The first oais c ompliant ingest of digital records
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The First OAIS -c ompliant Ingest of Digital Records - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The First OAIS -c ompliant Ingest of Digital Records. Zoltán Lux The National Archives of Hungary Email: [email protected] The Task. Transfer of data (ingest) from the BÜR system ( data systems covering persons accused of or charged with crimes ).

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The first oais c ompliant ingest of digital records

The First OAIS-compliant Ingest of Digital Records

Zoltán Lux

The National Archives of Hungary

Email: [email protected]

DLM Forum, Budapest

The task
The Task

  • Transfer of data (ingest)fromthe BÜR system (datasystemscoveringpersonsaccused of orchargedwithcrimes).

  • Preparation of a format for long-term storage.

  • Development of a suitablestructure.

  • Preparation of a format for utilization and searchable.

  • Doingallthiscompatiblewith OAIS.

  • Making SIP, AIP and DIP packages.

  • Installation of frame systems at the Hungarian National Archives and the Budapest City Archives.Ensuringthatfurtherdatacan be incorporatedasrequired.

DLM Forum, Budapest

The oais model
The OAIS Model

DLM Forum, Budapest

Database of the hungarian prosecution service
Database of the Hungarian Prosecution Service

  • DOS-based application, dBASE IV files and user program in Clipper 5 and withthedevelopment of itby the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

  • How digital storage suitable for long-term archiving and usecan be produced from this.

  • Results of the BÜR I. project(datasystemscoveringpersonsaccused of orchargedwithcrimes):

    • Selection of the SIARD format and planning for the upcomingSIARD SUITE application for relational databases (MSSQL, Oracle, MS Access).

    • Preparation of submission specifications.

    • Creating a new/modifieddatamodel

    • Loadingdatainto an Oracle database

    • UsingtheSIARD SUITEtoconvertdataintothe SIARD format

DLM Forum, Budapest

Submission specification
Submission specification

DLM Forum, Budapest

Planning the ingest
Planning the ingest

  • Creating CSV files from dBase files.

  • Appropriate format and packaging of these for long-term preservation.

  • Adding document files.

  • Adding metadata in XML format.

  • Appropriate structure.

  • Packing in ZIP format: SIP and/or AIP.

  • Making a searchable DIP.

DLM Forum, Budapest

Implementation i
Implementation I

  • Submission specification.

  • Submission of the CSV data files along with special information on the data, other documents on software functionality, and some metadata.

  • Loading this information into an Oracle database

    • With an SQL program

  • Applying SIARD SUITE to the database and creating a SIARD package.

  • Creating an appropriate AIP by adding documents and metadata in specific and EAD XML format, all in an appropriate structure, and packaging them in a ZIP file.

    • Manually

  • Making an anonymous DIP by developing a web application with APEX.

  • DLM Forum, Budapest

    Implementation i1
    Implementation I

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Implementation ii
    Implementation II

    • Submission specification

    • Creating SIP packages.

      • With SIPka application software

  • Loading data into an Oracle database with the information on the data from the submission specifications.

    • With BÜRke application software

  • Applying SIARD SUITE to the database and creating a SIARD package.

    • With SIARD SUITE called up by BÜRke application software

  • Creating an AIP by adding documents, metadata in specific and EAD XML format, putting them into a structure, and zipping them.

    • With SIPka application software

  • Making an anonymous DIP with a devised APEX web application.

  • DLM Forum, Budapest

    Implementation ii1
    Implementation II.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Data for submission
    Data for submission

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Creating an sip
    Creating an SIP

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Creating an sip1
    Creating an SIP

    • Loading data into the Oracle database .

      • Assembly of various schemes in line with the task. Generating database schemes (META, STAGE, DW, SIARD, PUBLIC).

      • Preparing PL/SQL programs.

      • Loading data and journals, and preparing statistics.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Applying the siard suite
    Applying the SIARD SUITE

    • Producing a SIARD package for preparing SIP and AIP with SIARD SUITE.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Applying siard suite
    Applying SIARD SUITE

    • Why we think SIARD FORMAT is appropriate for our task.

      • Well-designed database.

      • Tables and views.

      • A lot of data-connection information can be stored in the database, e. g. with foreign keys, check constraints, triggers etc.

      • Ability to store information about user program logic with their routines.

      • Ability to add comments to almost every database object.

    • These information vehicles can be transferred to the SIARD PACKAGE with other supplementaryinformation on the database and userprogram.

    • The format is package-independent.

    12-13. May 2011

    DLM Forum, Budapest


    From sip to aip
    From SIP to AIP

    • Producing the AIP with an application software (BÜRke).

    • SIARD package, addicional documents, metadata information in XML format, appropriate structure, ZIP format.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Producing the dip
    Producing the DIP

    • Web-based user interface developed with APEX.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Producing the dip1
    Producing the DIP

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Producing the dip2
    Producing the DIP

    DLM Forum, Budapest


    • Completing the ingest process.

    • Making the DIP searchable.

    • Gaining experience with the SIARD SUITE, preparing the Hungarian version of it, and making some corrections to the software.

    • Developing the software tools for ingest and long-term preservation of further BÜR records.

    • Making the software tools applicable to other relational databases.

    • Gaining experience with archiving digital records.

    • Some further tasks and remaining problems.

    DLM Forum, Budapest

    Thank you for your attention!

    DLM Forum, Budapest