3 Things Deciding On a Loft
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The loft conversion should add a room to your existing house, rather than taking up an entire floor.\nCIRCL provide the rental services for rental property. Please visit for rental services online: http://circlapp.com/\n

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3 Things Deciding On a Loft


Before you decide to go for a loft conversion, it is

always good to consider some primary things. Here

are the three things that should never be overlooked

if you are opting for loft conversion.

Home should be "Healthy" for

the Loft Conversion

• A typical loft conversion can add some

serious weight to your home.

• It is always good to check if your home

will be able to handle the weight


• Your building control officer will

certainly want to know about this.

• It is always a good idea to dig a small

hole to expose the foundations.

Consider the Head Height

• Many times, people find there is

not enough headroom in their

converted loft.

• The loft conversion should add a

room to your existing house,

rather than taking up an entire


• You should also keep in mind that

you will also need to

accommodate a new stairwell.

Party walls and building

regulations should be a top


• You will always need approval

from building regulations for

loft conversion.

• A well considered design will

certainly take the risk out of the


• You should also inform your

neighbors if your house is semi-

detached or terraced.

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