Instruction in the reading workshop
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Instruction in the Reading Workshop PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instruction in the Reading Workshop. Session 2 9:45 – 11:15. Angela Maiers. shares a bit of warm-up time, follows with the mini-lesson, then picks up some of the discussion with teachers after the lesson.

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Instruction in the Reading Workshop

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Instruction in the Reading Workshop

Session 2

9:45 – 11:15

Angela Maiers

shares a bit of warm-up time, follows with the mini-lesson, then picks up some of the discussion with teachers after the lesson.

The Teacher’s Job in Reading Workshop


  • 10-15 minutes max

  • Have an intention for the read-aloud and lesson

Work Time

  • Record keeping

  • Deciding on next teaching point

  • Excite children about reading


  • Make time for sharing every day

The Student’s Job in Reading Workshop


  • Follow the minilesson

Work Time

  • Confer with teacher or other students

  • Record keeping

  • Read with a partner or independently

  • Practice and apply taught strategy


  • Be ready to share

What is a Mini-lesson?

Turn and Talk

Gives the student a purpose for reading

Guided Highlighting

Journal Response



Model a lesson and use journal response

Give each group a bookmark, have them develop a lesson

Share out

Pass out all bookmarks


Use with a paperclip or post it flag

Some Ideas for Workshop Time

  • Book Boxes

  • Unwrap a book box a week

  • Journal Responses – turn in 2/week for grading using a student developed rubric

  • Expose them to complex text, they need to be able to read exemplars by the end of the year.

  • State of the class documents

  • Designated workshop spaces

  • No Walk, no talk during first 5 minutes

Lion vs. Tiger…Who Would Win?

Before reading - in your head – who do you think will win?

Read 1st 2 pages – is there anything about their fur that give an advantage to one animal or the other?

Continue this with each page that has info for above categories.

Ask students to state an opinion about who would win. Then read last two pages to find out.

This can be turned into a writing, after verbal practice has been done often.







Hunting Skill





Sample Cloze Activity

Read the following passage and fill in the blanks so that the passage makes sense.

As American colonists got word of the battles in Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill, they faced a major decision. Should they join the ________ or remain loyal to _______? Those who chose to ______ with Britain, the Loyalists, ______ not consider unfair taxes _______ regulations good reason for ______. Some remained faithful to ______ king because they were ______ who would lose their ______ as a result of ______ Revolution. Others were people ______ had not been part ______ the movement of discontent ______ turned so many Colonists ______ Britain. The Patriots were determined to battle the British to the end – until American Independence was won!




Things we DON’T want to Unintentionally Demonstrate

There is only one right interpretation of a text and only the teacher or “Cliff” knows what that is.

Reading is the ability to stand up on demand and pronounce every word in a text correctly.

Students cannot be trusted to choose appropriate books for independent reading.

What we do after the reading is done is more important than the reading itself.

Teachers ask all the questions, students answer them.

You read for enjoyment at home, you read what teachers want at school.

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