as the s a p rises
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As The S A P Rises

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As The S A P Rises. S trategic A ction P lanning For Chapters. Developed/ Presented by. Dr. Beverly Helms P O Box 728 Bonifay, Fl 32425 Email: [email protected] Phone; 850 547 3220 Contact me if I may be of assistance.

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as the s a p rises

As The S A P Rises

Strategic Action PlanningFor Chapters

developed presented by

Developed/ Presented by

Dr. Beverly Helms

P O Box 728

Bonifay, Fl 32425

Email: [email protected]

Phone; 850 547 3220

Contact me if I may be of assistance.

strategic action planning the delta kappa gamma society international
STRATEGIC ACTION PLANNINGThe Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

Alan Lakein

as the sap rises


Sap is sometimes called the blood of a tree because it circulates inside, carrying nutrients and water throughout the tree. A tree would die if sap didn’t circulate inside it. Tree sap also has a great deal of potential for future uses.

Strategic Action Planning (SAP) is critical to the life of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

ralph waldo emerson

As the gardener, by severe pruning, forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs, so should you stop off your miscellaneous activity and concentrate your force on one or a few points.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

thomas hardy

Our consciousness rarely registers the beginning of a growth within us any more than without us; there have been many circulation of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud.

Thomas Hardy

why plan

To Keep The End in Sight.

To Live/Move Intentionally.

To Act With Purpose.

To be Proactive, Not Reactive.

To Design Your Future

what is the process for planning
What is the Process for Planning?

Developing A Plan

is laying out the sequence

of events/activities

that have to occur

for you to achieve your goal(s).


Laying out a path

to help you get from where you are

to where you want to be.


(where we are)

We have 25% of our members in attendance.

(where we want to be)

We want 60% of our members in attendance.

So what can we do to help us get to where we want to be?

What path could we follow to help us get there?

Recognize/Reward/Honor members at meetings?

Involve all members in a project?

Assign each member a responsibility?

Assign seasoned members to mentor others?

Develop an accountability model for chapter?

(phone, email, visit, write)

it s your chapter s future
It’s Your Chapter’s Future

You can’t leave it to chance.

what can chapters do
What Can Chapters Do?

1. Look at International Strategic Action Plan.

2. Review the State Strategic Action Plan

3. Decide what is most important.

4. Put First Things First. Can’t Do Everything.

A good plan today is better than a

perfect plan tomorrow.

George S. Patton

mu state areas of focus 9
Mu State Areas of Focus (9)


Leadership Development





Organizational Effectiveness

Society Impact on Education

Review/Update of Action Plan

your chapter what are first things

Member Participation

Leadership for Chapter


What One or Two Things Would Make the Most Difference in Your Chapter?

In What Areas Does Your Chapter Need to Focus?

Remember: Keep it Simple to begin with.

Your Chapter. What are First Things?
  • Communications
  • Finance
needs assessment
What are our Areas of Focus/Concern?

Involve Members in Determining Important Areas in Which Your Chapter Needs/Wants to Focus.

Where do we want to be as a chapter in relation to our Area of Focus?

Where are we now in relation to the Area of Focus?

Needs Assessment
Mu State Objective

Increase retention of

members 5% each


They list 5 activities directed toward doing this.

Chapter Objective

If a chapter of 50, is losing 10 members each biennium, that’s 20%.

What % would you like to retain? 85%? 90%?

How can you accomplish this? What can You do?

members attending meetings
Chapter A has 65 members. No more than 25 attend a meeting. (38%)

Chapter B has always had 50% member attendance. It now has 30%.

Does Chapter A or B have a problem?

Would you feel a need to address member attendance if you were in either chapter?


Why Not?

Members attending meetings
initiating new members
Initiating New Members

Chapter C initiates 2 members each year.

Chapter D initiates 5-6 members each year.

Chapter C has difficulty finding two educators to initiate. Sometimes more are recommended but few accept. Is the problem one of attraction of members or of recruitment?

Chapter D loses at least 50% of its initiates within the first three years of membership.Is there a problem? If so, What?

leadership development
Chapter E has Difficulty Getting Members to Assume Leadership Roles.

Last biennium 10 were asked before one accepted the presidency.

Is that a problem or a situation you would like to change if you were in this chapter?

What would you like to see?What would be your goal?What activities might you use to try to meet your goal?

Leadership Development
the chapter sap
The Chapter SAP

YOU (Chapter Members) decide what is important. What may need to be addressed, improved, maintained, deleted.)

Identify your own Areas of Focus. You are not required to copy, follow or adopt the Areas of Focus at International or Mu State.

Correlating to your state objectives may be desirable.


Strategic Action Planning

When you decide on an Area(s) of Focus, you must

Identify where you want to be (future – your objective(s)

in relation to

where you are – (status – present).

Then decide how you can best get there (activities).

review update chapter sap
Everybody’s business often becomes nobody’s business.

Assign Responsibility for Strategic Action Planning.

The Plan is not the critical thing; the Planning Process is the Key.

Involve Members in Reviewing and Updating the Objectives as well as the Activities.

Once an objective is accomplished, celebrate and focus on another area, but maintain your success.

Review/Update Chapter SAP

Strategic Action Planning is not studying the stars or copying other chapters.

Strategic Action Planning is looking at your own chapter through a microscope. What are you doing well? What do you need to work on? Where do you see your chapter in 10-20 years? How can you get there?

resources available

Resources Available

2. Mu State SAP on state website. Go to international website and access it, or go directly to state website at

1. International SAP on website at

3. Contact your Mu State chair of Strategic Planning, Barbara Van Diepen or

4. The International Chair for the International Administrative Board’s Strategic Planning, Dr. Beverly Helms.