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Landings obligation eia
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Landings Obligation EIA. John Anderson Senior Economist. New evidence base and analytical output

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Landings Obligation EIA

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Landings obligation eia

Landings Obligation EIA

John Anderson

Senior Economist

Landings obligation eia

  • New evidence base and analytical output

  • Comprehensive Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) of a move from status quo fisheries management measures to various potential scenarios under the new CFP Landings Obligation (LO). The analysis aims to provide:

  • An overall assessment of the likely new equilibrium ‘balance’ situation between fleet capacity, onshore capacity, and the new fishing opportunities available under the LO

  • Sufficient evidence base for input into the formulation of adequate regional (demersal) discard plans that will need to be submitted to COM in mid-2015

  • Identification of key challenges for industry and government

Landings obligation eia

  • Catching sector

  • Economic performance estimates for individual fleet segments under the LO, taking into account potential for quota trading plus the various flexibilities and exemptions

  • Areas of investigation will include:

    • Analysis of ‘choke’ species and affectedfleet segments after ‘uplift’

    • Assessment of the potential for quota trading to avoid choke scenarios

    • De minimis – potential for application at fleet segment level

    • Implications of altering the ordering of application of quota leasing, flexibility and exemption mechanisms

    • Compatibility issues with the UK FQA system:

    • a) Allocation within the UK to DA’s and DA’s to PO’s, U10m and non-sector etc

    • b) Conversion factors for 9% flex(cod equivalents, tonnage, value etc)

    • c) Phased introduction for target vs. non target species for different fleets

Landings obligation eia

  • Onshore sector

  • Onshore IA to take place once LO fishing opportunities established in the fleet IA.

  • Assessment will focus on changes in:

  • Species types (i.e. new diverse species) and volumes (i.e. potential for new markets)

  • Size and quality of fish landed, market prices

  • Timing, continuity and geographical location of landings - ability to meet status quo demand

  • Number, scale, location, structure and viability of onshore businesses

  • Imports and infrastructure

  • Opportunities for market development and identification of key barriers to development

Landings obligation eia

  • Outline of tasks / work packages

  • Task 1: Fleet segmentation and status quo analysis - UNDERWAY

  • Task 2: Choke analysis

  • Task 3: Consult on likely management responses / approach to dealing with choke issues

  • Task 4: Consult on likely responses of vessel owners

  • Task 5: EIA of LO on catching sector - based on outcome of tasks 1-4

  • Task 6: Onshore / processing status quo analysis – UNDERWAY

  • Task 7: Consult on likely routes to market for new volumes and species

  • Task 8: EIA of LO on onshore sector

  • Task 9: Reporting– FEBRUARY 2015

Landings obligation eia

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