The Cold War Abroad
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The Cold War Abroad. Vs. The United States. The Soviet Union. Post World War II Plans. Yalta Meeting (Feb. 1945): • European nations to be democratic, United Nations created. Post World War II Plans. Potsdam conference (July 1945): • Germany divided into 4 zones

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The Cold War Abroad

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The Cold War Abroad


The United States

The Soviet Union

Post World War II Plans

  • Yalta Meeting (Feb. 1945):

    • European nations to be democratic,

    United Nations created

Post World War II Plans

  • Potsdam conference (July 1945):

    • Germany divided into 4 zones

    (USA, S.U., G.B., France)

Iron Curtain

  • Stalin wanted

    barrier around


  • Eastern European




    by Soviets

    “Satellite states”

“From Stettin in the North to Trieste in the south, an iron curtain has descended over Europe.”

Winston Churchill to Americans in Speech

Containment Policy

  • U.S. foreign policy that sought to prevent the spread of Soviet communism

George Kennan –

creator of the

Containment policy

Truman supported with

Truman Doctrine!

Truman Doctrine (1947)

  • Response to communist takeover attempt

    in Greece

  • Truman gives economic aid to countries fighting


  • $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey

Controversial example of containment

Marshall Plan (1948-1951)

  • Europe needed to be rebuilt

    after WWII

London, England

Dresden, Germany

Marshall Plan (1948-1951)

  • Sec. of State George Marshall--give friendly aid

  • economic recovery was necessary for world peace

West German


The free train

of the Marshall






Marshall Plan (1948-1951)

  • S.U. and Eastern countries refuse aid

Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)

  • Berlin also divided into 4 zones

  • Soviet zone weak, others prospered and cooperated

Marshall Plan and West Berlin

Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)

  • East Berliners could see difference and left

  • Stalin blockaded West Berlin to stop this

Soviets closed Berlin’s railway lines, canals, roads. W. Berlin had 36 days of supplies.

Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)

  • Allies airlift supplies until blockade ended

Lasted 11




Every ten minutes a plane took off with supplies for West Berlin.

327 days277,000 flights2.5 million tons of supplies

NATO (1949) and Warsaw Pact

  • defensive military alliance created

  • called North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • Warsaw Pact created in response (S.U.and E. Europe)

Nuclear Arms Race

  • 1949--Soviet Union achieves A-bomb

Russian Scientist


“Joe -1” Russian A-bomb

Nuclear Arms Race

  • U.S. quadruples defense spending

  • 1952--U.S. invents Hydrogen "super" bomb



Fireball 3 miles

18 mths. later

Soviets have it

New Leaders

  • 1952 Eisenhower elected

  • 1953 Stalin dies; Nikita Kruschev takes over

  • Nuclear deterrence begins (don’t want WWIII)

Eisenhower Kruschev

Metacognition Statement:

I know that I know something about Cold War events.


In addition,


Now you know something that I know about Cold War events.

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