multimedia hypermedia distance education benefits for teachers and students
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Multimedia/Hypermedia + Distance Education Benefits for Teachers and Students

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Multimedia/Hypermedia + Distance Education Benefits for Teachers and Students. ETEC 602 Assignment #3 Carol Mehlhaff Nova Southeastern University.

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multimedia hypermedia distance education benefits for teachers and students

Multimedia/Hypermedia+Distance EducationBenefits for Teachers and Students

ETEC 602

Assignment #3

Carol Mehlhaff

Nova Southeastern University


The use of technology in education mirrors the increased emphasis in visual media in the modern world. Teachers who effectively use the tools available to them profess an increase in motivation, more flexible learning modes, development of creative and critical thinking skills, and improved writing and process skills in their students.


When considering all of the options available to educators in modern learning environments, the task of using these tools to their fullest potential can seem overwhelming. Let’s ZOOM IN on the potential of using multi/hypermedia as tools for teachers and students to use higher level thinking skills. Then we’ll look at the power of a PowerPoint Presentation to help students become better writers. Both applications serve to realize two very important learning goals in all elementary classrooms.


The use of a PowerPoint Presentation reinforces the Step-Up to Writing Program that color-codes and organizes green topic sentences, yellow key idea sentences, and red detail sentences. For example:

Multi/hyper media in general, and PowerPoint Presentations specifically are

useful tools that require students to think at a higher level and help them

become better writers. Using multimedia effectively in the classroom

supports Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order thinking. Students acquire

knowledge of tasks and applications that require them to comprehend text

and data, apply tools of their choice, analyze factual and fictional information

by a process of synthesis and evaluation. PowerPoint Presentations are

useful in supporting the Step-Up to Writing program because they require

students to organize topics, main ideas, and details in a logical, leveled

sequence. The process of organizing and color coding ideas and information

Helps students become better writers. Both educators and students benefit

when technology is used a tool for teaching and learning in the classroom.

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