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Interest Groups/Media PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interest Groups/Media. 4/26/2012. Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government

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Interest Groups/Media

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Interest Groups/Media


Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government

    • students will be able to identify and explain the role of  informal institutions and their effect on policy. 

Office Hours and Readings

  • Pages 130-151

  • Office Hours

    • None Today

    • Monday 10-2

The Media and Politics

The Role of the Media

  • It is profit driven

  • Reporting the news

  • Setting the Agenda


  • Key people who control what we watch

  • Help to shape political priorities

  • Driven by profit

What gatekeepers use

  • The authority of the source

  • The Amount of Controversy

  • The importance

Providing us with political information

Where we get Political Information

The Type of Media Matters

  • Television is the most important

  • The internet is the fastest, but has the most bias

We Would Rather Watch Mistakes

  • Bad Sushi

  • People Falling

  • A great collection

  • Rick Perry

Newspapers and Magazines

  • Newspapers

    • Provide more information and Detail

    • Very few cities have multiple papers anymore

  • Magazines- vary in content and quality

The Decline of Old media

Does the media really matter

The Minimal Effects Model

The Minimal Effects Model

  • The Fall Campaign is not that important

  • Most people have made up their mind

Spurious/Minimal effects model

  • We do not seek out political information

  • We have selective/exposure perception

  • We rarely make major changes

Who is influenced the most

  • Those with the least political attention

  • Those without stable party identification

  • Elections can swing if it is close

How the Media Makes things exciting

Horse Race Coverage

Horse Race Coverage

  • What is it?

  • What does it contain

  • Why?

The Latest Polls

The Electoral College Map

The keys to horse race coverage

  • Polling

  • Perception

  • No issues

Component I: Categorizer

  • Sorts the candidates into winners and losers

  • Creates an Image for the candidate

Component II: Expectation Setter

  • Puts odds on the candidates

  • You want to be at the top… duh

  • But it isn't as good as you might think

Component III: Mentioner

  • You want the media to notice you

  • Not all press is good press

  • Mentions mean money and votes

Component IV:Winnowing

  • The Press Winnows (narrows) down the candidates

  • Attention is on Iowa and NH

  • Frontloading is the results

Type of Coverage in 2008 Primary

Horse Race Dominates 2008 General

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