最後,終於



  • 梵天召集眾神協議,幫他決定藏匿神力的地方。眾神建議將它埋藏在地底深處,或放在最高的山頂,但梵天認為兩者都不適合,因為他相信人類會挖遍所有土地,爬上每一座山,終將找回神力。於是眾神放棄了這個念頭。



In the fall of 1973, in an effort to bring attention to the conflict between Egypt and Israel, World Hello Day was born. The objective is to promote peace all over the world, and to __26__ barriersbetween every nationality. Since then, World Hello Day—November 21st of every year—__27__ observed by people in 180 countries.

26. (A) skip over (B) come across (C) look into (D) break down

( D ) (A) 掠過 (B) 越過 (C) 調查 (D) 打破

27. (A) is (B) has been (C) was (D) had been

( B )


Taking part couldn’t be __28__. All one has to do is say hello to 10 people on the day. However, in response to the __29__ of this event, the concepts of fostering peace and harmony do not have to be confined to one day a year. We can __30__ the spirit going by communicating often and consciously. It is a simple act that anyone can do and it reminds us that communication is more effective than conflict.

28. (A) quicker (B) sooner (C) easier (D) better

( C )

29. (A) aim (B) tone (C) key (D) peak

( A ) (A) 目的 (B) 語調 (C) 關鍵 (D) 高峰

 30. (A) push (B) keep (C) bring (D) make

( B )


1. objective n.目標,目的 2. barrier n.障礙,隔閡 3. nationality n.國籍

  • 4. observe v.遵守,奉行 5. foster v.培養,促進 6. conflict n.衝突


  • 要參與這個節日再簡單不過了。只須在這天向十個人問候即可。然而,為了響應這個活動的宗旨,促進和平與和諧的概念並非只限於每年的這一天。我們可以透過經常刻意去溝通,讓這個精神持續下去。這個簡單的動作每個人都做得到,也提醒我們溝通比衝突更有效。


Generally there are two ways to name typhoons: the number-based convention and the list-based convention. Following the number-based convention, typhoons are coded with __31__ types of numbers such as a 4-digit or a 6-digit code. For example, the 14th typhoon in 2003 can be labeled either as Typhoon 0314 or Typhoon 200314. The __32__ of this convention, however, is that a number is hard to remember. The list-based convention, on the other hand, is based on the list of typhoon names compiled in advance by a committee, and is more widely used.


At the very beginning, only __33__ names were used because at that time typhoons were named after girlfriends or wives of the experts on the committee. In 1979, however, male names were also included because women protested against the original naming __34__ for reasons of gender equality.


In Asia, Western names were used until 2000 when the committee decided to use Asian names to __35__ Asians’ awareness of typhoons. The names were chosen from a name pool7__36__ of 140 names, 10 each from the 14 members of the committee. Each country has its unique naming preferences. Korea and Japan __37__ animal names and China likes names of gods such as Longwang (dragon king) and Fengshen (god of the wind).


After the 140 names are all used in order, they will be __38__. But the names can be changed. If a member country suffers great damage from a certain typhoon, it can __39__ that the name of the typhoon be deleted from the list at the annual committee meeting. For example, the names of Nabi by South Korea, and Longwang by China were __40__ with other names in 2007. The deletion of both names was due to the severe damage caused by the typhoons bearing the names.


(A) request (B) favor (C) disadvantage (D) composed (E) recycled (F) practice (G) replaced (H) raise (I) various (J) female


1. convention n.慣例;習俗:常規 2. code v.為……編號,編碼╱n.代碼 3. -digit adj.……個數字 4. label v.把……稱為,把……列為 5. compile v.收集(資料等) 6. gender equality 性別平等,兩性平等 7. name pool 姓名資料庫 8. preference n.喜歡,偏好

9. bear v.擁有(稱號,名聲等)





  • 在亞洲,西洋名字一直使用到二○○○年才由委員會決定改成用亞洲名字以提升亞洲人對颱風的意識。這些名字是從一份由140個名字組成的總表中選出的,這140個名字由14位委員每人提供10個。每一個國家都有獨特的命名偏好。韓國和日本偏愛動物的名字,而中國喜歡神祉的名字,像是「龍王」(海龍王)和「風神」。



( I )31. 從 such as 後面的敘述這些數字可分為四位數及六位數,所以是「不同的」數字類型,故答案為 (I) various 各式各樣的。

( C )32. 根據句構,空格應為名詞,並且與 that 子句所講述的是同一件事。「that a number is hard to remember」(數字不好記)是一種缺點,所以選擇 (C) disadvantage缺點。

( J )33. 這題要從整段的含意來看,男性的名字是後來遭抗議才加進來,表示一開始只使用女性的名字,因此答案為 (J) female 女性的。


( F ) 34. naming 是現在分詞當形容詞,original 也是形容詞,所以空格填名詞,根據句意選擇 (F) practice 慣例。

( H ) 35. 不定詞 to 後面接動詞。「raise … awareness of …」(提升……對……的意識),故答案選 (H) raise 提升,增加。

