Jesus as the new moses
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Jesus As The New Moses PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jesus As The New Moses. By: John Marano Darell Pusung Danny Gerris Mike Battista Armando Medel. Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12). Jesus gives people laws so they may receive the kingdom of heaven.

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Jesus As The New Moses

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Jesus as the new moses

Jesus As The New Moses


John Marano


Danny Gerris

Mike Battista

Armando Medel

Sermon on the mount matthew 5 1 12

Sermon on the Mount(Matthew 5:1-12)

  • Jesus gives people laws so they may receive the kingdom of heaven.

  • This is similar to Moses receiving the ten commandments on Mount Sinai for the Hebrews.

Treasure in heaven matthew 6 19 21

Treasure in Heaven(Matthew 6:19-21)

  • Jesus does not want people worshipping material possessions

  • Instead worship God who takes care of them

  • This relates to Moses when, after descending from Sinai destroys the idol of the golden calf created by the people.

Teaching about divorce matthew 5 31 32

Teaching About Divorce(Matthew 5:31-32)

  • Jesus gives laws to the Pharisees about divorce and why he does not allow it

  • When Moses was given the 10 commandments two of the laws were about staying faithful to your spouse and always loving them.

Feeding of 4000 matthew 15 32 39

Feeding of 4000(Matthew 15:32-39)

  • Jesus descends from the mount, like Moses descended from Sinai

  • After feeding the people Jesus quickly leaves so that people would not worship him but worship God

  • Jesus wants people to focus on worshipping the true God as Moses did, not false idols

Walking on water matthew 14 22 33

Walking on Water(Matthew 14:22-33)

  • Jesus commits a great deed by walking water and Moses splits the water while running away from Pharaoh

  • Jesus does this to prove a point

  • Moses does it to save his people

Massacre of infants matthew 2 16 18

Massacre of Infants(Matthew 2:16-18)

  • Jesus survives an attack on male infants by King Herod that was meant for him

  • Moses survives a massacre of the first born sent by Pharaoh

  • Both encounter plots to kill them as children and survives

The commissioning of the apostles matthew 10 5 15

The Commissioning of the Apostles(Matthew 10:5-15)

  • Jesus has the twelve apostles to help spread the word of God

  • Moses uses Aaron and Deborah to help further his overall goal of getting to the promised land

  • Both of them have a team of people to help them further their goals

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