Jesus as the new moses
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Jesus As The New Moses. By: John Marano Darell Pusung Danny Gerris Mike Battista Armando Medel. Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12). Jesus gives people laws so they may receive the kingdom of heaven.

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Jesus As The New Moses

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Jesus As The New Moses


John Marano


Danny Gerris

Mike Battista

Armando Medel

Sermon on the Mount(Matthew 5:1-12)

  • Jesus gives people laws so they may receive the kingdom of heaven.

  • This is similar to Moses receiving the ten commandments on Mount Sinai for the Hebrews.

Treasure in Heaven(Matthew 6:19-21)

  • Jesus does not want people worshipping material possessions

  • Instead worship God who takes care of them

  • This relates to Moses when, after descending from Sinai destroys the idol of the golden calf created by the people.

Teaching About Divorce(Matthew 5:31-32)

  • Jesus gives laws to the Pharisees about divorce and why he does not allow it

  • When Moses was given the 10 commandments two of the laws were about staying faithful to your spouse and always loving them.

Feeding of 4000(Matthew 15:32-39)

  • Jesus descends from the mount, like Moses descended from Sinai

  • After feeding the people Jesus quickly leaves so that people would not worship him but worship God

  • Jesus wants people to focus on worshipping the true God as Moses did, not false idols

Walking on Water(Matthew 14:22-33)

  • Jesus commits a great deed by walking water and Moses splits the water while running away from Pharaoh

  • Jesus does this to prove a point

  • Moses does it to save his people

Massacre of Infants(Matthew 2:16-18)

  • Jesus survives an attack on male infants by King Herod that was meant for him

  • Moses survives a massacre of the first born sent by Pharaoh

  • Both encounter plots to kill them as children and survives

The Commissioning of the Apostles(Matthew 10:5-15)

  • Jesus has the twelve apostles to help spread the word of God

  • Moses uses Aaron and Deborah to help further his overall goal of getting to the promised land

  • Both of them have a team of people to help them further their goals

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