( D ) 36.「be composed of」(由……組成)。原句可寫為 … a name pool which is composed of 140 names …,將關係子句簡化為分詞片語,修飾 a name pool。所以答案為 (D) composed。


( B ) 37. 因為前一句說到每一個國家都有自己的命名偏好,所以就舉日本、韓國、中國為例,為呼應前面的 preference,所以選 (B) favor 偏愛。

( E ) 38. 這題要從後一句「But the names can be changed」來判斷。But 引導的句子表示與前句相反的狀況,既然後一句說「可以更改」,可推斷前一句是「不會更改」,因此在140個名字都用過一遍後應該是會再利用,所以最好的答案為 (E) recycled。


( A ) 39. 助動詞 can 後面接原形動詞,根據句意,如果有國家想將某個颱風名字改掉,必須在委員會議上提出要求,故答案為 (A) request 要求。

( G ) 40.「be replaced with …」(以……替換),這句是舉兩個例子來呼應前面提到的 the names can be changed,所以答案為 (G) replaced。



The kilt is a skirt traditionally worn by Scottish men. It is a tailored garment that is wrapped around the wearer’s body at the waist starting from one side, around the front and back and across the front again to the opposite side. The overlapping layers in front are called “aprons.” Usually, the kilt covers the body from the waist down to just above the knees. A properly made kilt should not be so loose that the wearer can easily twist the kilt around the body, nor should it be so tight that it causes bulging of the fabric where it is buckled. Underwear may be worn as one prefers.


One of the most distinctive features of the kilt is the pattern of squares, or sett, it exhibits. The association of particular patterns with individual families can be traced back hundreds of years. Then in the Victorian era (19th century), weaving companies began to systematically record and formalize the system of setts for commercial purposes. Today there are also setts for States and Provinces, schools and universities, and general patterns that anybody can wear.


The kilt can be worn with accessories. On the front apron, there is often a kilt pin, topped with a small decorative family symbol. A small knife can be worn with the kilt too. It typically comes in a very wide variety, from fairly plain to quite elaborate silver- and jewel-ornamented designs. The kilt can also be worn with a sporran, which is the Gaelic word for pouch or purse.


1. kiltn.蘇格蘭裙 2. tailor v.量身訂做 3. garment n.衣服 4. wrap v.把(人、物)包,裹(在……裏) 5. overlap v.重疊 6. loose adj.鬆垮的 7. twist v.扭曲 8. bulgingn.突出,鼓起 9. buckle v.用扣環扣住 10. formalize v.安排;使正式化 11. accessory n.配件,附件 12. elaborate adj.精心製作的 13. ornament v.裝飾 14. sporrann.毛布袋 15. Gaelic adj.賽爾特人的,賽爾特語的 16. pouch n.小袋








41. What’s the proper way of wearing the kilt?

  • (A) It should be worn with underwear underneath it.
  • (B) It should loosely fit on the body to be turned around.
  • (C) It should be long enough to cover the wearer’s knees.
  • (D) It should be wrapped across the front of the body two times.

( D )



  • (A) 穿著時應該要在底下穿上內褲。
  • (B) 穿在身上時應該是鬆鬆垮垮,可以圍著身體繞來繞去的。
  • (C) 長度應該要足以蓋住穿者的膝蓋。
  • (D) 應該要圍過前身兩次。

 42. Which of the following is a correct description about setts?

  • (A) They were once symbols for different Scottish families.
  • (B) They were established by the government for business purposes.
  • (C) They represented different States and Provinces in the 19th century.
  • (D) They used to come in one general pattern for all individuals and institutions.

( A )



  • (A) 它們曾經是代表不同蘇格蘭家族的象徵
  • (B) 它們是政府為了商業目的所建立的。
  • (C) 它們代表十九世紀不同的國家與省分。
  • (D) 它們以前只有一種普遍的圖案,不論什麼人跟機構都一樣。

43. Which of the following items is NOT typically worn with the kilt for decoration?

(A) A pin. (B) A purse.(C) A ruby apron.(D) A silver knife.

( C )


(A) 別針。(B) 錢包。(C) 紅寶石圍裙。(D) 銀製小刀。


44. What is the purpose of this passage?

  • To introduce a Scottish garment.
  • To advertise a weaving pattern.

(C) To persuade men to wear kilts.

(D) To compare a skirt with a kilt.

( A )



  • 介紹一種蘇格蘭的服裝。
  • 宣傳一種編織的圖案。

(C) 說服男性穿著蘇格蘭裙。

(D) 比較裙子與蘇格蘭裙。


Wesla Whitfield, a famous jazz singer, has a unique style and life story, so I decided to see one of her performances and interview1 her for my column.

  • I went to a nightclub in New York and watched the stage lights go up. After the band played an introduction,3 Wesla Whitfield wheeled4 herself onstage in a wheelchair. As she sang, Whitfield’s voice was so powerful and soulful5 that everyone in the room forgot the wheelchair was even there.

