Talking Mats   An effective tool with learning disabled offenders

Talking Mats An effective tool with learning disabled offenders PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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26 May 2012. Talking Mats?. IntroductionSetting the sceneTalking Mats ? what are theyThe Northgate experience to dateCase studiesFuture plansQuestions and discussion. 26 May 2012. We are ???.. Malcolm Cape ? Senior Registered NurseTony McMillan ? Senior Registered NurseJan Mitchell ? Princip

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Talking Mats An effective tool with learning disabled offenders

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1. 27 May 2012 Talking Mats™ An effective tool with learning disabled offenders? Malcolm Cape Tony McMillan Jan Mitchell Forensic Services Northgate Hospital Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Trust

2. 27 May 2012 Talking Mats™ Introduction Setting the scene Talking Mats – what are they The Northgate experience to date Case studies Future plans Questions and discussion

3. 27 May 2012 We are ………. Malcolm Cape – Senior Registered Nurse Tony McMillan – Senior Registered Nurse Jan Mitchell – Principal Speech and Language Therapist Forensic Division Northgate Hospital Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust (Formerly Northgate and Prudhoe NHS Trust)

4. 27 May 2012 Setting the scene Talking Mats occasionally used within wider Trust but seldom in Forensic Division Many Forensic patients experience some degree of difficulty with Literacy Memory Expressive / receptive language skills, Appropriately conveying feelings and emotions Summer 2005 - trained in Talking Mats Remitted to trial usefulness with client group prior to possible roll out.

5. 27 May 2012 Setting the scene The aim of this presentation is twofold: to describe Talking Mats and the outcomes of our clinical trial to discuss in general terms further potential applications and effectiveness with learning disabled offenders

6. 27 May 2012 Talking Mats™ - What are they? Talking Mats™ - a low tech communication framework that uses pictures or symbols to help people express themselves communicate their feelings reflect on a wide variety of topics make choices express their opinions

7. 27 May 2012 Talking Mats™ - development Devised in 1998 by Joan Murphy et al (AAC Research Unit, University of Stirling) Originally used with people who have cerebral palsy Talking Mats™ have been widely researched with different client groups and to date its value has been universally recognised

8. 27 May 2012 Limited Evidence Base (with offenders) “Using Talking Mats™ with Young Offenders” Tracy Robson: RCSLT Bulletin Sept 2005 HM Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland - Review of Central Scotland Police Primary Inspection of 2003: Dated December 2005 Reported re ongoing discussions as to progressing the "Talking Mats" system, to assist in interviewing vulnerable adults.

9. 27 May 2012 Northgate Experience In absence of strong evidence base for this client group - request for wide-scale training deferred Presenters sent to Scotland for training (2 x ˝ days – + homework) Subsequently remitted to trial Talking Mats™ with 6/8 patients and report back findings to management group

10. About the patients ……..

11. 27 May 2012 CASE STUDY 1

14. 27 May 2012 Case study 2

15. 27 May 2012 Moving to bungalow OK with - Visits, hobbies,going out Mixed feelings - Shopping, coping with people Not happy - Going to a busy town, angry neighbours, being near schools /children

16. 27 May 2012 Shopping OK with - Help with mobility, choices, forms of shopping Mixed feelings - People being impatient Not happy – Noise, crowds/queues, people staring, proximity of children, hot and bothered

17. 27 May 2012 Stigma OK with – Hearing aid, vulnerable to attack Mixed feelings – Wheelchair use, wearing helmet Not happy – Alopecia, name calling; rudeness, shouting, staring, pointing

18. 27 May 2012 Children OK with - Boys, children laughing at him or calling names Mixed feelings - Toddlers or families, concerns about hitting or being hit Not happy – Girls of any age, groups of girls, schools/playgrounds, touching children/cuddles, secrets/whispering, possibly getting sexually exited

19. 27 May 2012 Future Plans Long term goal: For Talking Mats™ to become an everyday communication tool available to all professionals

20. 27 May 2012 Future Plans Short term goals: Create a steering group to ascertain how Talking Mats™ will be used and developed Train 32 professionals within forensic services. Identify individual(s), trained in the use of Boardmaker and Talking Mats™, with remit to: Set up and maintain a centralised resource of symbols Assist staff division wide to select and prepare appropriate symbols for use with Talking Mats™

21. 27 May 2012 Envisaged Applications Assist in the Nursing Process when devising and evaluating care planning To enable the user to express thoughts and feelings on any given topic/therapeutic input To empower the user to make everyday choices and aid person centered planning To assist other professionals in completing and validating assessments/offence related treatment

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