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Final exam review
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Final Exam Review. December, 2005. Locating the Vibrating Line. How to do it?. Properties of Denture Base Materials Which Are Favorable. Durability Fair Processing Accuracy and Dimensional Stability Chemically Stable and a Very Low Incidence of Biologic Sensitivity. Denture Base Resin.

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Final Exam Review

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Final exam review

Final Exam Review

December, 2005

Locating the vibrating line

Locating the Vibrating Line

How to do it?

Final exam review

Properties of Denture Base

Materials Which Are Favorable

  • Durability

  • Fair Processing Accuracy and Dimensional Stability

  • Chemically Stable and a Very Low Incidence of Biologic Sensitivity

Denture base resin

Denture Base Resin

  • Can Absorb Water After Curing

  • Dimensional Stability Does Change Over Time

  • Dentures Should Be Stored In Water

  • 3:1 Powder: Liquid Ratio Results In Shrinkage of 6%

  • Some Shrinkage Occurs AfterMaterial Becomes Solid, Resulting In Residual Stress

Final exam review

Tissue Conditioning Materials

Allow For Considerable Versatility In The Correction and Refinement of the Denture’s Fitting Surface, Both at the Insertion Stage and at Subsequent Appointments

Appointment objectives

Appointment Objectives

  • Know the objectives of the preliminary impressions, border molding and final impressions, records appointment, trial denture appointment, insertion and delivery appointment…………

  • COLD

Let s talk about

Let’s talk about


Final exam review

  • Some Residual Monomer Remains Unconverted in the Denture Base

  • PMMA is the Chemical Name For Acrylic Resin

  • Is a Clear Volatile Liquid

  • Methyl Methacrylate Monomer Shrinks by 21% Volumetrically

  • Chemically Activated Resins Have Residual Monomer of Higher Than 1%. May Create Burning Tissue Symptoms in Sensitive Individuals

Look up this study jonkman van waas and kalk study in 1995

Look up this study:JONKMAN, VAN WAAS, AND KALK STUDY IN 1995

  • Satisfaction with complete immediate dentures and complete immediate overdentures: a 1 year study

Final exam review


  • Could Eat Properly

  • Easily Adapted to Wearing the Denture

  • No Difference in Denture Satisfaction

  • Comfort, Chewing Ability, Esthetics, and General Satisfaction Was Found Among the Three Groups

Dental acrylics have a number of additives that modify working characteristics

Dental Acrylics Have a Number of Additives That Modify Working Characteristics:

  • Plasticizer

  • Pigment

  • Dye

  • Fibers

Immediate dentures

Immediate Dentures

  • The Primary Disadvantage of Immediate Dentures is the Inability to Try In the Anterior Arrangement Before the Surgical Phase

Final exam review

  • Transitional Immediate Dentures Facilitate an Esthetic Transition from the Dentate to the Edentulous Condition, Because the Patient is Spared the Awkward, Completely Edentulous Period. A Spare Denture is Provided in the Event of an Accidental Loss and/or Repair on a Later Date

    as Well.

Final exam review

  • Immediate Denture Patients are Much Easier to Transition to Speech, Mastication is Rarely Compromised and Nutrition can be Maintained

  • Placed at the Same Appointment as the Surgical Extractions

  • Record Bases are Used For the Posterior Try-In Appointment and Also Used for Centric Relation Records

Which situation with anterior teeth indicate an immediate denture approach

Which Situation With Anterior TeethIndicate an Immediate Denture Approach:

  • Teeth Which Have Moderate Proximal Decay

  • Teeth Which Have Periodontal Disease

  • Teeth Which Have Failing Endodontic Treatments

Final exam review

Considerable Evidence Now EndorsesThe Functional Benefits Obtained by Patients Who Wear Implant RetainedOverdentures.These Benefits Are:

  • Improved Denture Stability

  • Expanded Scope for Aesthetic Solutions

  • Enhanced Patient Confidence and Comfort

  • Retardation of Loss of the Residual Bony Ridge Height

Implant failures

Implant Failures

  • Smokers = 2X Rate of Non-Smokers

  • Radiation Therapy has Been Associated With Increased Risk of Implant Failure and Soft Tissue Complications During Healing, Particularly in the Maxilla

Final exam review

  • Patients Who Are Most in Need of Implants Frequently Have Compromised Bone. Ridge Resorption is an Ongoing and Cumulative Process, and the Resultant Residual Bone Quantity Can Compromise Implant Placement

  • Controlled Diabetes mellitus to Date Has Not Demonstrated any Evidence of Increased Risk of Implant Failure

  • Implant Failure Sites Demonstrate a Microorganism Environment Usually Associated With Periodontal Disease

Implants are indicated for

Implants Are Indicated For:


  • Hypophosphatasia

  • Diabetes

  • Read About Other Conditions in Chapter 30

Mini implants

Mini Implants

  • A Serious Complication of Implant Treatment is Parasthesia Caused by Encroachment of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Have Lower Long Term Success Rate When Compared With Conventional Implants Used Under Similar Circumstances

  • When Treating Edentulous Patients With Mini Implants, This Problem is Avoided by Placing the Fixtures Anterior to the Mental Foramen

  • Made of Titanium

Final exam review

  • Less Than 3mm Diameter

  • Used Primarily in the Anterior Mandible to Provide Denture Support and Retention

  • O-Ring is a Mechanical Device Most Commonly Attached a Prosthesis to Mini Implants

  • Mini Implants can Osseo-Integrate

Top ten ways to get an a



  • 2Expensive gifts to the faculty

  • 3Have Dr. Ebrahimian (Ariana’s father) take your final for you

  • 4Review all old exams

  • 5Review this particular presentation on Blackboard

  • 6Review Appointment Objectives: Especially Records Appointment and Trial Denture Appointment

  • 7Review Classifications Handout

  • 8Go to Blackboard: Look up Acrylic Factoids

  • 9Read Immediate Dentures and Implants

  • 10Read Zarb and Bolender: Especially chapters 9 and 30

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