The life of manny pacquiao
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The Life of Manny Pacquiao - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Life of Manny Pacquiao. Shannon Hoffmann. My project was about Manny Pacquiao. I made seven different genres that reflect on him. List Article, Crot, Double Voice Poem, Recipe, Cereal Box, Song, and Biography.

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The Life of Manny Pacquiao

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The Life of Manny Pacquiao

Shannon Hoffmann

  • My project was about Manny Pacquiao.

    • I made seven different genres that reflect on him.

      • List Article, Crot, Double Voice Poem, Recipe, Cereal Box, Song, and Biography.

  • This is about the life of Manny Pacquiao, meaning important events that have occurred in his lifetime.



Song Lyrics

I wanna be the very bestLike no one ever wasTo win is my real testTo beat them is my causeI will travel across the circuitSearching far and wideEach boxing match to understand.The power that's insideOpponent, it’s you and meI know it’s my destinyOpponent, oh, you're going to get creamed.My title I must defendOpponent, all twelve roundsMy courage will pull me throughYou punch me and I'll punch youOpponent, gotta beat 'em allEvery challenge along the wayWith courage I will faceI will train every dayTo claim my rightful placeCome with me, the time is rightThere's no better fightFace to face we'll see who’s wonWorld Championship has come.

Pacquiaomon Theme Song(A Remix Style Based Off Pokémon)


“Pacman” Cookie


  • ½ cup training

  • ½ cup politics

  • 3 cups Filipino

  • 1 cup persistence

  • 2 tbs. awesome

  • 1 cup time

  • Pair of boxing gloves

  • 1 ½ tsp. religion

  • Pinch of humble

  • Dash of understanding (optional)

  • Instructions

  • Preheat competition by announcing the competitors and wait till the bell rings. This will get the crowd to roar. First, take the half cup of training and half cup of politics. Mix by whisking them together to get a smooth even texture, set aside. In a large bowl, bring in and sift the Filipino, persistence, and awesome, making sure that all the ingredients are mixed together properly. Next, carefully add time whisking it with pep talk for about ten minutes while hearing the crowd scream the name Pacquiao (do not worry about the competitor or the crowd just yet or the recipe might become distracted and not self-confident in itself). After time is finished, put the pair of boxing gloves in the mixture, about five minutes, then bring into the arena. Place in the boxing ring and add the religion by praying. Start the match, this will take about twelve rounds or until a knock out occurs. Take out the cookie while adding a pinch of humble on the top. Let it stand in the boxing ring for five to seven minutes and add a dash of understanding (optional).

  • The most valuable thing that I have learned from creating this project is that it is always good to try to understand the instructions (meaning I hope I did this right). Also, that research is a very important thing for understanding a subject.

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