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Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches. 2008 CBCJ Class Item By: Kasey Bozeman. Why Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches?. Convenient No Preparation Needed Nutritional Variety Available Inexpensive Fun. Basic Information.

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Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches

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Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches

2008 CBCJ Class Item

By: Kasey Bozeman

Why Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches?

  • Convenient

  • No Preparation Needed

  • Nutritional

  • Variety Available

  • Inexpensive

  • Fun

Basic Information

  • Pre-packaged deli lunches are meals pre-packaged and ready-to-eat for lunch. Usually these foods allow the consumer to “create” his or her own meal with the ingredients in packaging (ex. pizzas, cracker sandwiches, etc.)

  • Things to consider when judging pre-packaged deli lunches:

    • meal choices

    • nutrition

    • optional drink, dessert, etc.

    • cost

Nutrition Vocabulary

  • Calorie - the amount of energy you get from a serving of food

  • Fat - a nutrient that supplies the body with energy; too much fat can lead to health problems

  • Sodium - (salt) a nutrient that occurs in foods naturally in small amounts, but is usually added for flavoring

Pre-Packaged Deli Lunch Nutrition

  • Positives:

    • Most usually contain protein-rich foods like meat and cheese.

    • Often provide half of the meat (2.5 ounces) and dairy products (1.5 ounces) needed per day.

    • Grains are usually also included, often in the form of crackers. Whole grains are better than refined products. Look for whole grains!

Pre-Packaged Deli Lunch Nutrition

  • Negatives:

    • Usually no fruits or vegetables provided.

    • Sometimes candy included for dessert.

    • Occasionally 100% fruit juice is included, but instead it’s usually a “fruit drink” or punch full of sugar. Look for 100% fruit juice, low-fat or fat free milk, or water!

    • Sodium: The DRV for sodium is 2400mg. Most deli pre-packaged lunches have 1000mg. Look for low sodium!

    • Fat: The DRV for fat is 70g. Lots of pre-packaged deli lunches are high in fat. Look for “low fat” or “lean” products. Even if the label claims this, you still need to compare labels!

Variety of Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches

  • There are lots different types of pre-packaged deli lunches.

  • Here’s a long and incomplete list of examples: cracker stackers, pizza, wraps, nachos, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken dunks, chicken shakers, pizza dunks, and tacos. And just think, this doesn’t include the different meats, cheeses, toppings, etc. offered!

  • When you are judging this class, read the scenario carefully to see if it requires a certain type of pre-packaged deli lunch.

Possible Ideas to Consider …

  • Type Requested – crackers, pizza, etc.

  • Items Packaged – does it have a drink or dessert?

  • Nutrition – low in calories, fat, sodium

  • Cost

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