At 57, Whitfield is small and pretty, witty and humble, persistent and philosophical. Raised in California, Whitfield began performing in public at age 18, when she took a job as a singing waitress at a pizza parlor. After studying classical music in college, she moved to San Francisco and went on to sing with the San Francisco Opera Chorus.


Walking home from rehearsal at age 29, she was caught in the midst of a random shooting that left her paralyzed from the waist down. I asked how she dealt with the realization that she’d never walk again, and she confessed13 that initially she didn’t want to face it. After a year of depression she tried to kill herself. She was then admitted to a hospital for treatment, where she was able to recover.


Whitfield said she came to understand that the only thing she had lost in this misfortunate event was the ability to walk. She still possessed her most valuable asset—her mind. Pointing to her head, she said, “Everything important is in here. The only real disability in life is losing your mind.” When I asked if she was angry about what she had lost, she admitted to being frustrated occasionally, “especially when everybody’s dancing, because I love to dance. But when that happens I just remove myself so I can focus instead on what I can do.”


1. interview v.採訪,面試 2. column n.專欄 3. introduction n.前奏;介紹

  • 4. wheel v.推著(有輪子的東西) 5. soulful adj.充滿感情的
  • 6. witty adj.饒富機智的,詼諧的 7. humble adj.謙虛的 8. persistent adj.堅毅的
  • 9. philosophical adj.達觀的 10. rehearsal n.排演 11. random adj.隨機的
  • 12. paralyze v. 使……癱瘓 13. confess v.坦承 14. misfortunate adj.不幸的
  • 15. possess v.擁有 16. asset n.資產 17. disability n. 殘疾,失能


  • 我去到紐約的一家酒吧,看見舞台燈光亮起來。在樂團演奏暖場音樂之後,薇絲拉惠特菲爾就自己推著所坐的輪椅上台了。當她引吭高歌時,嗓音渾厚而充滿豐富的感情,讓在場的每個人聽得如癡如醉,甚至都忘了有台輪椅在那裡。


  • 二十九歲那年有一次在從排練回家的路上,因為碰到一場亂槍掃射,使她從此腰部以下癱瘓。我問她,當她發現自己永遠再也無法走路,她是如何接受這個事實的。她承認,剛開始她根本不想面對那一切。過了一年渾渾噩噩的的日子後,她企圖自殺,然後被送到醫院接受治療,在那裡她才走上復原之路。



 45. In which of the following places has Wesla Whitfield worked?

  • A college.(B) A hospital. (C) A pizza parlor.(D) A news agency.

( C )


  • 大學。 (B) 醫院。 (C) 披薩店。(D) 新聞社。

46. What does “when that happens” mean in the last paragraph?

  • (A) When Wesla is losing her mind.
  • (B) When Wesla is singing on the stage.
  • (C) When Wesla is going out in her wheelchair.
  • (D) When Wesla is watching other people dancing.

( D )


最後一段的「當那種情況發生時」(when that happens)意指什麼?

  • 當薇絲拉神智失常。(B) 當薇絲拉在台上唱歌。(C) 當薇絲拉坐著輪椅出來時。(D) 當薇絲拉看到別人在跳舞時。



47. Which of the following statements is true about Wesla Whitfield’s physical disability?

(A) It was caused by a traffic accident.

(B) It made her sad and depressed at first.

(C) It seriously affected her singing career.

(D) It happened when she was a college student.

(B )


(A) 是由交通意外事故造成。(B) 一開始讓她傷心又沮喪。(C) 嚴重影響到她的唱歌事業。(D) 當她還在念大學時候發生的。


48. What advice would Wesla most likely give other disabled people?

  • (A) Ignore what you have lost and make the best use of what you have.
  • (B) Be modest and hard-working to earn respect from other people.
  • (C) Acquire a skill so that you can still be successful and famous.
  • (D) Try to sing whenever you feel upset and depressed.
  • ( A )


(A) 忽略你所失去的東西,盡可能發揮你所擁有的東西。

(B) 謙虛、努力,贏得其他人的尊重。

(C) 學會一項技術,好讓你仍然可以功成名就。

(D) 不論何時,當你覺得生氣與沮喪時,試著去唱歌。


1. 近年來,許多臺灣製作的影片已經受到國際的重視。

Many Taiwanese films have received international attention in recent years.

  • 2. 拍攝這些電影的地點也成為熱門的觀光景點。
  • The locations where these films were shot have become hot spots for tourism.


Dear Ken,

I’ve been wondering why you don’t come out much these days, and now your sister has told me the reason. Apparently, you are addicted to computer games and spend all your free time playing them. She says you are even neglecting your schoolwork. As someone who has been in your position before, and also as a good friend, let me give you some advice.


When I was playing too many games, I realized the only way to cut down was to set strict limits on myself. I got my family to help. We set an alarm clock to the time limit. When it rang, one of them would come in and turn my computer off. I also looked for new hobbies, such as riding my bicycle more often, and going out with friends. That’s what you should do, so turn off that game now and come and meet me and the guys. We miss you.

Your friend,