solution for increasing student enrollment at devry university
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Solution for Increasing Student Enrollment at DeVry University

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Solution for Increasing Student Enrollment at DeVry University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solution for Increasing Student Enrollment at DeVry University. Functions To provide media rich inter-personal communications tools to help turn potential leads into starts on campus.

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solution functions and the result

To provide media rich inter-personal communications tools to help turn potential leads into starts on campus.

To provide a cost-effective solution to complement traditional high-school recruiting strategies to increase student lead flow.


Additional leads increase the number of applications and results in higher starts at the university. Revenue for DeVry University rises accordingly.

Solution Functions and the Result
now and the future with panasonic solutions


DeVry University uses its regional sales force and admissions office to recruit new students. Advertising in local media as well as open houses on campus bring perspective students to the onsite admissions office. Sales force staff routinely visit local high schools and present workshops to attract interest in the university. Maintaining a healthy lead flow of students, increasing applicants and starts at the university are essential for maintaining profitability.

Current System

At the campus, the admissions office responds to in-person visits, phone calls and other requests for information. Field sales representatives visits local high schools and performs at-home interviews. DeVry’s web site provides information and application forms.

Current Day-to-day

Educational Representatives routinely schedule on- campus workshops at area high schools. These workshops may be a skills assessment survey or other educational information for the students. At the end of the workshop, students fill out comment cards which becomes a “lead.”


Student lead flows are severely depressed. Corporate can fund more advertising campaigns, but itis not clear that the increase in public awareness for the university directly translates to inquiries into the admission office or new leads for the field sales staff to follow-up.

- Future-


Panasonic proposes the web-based Multi-channel Contact Solution for Student Enrollment at DeVry.It is a system that gives perspective students instant multimedia contact to admission or the region sales staff from the internet. This solution is available as a call button on DeVry electronic marketing material or as a link conveniently located on DeVry’s web site for easy access. It may also be prominently displayed as a kiosk at area junior colleges and high schools. The electronic marketing material may also be used to reach students previously not accessible to the RSF.

With a single click of the mouse from the DeVry web page or electronic marketing material, the candidate with questions is able to have a voice and video call with DeVry. During this calls, documents and applications may be shared between the candidate and a DeVry representative.

Result: DeVry extends marketing reach and generates new leads. Higher percentage of leads turn into starts as students interact more frequently with RSF/admissions over the Internet.

Now and the future with Panasonic solutions
return on investment considerations
ROI considerations

~ 4% of new leads = new starts

Assumption: solution generates 10 new leads/day ~ 2000 leads/yr = 80 new starts

new start ~ $13,500 per yr tuition

Solution adds $1.08 M/yr to corporate revenue

Operating margin for DeVry ~ 18%

Solution adds 200K to annual net income

Cost of ownership for solution for 1st year = $148K

Break even in 9 months; 33% ROI in first year

Return on Investment Considerations
system description and price

Multi-channel Student Enrollment Contact System


Web based access to instant voice, video communication with admissions office.

Web based Instant Messaging, Application sharing, and Whiteboard for document sharing and collaboration over the internet.

Automatic call director (ACD) functionality to distribute incoming contact to available admissions personnel.

Personal call routing and follow-me service for field sale force to remain accessible to perspective candidates.

System Description and Price

Communications from the Internet via a Proxy server that’s accessible from outside.



Remote Admissions






IP Gateway



App and DB Servers

Local Admissions

  • Specification
    • Win 98, WINNT, WIN2K based client PC with Internet Explorer browser
    • Pentium III 733Mhz WIN2K servers with 512M of memory Application, DB server, and Proxy server.
    • H.323 IP Gateway for interconnection between PSTN and IP.
  • Price
    • Approx $65K-$75K(HW and SW)plus monthly usage fee
    • System customization available

A perspective student accesses an electronic version of the skills assessment workshop from a web browser. Students may point to a specific internet URL or the electronic workshop may be distributed via a CD. It may also be resident on a “kiosk” located in the high school guidance counselor\'s office.

  • Interested students can use any of the above to launch a real-time multimedia contact session to DeVry.

To start the skills assessment workshop, the student will be asked to enter some information. This information will determine how to route the call later, in case the student needs to contact DeVry. This information may also be sent to DeVry’s corporate database for future reference.


