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Selection boards information brief
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Selection Boards Information Brief. June 2012. Agenda. Board process and documents Responsibilities Sample record mark-up Voting, results and notification. Governing Documents. DOD Instructions DODINST 1320.14: Commissioned Officer Promotion Program Procedures

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Selection Boards Information Brief

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Selection boards information brief

Selection Boards Information Brief

June 2012

Selection boards information brief


  • Board process and documents

  • Responsibilities

  • Sample record mark-up

  • Voting, results and notification

Selection boards information brief

Governing Documents

  • DOD Instructions

    • DODINST 1320.14: Commissioned Officer Promotion Program Procedures

  • SECNAV Instructions

    • SECNAVINST 1401.3A : Selection Board Membership

    • SECNAVINST 1420.1B: Promotion, Special Selection, Selective Early Retirement, and Selective Early Removal Boards for Commissioned Officer of the Navy and Marine Corps

  • BUPERS Instructions

    • BUPERINST 1401.5A: Supplemental Guidance for U.S. Navy Selection Boards

Selection boards information brief

Types of Boards

  • Statutory: Selection board established by 10 U.S.C.; includes promotion, special selection, temporary promotion, continuation and SER

    • Membership for RL : Typically 9 (6 Permanent URL Board Members and 3 community specific RL Board Member; by law NLT 5 members); nominated by PER-47X, approved in Convening Order

  • Administrative: Selection board established by COMNAVPERSCOM or higher authority; includes senior enlisted selection boards, command screen boards, scholarship or other degree programs, lateral transfer/re-designation

    • Membership: Varies by Selection Board; nominated by PERS-47X, approved in Convening Order

Selection boards information brief

Typical Annual Board Schedule

  • NOV/DEC: Notice of Convening FY Navy Active Duty Promotion Selection Board Message (NAVADMIN that sets the zones; required by law 30 days prior to first Statutory board of the FY)


  • JAN: CAPT Line (~first/second week)

  • AC/RC LDO/CWO (~second week)

  • FEB: CDR Line (~first week)

  • APR: LCDR Line (~first week)

  • AUG/SEP: IDC Milestone Board (scheduled by PERS-8; conducted very similar to both SWO and AVN Command Screen Board)

Selection boards information brief

Board Documents

  • FY Precept

    • SECNAV-issued written order which convenes statutory selection boards for promotion, special selection, SER and continuation (same for every STAT board conducted during the FY)

    • CNPC or higher authority-issued written order which convenes administrative selection boards (same for every ADMIN board)

  • Board Precept (also referred to as a Convening Order)

    • Provided by authority directing the board

    • Guidance for selection criteria, opportunity and proceedings for the specific selection board. Assigns president, members, recorders and administrative personnel

  • Eligibles/Opportunity

    • Statutory: Set by SECNAV IAW 5-year promotion plan (provided by OCMs)

    • IDC Milestone: Set by CNPC IAW Assignment Officers and Community Flag lead

  • Community Briefs: SECNAV Approved (provided by Community Managers; same for each selection board)

Selection boards information brief

Specific Board Timelines

  • Two months to three weeks prior: verify list of eligibles (list sent to PERS-8)

  • Two weeks prior: PERS-8 pulls records from OMPF

  • Ten to four days prior: recorder prep

    • Recorders ensure that records of eligible officers are ready for member review (continuity of FITREPs for 5 years, validate stamps; organize member’s correspondence to the board)

  • Convene Date

    • Oath, review community briefs, read Precept and Convening Order

    • Member record review

    • Each competitive group has multiple “tanks” (STAT and ADMIN are exactly the same)

      • Community guidance briefed at start of first tank (if not briefed earlier)

      • Members and recorders are present

Recorder responsibilities

Recorder Responsibilities

IMPORTANT: Recorder’s verification does NOT replace officer’s responsibility to ensure the completeness/accuracy of his/her record

  • Job Description

    • Prepare records and other materials in preparation for the board. Act as assistants for all board members.

  • Responsibilities

    • Pull records ahead of time

    • Check records and correct all errors!

    • Make sure information is accurate

    • Provide administrative and clerical support as needed

Voting member responsibilities

Voting Member Responsibilities

  • Job Description

    • To review and correct, prepare and brief members’ records to the board. Provide accurate and relevant information to board members using the board precept to select the best and fully qualified.

  • Responsibilities

    • 90-120 seconds per record

      • Find the salient and important facts

      • Speak clearly

      • Don’t read/tell them information they already have (wastes time)

    • Job is NOT to “sell” every member

    • Job is to lay out a member strengths and weaknesses using the board precept.

Selection boards information brief

Member Responsibilities

  • View OSR/PSR via Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) at BOL.

  • Check:

    • Regular FITREP continuity

    • Awards

    • Education information

    • Service schools

    • Subspec codes, special quals (AQDs) and Naval Officer Billet Classification Codes (NOBC)

    • Photograph

    • Ensure you have a lineal number

  • Letter to the Board (as required)

Sample osr markup

Sample OSR Markup

2: B



Letter to Board




Sample psr markup

Sample PSR Markup


Sample psr markup1

Sample PSR Markup


Selection boards information brief

Confidence Voting

  • Voting Members – 100, 75, 50, 25, 0

    • Aggregate score = Confidence Level

  • Votes are cast as record is briefed

    • Senior recorder is prompting members to vote by “# to vote”

  • Once all votes are cast, confidence level is presented to the screen, next record is displayed and briefed

  • All voting members have laser pointers

  • Voting members may state positive personal knowledge that relates to documented performance.

  • SECNAV Approved Retirement or member requests remove name for consideration – 0 Confidence Level

  • QIOs selected after primary selection (IDC Milestone Board)

  • Computer tally triple checked by Recorder/Assistant Recorder

  • Results reviewed by PERS-8, PERS-00FS and PERS-00J for review and potential pending judicial action

Selection boards information brief

Confidence Vote and Scattergram






















Mr. President, I make a motion that all records with a confidence

level of 90% or greater be tentatively selected







  • Crunch Zone 5 records to select 3






Mr. President, I make a motion that all records with a confidence

level of 60% or less be dropped from further consideration



Opportunity: 12 IZ pick 6 (50%)

Total records: 12 IZ + 3 AZ = 15



Selection boards information brief

Post Board

  • Call out – POB, PERS-80 board sponsor, CNPC (CNP and SECNAV for certain stat boards)

  • Statutory

    • Approved by SecDef; approximately 2-4 month process

    • Results released by ALNAV; Senate confirmation by NAVADMIN

  • Administrative

    • Approved by DCNP (typically); approximately 1 day to 1 month process

    • Results released a variety of ways; no codified rules (NAVADMIN/NPC website/etc.)

Selection boards information brief

IDC Milestone Notification Process

  • Selects reviewed by PERS-8

  • President outbriefs board results to DCNP; office call (optional) with PERS- 4 (last day of board)

  • Board sponsor collates board results and forwards to DCNO N2/N6 for review (last day of board)

  • DCNO N2/N6 reviews results and forwards back to PERS-47 (last day of board)

  • PERS-47 releases results to Community Leads (last day of board)

  • Community Leads direct notification of members (day after board adjourns)

  • Notification of all eligible Officers complete (NLT 2 days after board adjourns)

  • Results posted on NPC website (NLT 3 days after board adjourns)

Selection boards information brief


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