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Fig. 1 Kuo et al. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(b). (a). Fig. 1 Kuo et al. Fig. 2 . Kuo et al. (b). (a). Fig. 3 . Kuo et al. Fig. 4 . Kuo et al. Fig. 5 . Kuo et al. Schottky diode. TEM of epi Ge before PMA :. After PMA :. Pt Germanide. Ref :IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS.

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Fig. 1 Kuo et al.

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Fig. 1 Kuo et al.

Fig. 2 . Kuo et al.



Fig. 3 . Kuo et al.

Fig. 4 . Kuo et al.

Fig. 5 . Kuo et al.

Schottky diode

TEM of epi Ge before PMA :

After PMA :

Pt Germanide


JohnY. Spann, Student Member, IEEE, Robert A. Anderson, Student Member, IEEE, Trevor J. Thornton, Member, IEEE,

Gari Harris, Member, IEEE, Shawn G. Thomas, Member, IEEE, and Clarence Tracy

Pt SB w/ epi Ge/Si

From MinHung

N-type Si




N-type Si


CalculatingΦBn by Reverse current :

I-V curves

thermionic emission

tunneling current

Thermionic-field emission (Tunneling)

Thermionic emission

Thermionic-field emission (Tunneling)

Thermionic emission

From Simulation :

nSi E-field~ 2e4 V/cm

Epi Ge E-field~ 3e6 V/cm

C-V calibration :

epi Ge with cap :

From I-V

  • So I just show the C-V before -2V for epi Ge with cap Pt SBD.



N-type Si


  • Epi Ge with cap for SBD has higher C than Bulk nSi and epi Ge w/o cap.

Floating gate Memory :

Nano-crystals memory

(Freescale) :

Leakage path

Leakage path

Disadvantage :

  • Smaller dot size for scaling.

  • Scaling (SiO2 gap between dots must exceed 5 nm)

  • Charge loss in full floating gate. Thick tunnel oxide.

  • Trade-off between erase speed and tunnel oxide thickness – charge leaks off from the floating gate.

  • The reliability issue when scaled down to deep submicron.

Trap Memory

Trap Memory :

  • Advantage :

  • Trap size = atom for scaling

  • ∆VT can be large if trap density is height

  • After annealing, Si implanted into the SiO2 separates from the oxide phase and form the Si-NCs.

Schematic energy band diagram under program/erase

Program/erase performance is enhanced using high-k blocking oxide.


Al gate


Al2O3~10 nm


HfO2~5.2 nm


SiO2~3.6 nm



10 nm

TEM characteristics

All high-k films are deposited by ALD.

After annealing treatment (1000oC, 10s) in N2 ambient, HfAlO

film shows partial crystalline, while HfO2 film shows fully


The Al2O3 film shows also partial crystalline.


C-V hysteresis memory window



Al gate electrode

Frequency: 100kHz

Ramp rate: 0.1V/s

A good C-V hysteresis memory window of high-k charge trapping layers

is observed with high gate voltage.

The memory window is slightly lower ([email protected]=15V) as compared with

reported data ([email protected]=12V) on TaN/AlLaO3(12nm)/AlGaN(10nm)/SiO2

(2.7nm)/p-Si [A. Chin et al., 2005 IEDM Tech. Dig. P. 165].

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