If the student has questions, pressing the call button or the cell phone icon will instantly connect the student to an RSF or an admissions personnel on campus. The student may establish a chat session or a multimedia call, including voice and video.


Once the student makes contact with an admissions personnel, other collaborative tools are available between the student and admissions. For example, admissions may push a web page, share form, share whiteboard and share applications.


The “agent” GUI contains many features for the web-based call center operation, as well as standard PBX capabilities for inter-office communications. These features are noted in the appendix.


Trial Proposal

For DeVry College of Technology in North Brunswick, NJ

trial schedule


Trial Schedule






Confirm User and

Operational Flows

▲ 2 weeks

IPMS Installation



▲1 week

DeVry Content


Solution Integration

And Testing

▲ 2 weeks

Online Trial

*If trial system is hosted by MCDC


Appendix –

  • System Specifications
  • And
  • Solution Prices
system specification 1 alternative one
System Specification 1(Alternative One)
  • Platform Features
  • PBX Features
    • Call Forward (Unconditional, No Answer, Busy)
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Call Hold/Unhold
    • Blind and Consultation Call Transfer
    • Audio Conference call
    • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID
    • Message Waiting
    • Call Pickup
    • Netmeeting support of H.450 (call transfer and call hold)
    • Seamless Integration of SLT and Netmeeting
    • ISDN-PRI to PBX
    • ARS and TRS (Alternative Routing Service, Toll Restriction Service)
  • Operations, Administration, and Management
    • Web based GUI for WACD, user, group, address, terminal, RGW, TGW, ARS, TRS configuration
    • SNMP Support
    • Bulk load of data from Excel spreadsheet
    • Alarm and logging
    • Remote Install/Upgrade/Patch
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Remote Configuration
    • Incremental Build
    • Configuration Data based on XML
system specification alternative 3
System Specification (Alternative 3)
  • Platform Features (continuation)
  • Media Processing
    • IVR
    • Music on hold
    • Answering Machine
  • Multicast
    • Efficient communication for multimedia applications
    • Instant message broadcast
    • Used for WACD Real Time Monitor
  • Web Multimedia Instant Messaging
    • Instant messaging of multimedia calls
    • Unified messaging service: Integration of voice and text mail from PSTN and VoIP
  • Service Logic Program (SLP)
    • Customize services
    • Call Screening and Time Routing for personal services
    • IVR for WACD applications
system specification alternative 4
System Specification (Alternative 4)
  • Web Multi-channel Contact Features
  • Web Automatic Call Distribution (WACD) Server
    • Multimedia Call and Instant Message Queue Management
    • SLP Process Engine and environment which help supervisor to manage agent group
    • GUI Base Time Routing for ACD Agent Group
    • Music/Text on Hold Support
    • Agent Wall Board via our Multicast Platform
    • Real Time Status Monitoring and distribution via Multicast
    • Skill Base Routing based on Group
    • Wait Time estimation for Call and IM Queue
    • Agent and Group Administration
    • Call Group Dynamic Configuration
    • Call Qualification
    • Call Overflow Management
  • Web User
    • Light weight IM and Netmeeting call: no need for installation of the client software
  • Subscribed User
    • Multimedia call of video, audio, IM, and WebSharing
    • Address Book
    • Buddy List
    • Configuration of Call Forward, Call Waiting, and DND with indicator
    • Web Notes, Voice Notes with indicator
    • Call Screen
    • Time Route
system specification 4 alternative 5
System Specification 4 (Alternative 5)
  • Web Multi-channel Contact Features (continuation)
  • Agent
    • Multimedia call of video, audio, IM, and WebSharing
    • Address book
    • Web Notes, Voice Notes with indicator
    • Group Notes with indicator
    • Wall Board over multicast
    • Agent Status over multicast
    • CTI (Computer Telephony Interface), Integrated with Heat, Ventive, and Outlook
    • Localization
  • Supervisor
    • Features of Agent
    • Silent Monitor
    • Real time Monitor
    • Historical Report
    • Configuration of ACD SLP
  • Administrator
    • Manages groups
    • Manages agents
    • Manages supervisors
    • Manages administrators
    • Manages system configuration parameters
system cost matrix for main and alternative solutions
System Cost Matrix (For Main and Alternative Solutions)
  • Excel Spreadsheet
    • Component System Costs
    • Total System Costs (Dollars should be rounded up)