Stress health and wellness
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Stress, Health, and Wellness PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stress, Health, and Wellness. COL 103 Chapter 14 Professor Jackie Kroening 864-646-1430 864-646-1425 (PSY office) Living with Stress. Cataclysmic events Sudden, powerful events that occur quickly and affect many people simultaneously Personal stressors

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Stress, Health, and Wellness

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Stress, Health, and Wellness

COL 103

Chapter 14

Professor Jackie Kroening


864-646-1425 (PSY office)

Living with Stress

  • Cataclysmic events

    • Sudden, powerful events that occur quickly and affect many people simultaneously

  • Personal stressors

    • Major life events that produce stress

  • Daily hassles

    • Minor irritants of life that , by themselves, produce little stress, but which can add up and produce more stress than a single larger-scale event

  • Virtually any event, good or bad, can cause STRESS if it presents you with a challenge.

Stressed Out

  • Anxious

  • Upset

  • Fearful

  • Body effects

    • Faster heart rate

    • Breathing becomes rapid and shallow

    • Produces more sweat

  • Long term effects are:

    • Ware down the immune system

      • Common cold

      • Headaches

      • Strokes

      • Heart disease

Stressed Out

Class exercise:

Ch. 10 Try it! #1 Page 368

15 Min.


Readying Yourself Physically


Identifying what is causing you stress


Developing Effective coping strategies


Are your stress strategies effective


Place stress in perspective

Handling Stress

Prepare: Readying Yourself Physically

  • Primary way to prepare for stress is good physical condition

  • Good vigorous exercise program

  • Vigorous exercise results in our bodies producing a natural coping response to stress through the production of endorphins in our brains, as well as contributing to our general physical health

  • Drink healthy – stay away from:

    • Coffee

    • Soda

    • chocolate

  • Eat Healthy foods

Organize: Identifying What is Causing You Stress

  • Must identify stressors in order to design a coping strategy and activity

    Class Activity 15 min:

  • Write down the stressors that are in your life right now

  • Prioritize your stressors from most stress to least stress

Work: Developing Effective Coping Strategies

  • Take charge of the situation

  • Don’t waste energy trying to change the unchangeable

  • Look for the silver lining

  • Talk to your friends. Social Support

  • Relax

    • Meditation

      • Meditation exercise

    • Progressive relaxation

  • Remember that wimping out doesn’t work, Keep your commitments

Evaluate: Is Strategies Working Effectively

  • Experience of stress depends on how you interpret circumstances

  • Effectiveness depends on who you are

  • If one coping strategy doesn’t work try another

  • Don’t become paralyzed

Rethink: Placing stress in Perspective

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Put circumstances into proper perspective

  • Make peace with stress

    • Some stress is a good thing, it activates you to take action

Keeping Well Eating Right

  • Eat a variety of “whole” foods

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables

    • Grains

  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar and salt

  • Seek a diet low in fat and cholesterol

  • Remember: less is more (moderation is key)

  • Schedule three regular meals a day

  • Be aware of hidden contents of various foods

  • Beware of eating disorders

  • Bulimia is the eating disorder in which individuals binge on large quantities of food and later vomit or take laxatives to get rid of it

  • Keeping Well Make Exercise Part of Your Life

    • Choose a type of exercise that you like

    • Incorporate exercise into your life (take stairs instead of elevator)

    • Make exercise a group activity

    • Very your routine

    Keeping Well Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

    • Exercise more

    • Have a regular bedtime

    • Use bed for sleeping and not as an all-purpose area

    • Avoid caffeine after lunch (can last 8 to 12 Hr’s)

    • Drink a glass of milk at bedtime

    • Avoid sleeping pills

    • Don’t try to force sleep on yourself

    Keeping Well Drug Abuse (Alcohol)

    • Alcoholics – Individuals with serious alcohol-abuse problems who become dependent on alcohol and continue to drink despite serious consequences

    • Binge drinking – Having at least four or five drinks in a single sitting

    • Heavy drinking damages liver and digestive system and effect brain cells

    Keeping Well Drug Abuse (Nicotine)

    • Remain smoke-free one day at a time

    • Visualize the consequences of smoking

    • Exercise

    • Use nicotine patches or nicotine gum

    • Avoid people when they are smoking

    • Enlist the social support of family and friends

    • Reward yourself

    • Join a quit-smoking program

    • Keep trying

    Keeping Well Drug Abuse (Illegal Drugs)

    Addiction Warning Signs

    • Feeling you need to be high to have a good time

    • Being high more often than not

    • Getting high to “get yourself going”

    • Going to class or work high

    • Being unprepared for class because you were high

    • Feeling regret over something you did while you were high

    • Driving while high

    • Having a legal problem due to being high

    • Behaving, while high, in a way you wouldn’t otherwise

    • Being high in nonsocial, solitary situations

    • Thinking about drugs much of the time

    • Avoiding family while using liquor

    • Hiding drug use from others

    Keeping Well Drug Abuse (getting help)

    • College health services, counseling center

    • Drug treatment centers

    • Government hotlines

    Sexual HealthPreventing Unwanted Pregnancy

    • Abstinence - The only totally effective means of preventing pregnancy

    • Birth control pills

    • Implants

    • IUD

    • Diaphragms

    • Condoms

    • Contraceptive sponge

    • Sterilization

    • Withdrawal and douching is ineffective

    Sexual HealthAvoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    • Know your sexual partner – well

    • Prevent the exchange of bodily fluids during all sex activity

    • Be faithful to a single partner

    Sexual HealthDate Rape

    • Date rape often occurs because of the common — but untrue — belief that when women offer resistance to sex, they don’t really mean it

    • Reduce rape by:

      • Set limits – women have the right to set firm limits, and these should be communicated clearly, firmly, and early on

      • No means no – When a partner says no, it means no – nothing else

      • Be assertive – never accept being pressured into an activity in which you don’t want to engage

      • Communicate – women and men should talk about their views on sexual behavior and what it is and is not permissible

      • Keep in mind that alcohol and drugs cloud judgment

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